Eye Of The Tiger: Utilising The Tiger in Mid-war in Three Easy Steps

Eye Of The Tiger

Eye Of The Tiger:
Utilising The Tiger in Mid-war in Three Easy Steps
with Ben Polikoff

Sporting the deadly 8.8cm gun and with armour up to 100mm, the Tiger was the pinnacle of the German wartime engineering at the time of its introduction in 1942. No weapon the Allies possessed could reliably penetrate its thick hide, and even the armour of the Soviet T-34 and KV series of heavy tanks that faced it on the Eastern Front were no match for its fierce bite!

Using the Tiger in support of your Afrika Korps formation(s) can bring with it a feeling of invulnerability. Watching as Allied tankers scurry for cover at your approach or witnessing rounds from their anti-tank guns harmlessly ricocheting off the Tiger's armour can breed an air of superiority – or even, dare I say, arrogance. Despite this, it’s important for a Tiger commander to remain humble, and know that even with all of the Tiger's advantages, one tank does not a war win.
Three important steps to ensure your success in getting the most out of your Tiger are as follows:

Step 1. Support Them
The main advantages of the Tiger are evident, but these advantages come at a cost: 29 points, to be exact. This will invariably result in your force being outnumbered, so careful consideration must be given to the selection of the rest of your force. Infantry is essential to hold your objectives. Artillery support, whether mortars or 10.5cm howitzers, is very useful to knock out stubborn anti-tank emplacements and soften up dug-in infantry. Cheaper, older Panzers, especially the short-barreled Panzer IV with its bombardment capability, also support a Tiger extremely well. Find a force that best complements the Tiger's strengths and minimises any weaknesses.
Eye Of The Tiger

Step 2. Position Them Wisely
This is vital. With such a heavy points investment, the Tiger must be used as efficiently as possible. Every turn the Tiger does not shoot, or only shoots at a target that is difficult to hit, such as dug-in, gone-to-ground infantry, reduces its effectiveness. Visualise the axis of advance the Allied player may use, set traps, and let your Tiger stalk its prey in the most efficient manner possible.

Eye Of The Tiger Step 3. Do Not Over-commit
A wily Allied player will try to bait your Tiger into areas of the battlefield where it is least effective. A wise Tiger commander does not allow his crew to chase false errands, knowing well that time and skill will bring his prey to him. Stick to your game plan, adapt to the movements of the enemy, but do not be fooled by feints and false retreats.

If you follow these three basic philosophies, you’ll be sure to get the most of the Tiger on the Flames Of War battlefield.

~ Ben.