Wolomin Scenario

Bagration: Soviet

Wolomin Scenario

First featured in Wargames Illustrated 261 we bring you the River Of Heroes Wolomin Scenario now updated for using the latest version of Flames Of War.

On 23 June 1944, the greatest offensive in Soviet history, Operation Bagration, began at the eastern border of Byelorussia near the city of Vitebsk. By the end of July, the final battles were being fought nearly 660 kilometres (410 miles) to the west at the line of the Vistula River on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland.

During those six weeks the Soviet Army had ripped a hole in the German lines nearly 1100 kilometres (685 miles) wide, completely annihilating Germany’s Armee gruppe Mitte (Army Group Centre) and putting half a million German soldiers out of the war.  In the final weeks of July 1944, the Soviet armoured spearheads reached the Vistula River and were threatening to overrun Poland and enter German territory. 

However, Soviet losses had exceeded those of the Germans. As their depleted spearheads began to slow, one of the final objectives in Operation Bagration was to secure a river crossing at the great bend in the Vistula River, where it meets the Narew and Bug Rivers. A bridgehead here, near the town of Wolomin, would enable the Soviets to cut off the German armies in Prussia and Latvia. The German High Command was well aware of this possibility and the importance of holding this critical bridgehead.

While the Red Army was racing across Byelorussia, the Germans were quickly reconstituting all available armoured divisions into Panzerkorps (Armoured Corps). With the Soviets approaching the Vistula,

Fighting for Wolomin
Soviet forces

Hitler released IV SS-Panzerkorps, (4th Armoured Corps) consisting of two armoured divisions,
5. ‘Wiking’ SS-Panzerdivision and 3. ‘Totenkopf’ SS‑Panzerdivision. Its first task was to assist XXXIX Panzerkorps, (39th Armoured Corps) under General der Panzertruppen von Saucken in halting the lead Soviet spearheads east of Warsaw, Poland.

The battle raged for nearly ten days and when the smoke cleared the Soviet 3rd Tank Corps of the 2nd Tank Army was encircled and severely mauled. The 8th Guards Tank Corps of the 70th Army suffered similar losses at the hands of the two SS armoured divisions in an effort to break through to their comrades. The lead elements of Operation Bagration had finally been halted. After six weeks of retreat the Germans could finally catch their breath and rearm their battered forces.  Scenario Map
Soviet forces
This scenario represents the initial engagement of the lead battalion of the 50th Tankovy Brigade of the 3rd Tank Corps with the Panzergrenadiers and Panzers of the 5. ‘Wiking’ SS-Panzerdivision at the approaches to the bridges over the Narew River near Wolomin, Poland. Can you drive the Soviets through the German armoured defence and keep Operation Bagration moving forward or will you meet the same fate as the Soviet 3rd Tank Corps?

Copies of the Flames Of War rulebook, Bagration: Soviet and D-Day: Waffen-SS books are required to use this Scenario.

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