Brave Romania: Mid-war Romanian Forces 1942-43

Brave Romania: Mid-war Romanian Forces 1942-43 Spotlight

Brave Romania: Mid-war Romanian Forces 1942-43 Spotlight
with Wayne Turner

In 1941 the Romanians joined the war against the Soviet Union as the Germans launched Operation Barbarossa on 22 June. Their primary goal was to regain the lost north-eastern province of Bessarabia. They had soon committed two whole armies to the enterprise. They captured Odessa in October 1941, engaged in heavy fighting as they advanced on Dnepr River and fought for control of the Crimea.  Eventually Romania's two armies were committed to the defending the flanks of the Germans fighting for Stalingrad where they were hit by the Soviet counter-offensive in November 1942.

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Inside Brave Romania: Mid-war Romanian Forces 1942-43  you will find:

Background on the 3rd and 4th Romanian Armies on the Eastern front 1942 to 1943.

One of the key differences of the Romanians from other forces is the Peasant Army special rule. Before the game you roll a special Peasant Army dice, if you roll a Cross (or a 5 or 6 on a normal dice) you Unit will get the improved Motivation and Skill ratings list on right of the normal rating for the game. Those of you familiar with the Italians will recognise it as similar to the 8 Million Bayonets rule..

Instructions on how to build:

  • A T-3 Medium Tank Company armed with German supplied T-3 (7.5cm) Panzer III tanks. The formation can also contain R-2 (Panzer 35(t)) light tanks.
  • A T-4 Medium Tank Company with more German supplied T-4 (long 7.5cm) Panzer IV tanks. This formation can also have a similar mix of R-2 light tanks as the T-3 Medium Tank Company.
  • A R-2 Light Tank Company. The R-2 light tank made up the bulk of Romanian’s armoured forces in 1942 and 1943. This formation can also have a unit of either T-3 or T-4 medium tanks.
  • A Motorised Rifle Company representing the infantry of the Romanian armoured division. These troops were mostly mounted in trucks, dismounting to fight on foot. However, in December 1942 they were supplied with enough German Sd Kfz 251 half-tracks to field two Armoured Rifle Platoons. The company can also field machine-gun, mortar and anti-tank units.
  • A Rifle Company. The rifleman is the main frontline fighting soldier of the Romanian army. These tough, mainly rural folk, often make excellent fighters under the right leadership. Like the motorised riflemen, they can also call on machine-guns, mortars, anti-tank and infantry guns to provide them with further firepower.
  • A Mountain Rifle Company represent the elite arm of the Romanian foot soldiers. These soldiers are trained to fight in the Carpathian Mountains that run through the west of their country. They are similarly equipment, but better trained than their riflemen brothers.
  • A Cavalry Squadron represents another of the elite formation of the Romanian armed forces. The Romanians had one of the largest cavalry forces on the eastern front and field six divisions in 1942. You can field a Cavalry Squadron with up to three Cavalry Troops with machine-gun, mortar and anti-tank weapons units.
  • These formations can be supported by a wide selection of supporting units including 75mm anti-tank, Pioneers, AB (Sd Kfz 221 & 222) armoured cars, T-38 light tanks, 120mm mortars, artillery, anti-aircraft and air support.
Brave Romania: Mid-war Romanian Forces 1942-43 Spotlight

The booklet also includes a painting guide and handy basing guide to help get you troops on the table.

The booklet comes bundled with Unit Cards (39) and Command Cards (27).

The Command Cards include Warrior Ioan Pălăghiță, as well as build cards like the Pioneer Company, unit upgrades like Vanator de Care (discard to give an infantry team AT3 and FP 1+ in an Assault) or Clever Tactics (Your HQ Unit passes Tactics tests for Movement Orders on 3+).

The Romanians offer a good mix of different ratings, equipment and units. From elite to conscript, you can field a force from these to suit you playing style

Brave Romania: Mid-war Romanian Forces 1942-43 Spotlight
Brave Romania: Mid-war Romanian Forces 1942-43 Spotlight
Brave Romania: Mid-war Romanian Forces 1942-43 Spotlight