The Train Attack Mission

The Train Attack Mission

The Train Attack mission recreates a Partisan attack on a supply or troop train after disabling it through sabotage.

The Train Attack mission uses the Raiding Force, Escape, Security Force, Safe in the Rear Areas, Racing to the Rescue (Page 200 Flames Of War), Demolition, Time Of Day, Supply Wagon and Armed Train special rules.

Partisan Forces in Flames Of War...


You have just blown the rail line on this vital supply route, now you can strike a blow for your country and destroy the supplies it carries to the front lines.

You company is escorting a train of supplies as they return to the front after a brief rest. It is vital that the supplies get through despite any difficulties.


1. The attacker chooses which table end and the defender will deploy in. The raiders must escape from the opposite board end after destroying the train’s Supply Wagons to win the game.

Train Attack Map

2. The defending player then places a railway line across the table from one side of the table to the other. The railway line may not approach within 12”/30cm of the end of the table and must remain in the defenders half of the table.

3. The defender then deploys five Supply Wagon models on the rail line. These are the raiders’ objectives.

4. The defender now deploys any Machine-gun or Gun Wagons wagons along the line. A further wagon is placed on the railway line and a platoon is deployed within 2”/5cm of it.  This platoon may not contain any vehicles. All wagons and locomotive must be butted up against each other to form a continuos train. The remainder of the force starts the game in Reserve.

5. The attacker then deploys their entire force anywhere on the table. All Tank, Transport, and Gun teams must be placed more than 16”/40cm away from all defending teams and all Infantry teams more than 4”/10cm away from all defending teams.

6. The attacking player decides whether they will be attacking by daylight or in darkness, or at dawn of dusk.



The attacking player has the first turn. The defending platoon has been caught flat-footed and counts as if it moved in its previous turn during the attacking player’s first turn.


The battle ends when there are no raiding platoons left on the table.


The defending player wins if they raiders fail to escape. Although valuable supplies have been lost, future raids will be curtailed.
Only platoons that have already destroyed an objective and escaped gain victory points for the attacking player.

Use the victory points table from The Raid mission to look up your victory points based on the number of objectives successfully destroyed by the platoons that escaped.

The Train Mission Special Rules


Trains running to the front are often packed with supplies, ammunition and weapons for the troops in the line and are the primary target of the attacking raiders.

The five Supply Wagons are the Objectives and are destroyed using the Demolition special rules.


Supply Trains are always wary of partisan attack and heavy armament is mounted on a few wagons for extra protection.

The defender may replace a rifle squad from one Combat Platoon with a Machine-gun Wagon.

The Machine-gun Wagon cannot move and saves as an armoured vehicle with armour ratings of: Front 0, Side 0, Top 0. It is armed with two machine-guns with a 360 degree firing arc.

Attacked train
Destroyed train

The Machine-gun Wagon is an Armoured Tank team. However, it may not initiate an assault (as it can’t move) and cannot move to counter-attack, but can fight if the enemy are still within 2”/5cm.

The defender may also replace one section from a Weapons Platoon armed with Gun teams with a Gun Wagon.

A Gun Wagon is the same as a Machine-gun Wagon except  that it replaces the two machine-guns with either:
• a single 3.7cm PaK 36 gun, or
• a single 2cm FlaK 38 gun.

Wagon Machine-gun
Range 24”/60cm, ROF 6, AT 2, FP 6.

Download The Train Attack Mission (PDF)...

Other Raid mission special rules can be found in the Sting of the Scorpion desert raiders Intelligence Briefing and Raid Mission PDF download...

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