Finding Your Way! Scenario

Bagration: Soviet

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Finding Your Way! Scenario

A Soviet Offensive in 1944 generally began with a reconnaissance in-force searching for any weak areas in the German lines. Numerous forward detachments would be sent out along roads, rivers, dirt tracks, through forests and ravines in hoping to find a way through the German lines.

Bagration: German
If a way could be found and a path to a road behind German lines could be secured than the forward detachment would immediately be reinforced with mechanised forces. This made the initial contact crucial to the Soviet offensive and those responsible for finding the paths became either Heroes of the Soviet Union or quickly faded into oblivion.

FInding Your Way!

Podpolkovnik Yevlenko knew that the key for a successful breakthrough was to find a way into the German rear areas, preferably one with a road. He also knew that guarding the key rear area arteries was the job of the German SicherungsKompanie. Yevlenko had planned to use maskirovka, or deception, through his Spetsnatz platoon to first find and then infiltrate the Sicherungs defence. Once finding the weakness, his Spetsnatz would target anti-tank and security bunkers to ease the job of his attacking forward detachment.

Surprise and speed are his main assets. Without good planning, good tactics, and good luck finding an opening would prove extremely dangerous and difficult.

Securing a roadway leading behind German lines will bring immediate reinforcement from the Tank Brigades as well as General Rotmistrov’s favour. To fail would leave his detachment alone, behind enemy lines with only the wrath of his superiors awaiting him.

Forward Detachments were designed to probe along the entire front searching for weak links in the German defensive lines. All too often they would encounter lightly defended towns along the back roads of Byelorussia. It then became a race to see if the Forward Detachment could penetrate the lightly defended road before either side could reinforce.

The Finding Your Way scenario uses the Fortifications and Obstacles special rules.

Your Orders

Your security company has been assigned to guard a key transportation junction behind your lines. You have received some assistance from the Luftwaffe to ward off Soviet air but otherwise you are expected to hold the road against any and all Soviet troops attempting to get behind your lines. There is little you can do but fight to the end and hope that mobile reserves will support you in the event of a major Soviet attack.

Scenario Map

As the lead element of the 3rd Guards Mechanized Corps you are responsible for finding a way into the rear of the German lines. Reconnoitring and securing a road will give your comrades the opening needed to surround and obliterate the German invaders. Once you have determined a weak spot do not let up until you have secured the way behind enemy lines.

Setting Up

1. Set up terrain using the map as your guide.
2. Place the two objectives as identified on the map. Both objectives must be at least 12”/30cm from any table edge.
3. The German defender places their fortifications in the German deployment area. Fortifications include three (3) minefields, and four (4) barbed wire entanglements. (see page 86 of Bagration: German).


1. The defender then deploys their forces in prepared positions within the defender’s deployment area.
2. The attacker deploys all his forces in the attacker’s deployment area at least 12”/30cm away from any enemy forces.
3. All German Infantry and Gun teams start the game in Foxholes.
4. The Soviet Player has the first turn.

Winning the Game

The Soviet player wins if they end their turn holding one of the Objectives.
The German Player wins if they end their turn on or after the sixth turn with no Attacking Soviet Tank, Infantry, or Gun teams within 8”/20cm of an Objective.


221. Sicherungsdivision

Supported by
5. Panzerdivision


Grenadier Company (Page 16 Bagration: German)
Kampfgruppe von Saucken Reserve Grenadier command card

Oberleutnant Janus Schmidt

Grenadier Company HQ (LG234)
2x MP-40 SMG team with Panzerfaust
sMG34 Machine-gun Platoon (LG122)
2x sMG34 HMG
8cm Mortar Platoon (LG125)
2x 8cm mortar

1st Platoon, 1. Sicherungskompanie

Grenadier Platoon (LG235)
7x MG42 & K98 rifle team with Panzerfaust

2nd Platoon, 1. Sicherungskompanie

Grenadier Platoon (LG235)
7x MG42 & K98 rifle team with Panzerfaust

Sicherungs Infantry Gun Platoon 

7.5cm Gun Platoon (LG126)
2x 7.5cm infantry gun

Sicherungs Anti-tank gun Platoon

5cm Tank-hunter Platoon (LG124)
3x 5cm gun

4. Batterie, 10.Flak Regiment
Oberleutnant Heinz Knodler
1. Flak zug

8.8cm Heavy AA Platoon (LG144)
2x 8.8cm AA gun

2. Flak zug

2cm Light AA Platoon (LG187)
4x 2cm AA gun

561.Panzerjäger Abteilung Delayed Reserves

Marder Tank-hunter Platoon (LG257)
3x Marder (7.5cm)

3rd Gvardeyskaya
Mechanizirovannaya Korpus

3rd Rifle Battalion
Bagration: Soviet

Podpolkovnik Stas Yevlenko

Hero Motor Rifle Battaion HQ (LS176)
2x PPSH SMG team
Forward Detachment command card

1ys Motostrelkovy Rota, 1ya Batolon

Hero Motor Rifle Company (LS110)
10x DP MG team, 1x Kommisar, 2x Maksim HMG
Softskin Transport command card

27ya Gvardeyskaya Tankovy Polk

Hero T-34 (85mm) Tank Company (LS173)
4x T-35 (85mm)

1ya Rota 172ya Gvardeyskaya Bronevik Batalon

Reconnaissance Platoon (LS137)
4x Recce DP MG team, 1x Flame-thrower

1015ya Samokhodnaya Artelleria Polk

SU-76 Light SP Battery (LS141)
5x SU-76 (76mm)

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