Official Flames Of War Intelligence Briefings
Late-war, 1944-45

The following intelligence briefings are official Battlefront briefings for the Late-war period,from 1944-1945. We've compiled them here into a central location for your ease of reference.

We have been updating these for 3rd Edition Flames Of War. When we first update them we will make the 'Under Review', then after feedback they will be under an 'Official' heading. Briefing yet to be updated can also be found listed as 'Under Review'. You will note some old briefings are now included in published books like Grey Wolf and Red Bear


Official Briefings

17. SS-Panzergrenadierdivision
Fielding 17. SS-Panzergrenadierdivision "Götz von Berlichingen" in Flames Of War.

Aufklärungsabteilung Intelligence Briefing
We have incorporated the Panzerspähkompanie with the Aufklärungsschwadron to make a Aufklärungsabteilung Intelligence Briefing that contains all three briefings and support. Inside you will find everything you need to get gaming with Panzerdivision reconnaissance forces in Flames Of War.

The German Sicherungs and Walküre troops played an important part in the blocking forces and kampfgruppes formed to stop the Red Army's advance during Operation Bagration. You can field the Sicherungs from Grey Wolf. Learn how to field a Walkürekompanie in Flames Of War.  

Kampfgruppe Kästner, Korsun Pocket
Scott Elaurant takes a look at Major Robert Kästner an important German field commander during the Korsun Pocket breakout. We also introduce a Intelligence Briefing for field Kästner and his Kampfgruppe. 

German Pionierkompanie
The Pionierkompanie is composed of tough well-trained combat engineers ready to undertake dangerous engineering assignments while under fire, and storm enemy positions by close assault.

653. Schwere Panzerjägerabteilung
Between April and August the 653. Schwere Panzerjägerabteilung underwent refit with the overhauled Ferdinands (soon to be renamed “Elefant”). The first company was re-equipped and sent into service in Italy (along with the 1st Maintenance Platoon). The Stab (headquarters) company and the 2nd and 3rd companies embarked for the eastern front on 2 April. 

Panzer Brigades on the Eastern Front
Phil takes a look at the Panzer Brigades serving on the Eastern Front.

Gebirgsjager in the West
2. Gebirgsdivision and 6. SS-Gebirgsdivision 'Nord' on the Western Front 1945.

Panzers to the Meuse
German Heer Panzer Divisions during the Ardennes Offensive (Battle of the Bulge) 

Grossdeutschland in the Battle of the Bulge
The Führerbegleit and Führergrenadier Brigades 

Under Review


Static Rocket Launchers
The Static Rocket Launchers can be used by companies other than the Festungskompanie.

Briefings now included in books

716. Infanteriedivision
This Intelligence Briefing covers the other major German infantry division defending the Normandy beaches on D-Day. Now included in Atlantik Wall

SS-Panzer divisions in Normandy
The 1., 9., and 10. SS-Panzer divisions also fought in Normandy. Now included in Atlantik Wall.  

SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier Brigade ‘Nederland’ 
The SS-Freiwilligen- Panzergrenadier Brigade ‘Nederland’ during it operations at Narva in the first half of 1944. Now in Grey Wolf.

11. SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadierdivision ‘Nordland’
The 11. SS-Freiwilligen- Panzergrenadierdivision ‘Nordland’ during the fighting for Narva in Estonia during the first half of 1944. Now in Grey Wolf

Schwere Panzerregiment Bäke
Schwere Panzerregiment Bäke was formed in late 1943 from independent units and portions of larger formations in reserve that were  hurriedly flung together to act as a mobile reserve. They took part in the fighting for both the Korsun and Hube's pockets in early 1944. Now in Grey Wolf.    

Sicherungs in Warsaw
The Intelligence Briefing for German Security Forces during the Warsaw Uprising. Now in Grey Wolf.

Panzerdivisions Ost
Eastern Front Panzer Forces on the Vistula, Operation Bagration July to August 1944, a Intelligence Briefing by Ken Camel. Now in Grey Wolf.

Fallschirmjäger in Normandy
To fielding the 6. Fallschirmjäger Regiment and 3. Fallschirmjägerdivision in Flames Of War see Atlantik Wall.

16. Luftwaffenfelddivision 
Now featured in Atlantik Wall

654. Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung
Now featured in Atlantik Wall..

III Flakkorps in Normandy
Todd Powell takes a look at the role of the III Flakkorps in Normandy. Now featured in pages Atlantik Wall

German Infanterie in Normandy
Steve Bernich takes a look at the German Infantry divisions that fought in Normandy. 

5. Gebirgsdivision in Italy 1944-45
History and Intelligence Briefing for the 5. Gebirgsdivision fighting on the Italian front. Now in Fortress Italy.  

German Panzerpionierkompanies  
All historial options are available in Atlantik Wall, Fortress Italy, and Grey Wolf.   

All historial options are available in Atlantik Wall, Fortress Italy, and Grey Wolf.    


Kurt “Panzer” Meyer
On 14 June the 12. SS-Panzerdivision lost its commanding officer to naval gunfire. Meyer took command at just 33 years of age and led the division in the defence of Caen.

Otto Carius
Mike brings us Otto Carius during 1944 when he was fighting in his Tiger I E heavy tank supporting Army Group Narva.

Oberscharführer Ernst Barkmann
In January 1944, Das Reich was ordered to southern France for refit and Barkmann’s battalion was upgraded to the new model Panther. A month after D-Day, elements of the division went into action against American forces near St. Lô. Here, the legend of Barkmann’s Corner was born and he received the Knight’s Cross and a promotion to Oberscharführer (senior sergeant) for his actions. 


Official Briefings

Finn Warriors
Finnish Warriors for Finnish Intelligence Briefings.

Finnish Raiding Forces, 1942-1944. 

Estonian SS
Estonian 20. SS-Freiwilligen-Grenadierdivision at Narva 1944.

Romanian Vanatori du Munte 1944
Vanatori du Munte, Romanian Mountain troops in late-war.

Hungarian Infantry 1944 to 1945
Intelligence Briefing for Hungarian Infantry Forces 1944 to 1945. Includes: Felderítö Század (Reconnaissance Infantry Company), Utász Század (Pioneer Company), and Határvadász Század (Border Guard Company). 

Hungarian 1st Cavalry Division facing the Soviet Operation Bagration Breakthrough
The Huszárs PDF Intelligence Briefing covers the Hungarian 1st Cavalry Division during the Bagration fighting and included Cavalry, Infanry and Tank companies.

Under Review

Briefings now included in books

Finnish Forces Facing the Soviets 1944 
Now in Grey Wolf.

Romanian Forces Facing the Soviets 1944 
Companie Tancuri, Companie Tancuri Medii, Companie Vanatori Motorizata, Companie de Cavalerie and Batalion Puscasi are now in Red Bear

RSI: Intelligence Briefing
Now included in Fortress Italy.    


Official Briefings

53rd (Welsh) Division
Intelligence Briefing For The 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division in Holland. 

Indian Recce Squadron
Field an Indian Recce Squadron in Italy 1944 to 1945 using this new Intellingence Briefing. 

Under Review

Jewish Battalions in Italy

The British raised a number of Jewish Battalions to fight in WWII and a Brigade fought in Italy. New version of Intelligence Briefing now in playtesting. 

Briefings now included in books

CSM Stan Hollis, VC.
Now on page 55 of Overlord.

6th AARR in Normandy
6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment in Normandy. Now featured in Overlord

4th Canadian Armoured Division
Now featured in Overlord

1st Special Service Brigade 
Now featured in Overlord.

4th Special Service Brigade
Now featured in Overlord.

50th Tyne and Tees Division 
Now featured in Overlord

15th Scottish Division
The 15th Scottish Division fought in France through June and July 1944, taking part in Operation Epsom. Now featured in Overlord

51st Highland Division

We take a look at the 51st Highland Division in action in Normandy. Now featured in Overlord. 

Briefings now included in books

Guards Armoured Division
Steve Bernich takes a look at the British Guards Armoured Division 1944-45. Now featured in Overlord and Market Garden

12th Manitoba Dragoons
Canadian Armoured Car Squadron in France and Belgium 1944. Now featured in Overlord and Market Garden.   

Taurus Pursuant
The 11th Armoured Division during Operation Market Garden. Now featured in Market Garden

Grenadier Guards during Operation Market Garden
The Grenadier Guards took part in Montgomery’s ambitious plan to end the war by Christmas. Now featured in Market Garden

NZ 4th Armoured Brigade 1944-45
Alun Gallie takes a look at the actions of the New Zealand 4th Armoured Brigade in Italy. You can now field them in Road to Rome. 

British Tank Squadrons in Italy
The heart and soul of your tank squadron is the British designed and built Churchill tank. You can now field them in Road to Rome.  

Private Ernest ‘Smokey’ Smith

Canadian Private Private Ernest ‘Smokey’ Smith won the Victoria Cross for his daring actions at the Savio River, Italy, 21-22 October 1944. You can now him field in Road to Rome.

British Late War Recce Squadron
Now available in Overlord, Market Garden, and Fortress Italy.


Official Briefings

Citizen Soldiers:
US Infantry Division in Normandy & Brittany, June - August 1944.

Climb to Glory
10th Mountain Division in Italy, 1944 to 1945


Briefings now included in books 

Beyond the Beach
You can now field the US 1st and 29th Infantry divisions inland after the D-Day landings in

Indianhead: The 2nd Infantry Division
The US 2nd Infantry Division in France June-September 1944.
Now featured in Overlord.

US 4th Armored Division in Operation Cobra
Merle Delinger takes a look at the US 4th Armored Division in Normandy and Brittany. We also look at how to field them in Flames Of War.
Now featured in Overlord.  
US 5th Armored Division in Normandy and France
Wayne looks at the US 5th Armored Division during Operation Cobra and we suggest how to field them in Flames Of War. Now featured in Overlord.  
US Glider Troops During Operation Market Garden
Field the 325th and 327th Infantry Regiments during Operation Market Garden.
Now featured in Market Garden.


Official Briefings

Black Death: Soviet Naval Infantry 
Late War Intelligence Briefing for a Naval Infantry Brigade Morskaya Pekhota Batalon. Now in the new edition of Red Bear.

Briefings now included in books

Soviet Guards Heavy Tanks
Not all Soviet Guards Heavy Tank Regiments were equipped with the IS-2 heavy tank during 1944. Many regiments were still armed with KV-1e, KV-1s, KV-85 and Churchill heavy tanks. Now in Red Bear.  

IS-85 Guards Heavy Tank Regiments
The IS-85 has already featured in Mid-war Monsters as an experimental tank, but it saw actual service during the first half of 1944. Now in Red Bear.

Guards Cossacks
Phil introduces the Gvardeyskiy Kazachiy Polk (Guards Cossack Regiment) for late war. Now in Red Bear.  

Light Self-propelled Artillery Regiment
Nearly every Soviet Army had an independent regiment of self-propelled artillery attached to provide direct fire support. The majority of the infantry formations were supported by the Light Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment outfitted with the SU-76M self-propelled artillery gun. Field a whole regiment of SU-76M assault guns.
Now in Red Bear.

Peredovoye Otryad
A Soviet Late-war Mobile Exploitation Force Forward Detachment. In this Intelligence Briefing we look at the more unique form of Forward Detachments deployed in advance of the Mobile Group during the exploitation phase of an offensive operation.
Now in Red Bear.


Fielding a Soviet Heavy Tank Killer Company
You can field a Heavy Tank Killer Company in any Late War Soviet force with a Tank Killer Company support option. Take the Heavy Tank Killer Company in place of a Tank Killer Company.


Official Briefings

3rd Greek Mountain Brigade
We introduce an Intelligence briefing for the Greeks fighting with the Canadians and New Zealanders in Italy. 

1st Polish Armoured Division 
Fielding the 1st Polish Armoured Division in Flames Of War.

Brigade Piron
Intelligence Briefing of the Belgian Brigade in Normandy, Belgium and the Netherlands By Sven De Braekeleir.

French 2éme Division Blindée
Simon McBeth and Mike have teamed up to give you the official Flames Of War intelligence briefing for the Free French forces in Normandy.

Finn Warriors
Finnish Warriors for Finnish Intelligence Briefings.

Finns in the Lapin Sota 
Intelligence Briefing for Finnish Forces Facing the Germans in the Lapland War 1944 to 1945.

Czech Armoured Brigade
Jonathan Forsey takes a look at the 1st Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade Group (CIABG) and their fighting in Normandy. Now a full PDF and updated for V3 Flames Of War.

The Cobra is Smokin'
Jonathan Forsey, Ken Camel and Wayne Turner look at the roll of the Brazilian 1st Expeditionary Infantry Division in Italy.

Under Review

Corpo Italiano di Liberazione
Italian co-belligerant forces in Italy in 1944. The Italians raised an entire Corps which fought alongside the Allies. Update coming soon. 

Briefings now included in books

The Armia Krajowa in Flames Of War
This briefing has been made to be expandable to cover up to at least 2000 points. However, they are most suitable at 600-1000 points played on 4x4-sized tables. The Briefing is designed for small games, but can be played at higher points for those crazy players who would want to take them to a tournament. Now in Red Bear.

French Expeditionary Corps
We introduce an Official Intelligence Briefing for the French Expeditionary Force in Italy 1944. Now in Road to Rome

Polish Forces, Italy 1944 
Polish forces are now available in Fortress Italy. A history  Poles in Italy in 1944. 

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