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Flames Of War Rankings

Tournament Rankings systems provide an excellent way for players to gauge their performance verses that of other players outside their local metas. They are also useful for tournament organisers to help organise events by providing information on players.

The two best places to go are Battle Rankings and Panzer Angriff (for Australian players).

Battle Rankings

Joe Lewis has built the Battle Rankings website to be the hub for Flames Of War and Team Yankee rankings. His goal is to make this site the main destination for Tournament Organizers and Players alike by providing useful resources and content

For more information head over to the website.

Battle Rankings...

Australian Flames Of War Rankings
The Panzer Angriff crew are pleased to announce the launching of their Australian Flames Of War Rankings. While rankings are not for everyone, we see it as an important step to show that the Australian Flames of War Community is an active environment with many players and events.

Learn more about the Panzer Angriff Australian Ranking System here...

Or visit the Panzer Angriff Australian Rankings website: