Armoured Encounter Mission

Flames Of War

Armoured Encounter Scenario

By Alister Lowke

Both player must use an armoured (tank) company.

Player 1: Elements of your division have broken through the enemies front line and it is your job to exploit the breakthrough and capture objectives in the enemies rear area with your armoured company.

Player 2: A breach has occurred in the front and enemy armoured units are pouring through the gap to endanger vital supply routes in the rear. It is your job to throw the enemy spearhead back and defend the objectives with your armoured company.

Armoured Encounter
Dice to see who is going to have the first move. The player with the most reconissance platoons adds 1 to the roll. The highest scoring player then selects a table corner quadrant that he will use to enter forces on the table and deploy in.

He then places an objective marker as shown in the diagram above on the enemy players table edge.

The higher scoring player may then deploy any reconissance platoons he has anywhere in his friendly table quadrant. The lower scoring player will deploy from the opposite table corner. This player then places his objective marker in the enemy table edge and any reconnisance platoons in his quadrant.

New Zealand Sherman
The rest of both players forces remain off table. Before Turn 1 begins both players may make a reconissance move starting with the highest scoring player doing so first. No platoons may move with 16"/40cm of enemy. The highest scoring player then has the first turn, rolling for marching reserves first. He may start bringing a platoon on to the table from any point of his deployment area table edge. Movement at the double is allowed from the first turn of the game.
Panzer halt during a march

Marching Reserves rule: At the beginning of turn 1 and afterwards, roll one dice for every platoon in your force which is off table. For example for a force of 6 platoons roll six dice on the first turn. If ANY of these dice score a 5 or higher you may select ONE platoon to enter the table edge from your deployment quadrant this turn.

You must select platoons with a faster speed before platoons with a slower speed.

For example a platoon with a speed of 16 inches (light tanks) would have to be chosen for entry before a platoon with a speed of 8 inches (heavy tanks).

Victory: At the end of turn 3 and later, a player will win the game if they control the objective they placed and have prevented the enemy from taking their objective, or one side fails a company moral check. 

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