Nuts Errata

Nuts, The Siege of Bastogne, Battle of the Bulge, December 1944

Nuts Errata

With both Nuts and Devil’s Charge now available in the Flames Of War Digital App, we have also taken the chance to correct the errata in these versions. We have listed what these changes are below so you can update you printed copies.

Contents page:

Operation Nordwind 54 (not 52)
25. Panzergrenadierdivision 56 (not 54)
17. 33-Panzergrenadierdivision 57 (not 55)
653. Schwere Panzerjägerabteilung 58 (not 56)
Panzergrenadierkompanie 60 (not 58)
Schwere Panzerjägerkompanie 66 (not 64)
German Corps Support 68 (not 68) 

Page 21: Airborne Engineer Combat Platoon Diagram, remove the word 'Pioneer' from Bazooka teams.

Page 27: A Tank Destroyer Platoon is NOT a Reconnaissance Platoon and uses the updated Tank Destroyer rules in Lessons From the Front... 

Page 28: Cavalry Recon Platoon. Trained option for 2 Cavalry Recon Platoons should be 140 points (not 180 points). 

Page 48: Volks Infantry Gun Platoon colour text. Third sentence should read “The 7.5cm PaK50 is a more sophisticated gun based on the 5cm PaK38 breach with a new 7.5cm gun barrel on the light PaK38 trail. 

Page 64: Panzergrenadier Panzer Platoon. Second StuG G (late) option should be 2 StuG G (late) (not 3).

Page 65: Armoured Car Patrol. The points are the old points from before the the revised Grey Wolf and need to be changed to:

Sd Kfz 223 (radio) and 2 Sd Kfz 222 (2cm) Confident Veteran Heer 95 points Fearless Trained SS 80 points
2 Sd Kfz 231 (8-rad) Confident Veteran Heer 70 points Fearless Trained SS 60 points.