Assembling the Ersatz StuG

Assembling the Ersatz StuG

How to assemble your Ersatz StuG

Contents of the Ersatz StuG Blister Pack
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Ersatz StuG (GE125)
Description of Components
a. 1x Left-hand side track.
1x Right-hand side track.
c. 1x 7.5cm gun with muzzle brake.
d. 1x 7.5cm gun without muzzle brake.
e. 1x StuG parts sprue.
f. 1x Resin Ersatz StuG hull.
Assembling the Ersatz StuG
Below: Each track is stamped with a R or L for (Right and Left) and an arrow (showing which way should point to the front of the vehicle) to ensure correction orientation. Step 1. Once the correct orientation for the tracks has been established, attach them to the hull. First the left-hand side...
Ersatz StuG (GE125) Ersatz StuG (GE125) Ersatz StuG (GE125)
Step 2: ...then the right-hand side. Step 3: Photos from the period show that some vehicles had muzzle brakes while others had the muzzle brakes removed. Both options are included so you can use whichever you prefer.
Ersatz StuG (GE125) Ersatz StuG (GE125) Ersatz StuG (GE125)
Step 4. Next, add the commander's hatch. Step 5. Then the loader's hatch. Step 6. When attaching the gun shield for the MG, ensure that it is in the folded down position. Step 7. With the gun shield in place, the Ersatz StuG is ready for painting.

Painting Tip: It is not known if the Germans had any stocks of captured US Olive Drab paint or they used what they on hand. Use Sherman Drab (FWP321) for US Olive Drab or Army Green (FWP342) for German Olivgrün (Olive Green).
Ersatz StuG (GE125) Ersatz StuG (GE125) Ersatz StuG (GE125) Ersatz StuG (GE125)
Ersatz StuG (GE125) Ersatz StuG (GE125) Adding a Tank Commander
To add a tank commander, simply model the commander's hatch in an open position and then add a tank commander.

Tip: If you have a spare American tank commander feel free to make use of the figure.

Far left: Adding the open commander's hatch.
Left: Adding the tank commander.