Utility Paint Set (70201)

Utility Paint Set (70201)

Includes eight high-quality acrylic paints

This paint set contains core colours for Painting WWII and WWIII Miniatures. Combine with a nation specific paint set to paint with 

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Utility Paint Set (70201) Utility Paint Set (70201)

The Utility Paint Set includes these colours:

Utility Paint Set (70201)

Colours Of War

Colours Of War II
The Colours Of War book is 136 full-colour pages. It covers everything you need to get your army ready for gaming. There is a section covering painting techniques, as well as the theory of highlighting and shading. The content covers both Flames Of War and World War III: Team Yankee, with sections for each nation, consisting of painting guides, colour and marking references and camouflage schemes.

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