Official Flames Of War Intelligence Briefings
Mid-war, 1942-43

The following intelligence briefings are official Battlefront briefings for the Mid-war period,from 1942-1943. We've compiled them here into a central location for your ease of reference.

We have only just started to update these for 3rd Edition Flames Of War. When we first update them we will make the 'Under Review', then after feedback they will be under an 'Official' heading. Those without a heading are yet to be updated.


Official Briefings 

Brandenburger Commandos 1942-43
We take a look at the Brandenburgers during their phase in special operations. See how to field them as a Raiding Force in Burning Empires. See their history...

Major Hans von Luck
Erik Mozolik takes a look at Hans von Luck's career in WWII including rules for fielding him in North Africa.

Tunisian Tigers
Mid-war Intelligence Briefing for a German Schwere Panzerkompanie in Tunisia. We only had room in North Africa for the one Tiger battalion, so we went with the Tigers fighting in Sicily. The following Intelligence Briefing covers the Tiger that fought in Tunisa.

Aufklärungsschwadrons in Tunisia and Italy
The Aufklärungsschwadron conducts reconnaissance in force, testing the enemy’s positions and exploiting any weak spots they encounter. Download the Mid-war Aufklärungsschwadron Intelligence Briefing for Tunisia, Sicily and Italy.

Unternehmen Dora
Mike takes a look at how to field Brandenburgers in Libya during 1942.

Kampfgruppen Von Koenen
Hauptmann (Captain) Koenen and Leutnant (Lieutenant) Hagenauer led two glider assaults to fly behind the American and Free French lines in Tunisia and destroy vital bridges. Kampfgruppe Von Koenen is a Mid-war raiding force.

Official Briefings 

Canadian and British Commando Dieppe Forces
Fielding the Canadian and British forces who took part in the Dieppe raid. From this PDF you can field a Canadian Tank Squadron or Rifle Company. For the action on the flanks you can field a British Commando.

Italian American

Official Briefings 

Italian Squadroni Cavalleria
Nicolò Da Lio introduces the Italian Cavalleria for Mid-war campaigns in Russia. Now Updated to V3 FOW!

Under Review 

100th Infantry Battalion
Sonny Smith looks at the Japanese-Americans fighting in Italy. Update coming soon. 

other Soviet

Official Briefings 

Finnish Jääkärikomppania
Jääkäri means hunter as well as scout, and these units perform both roles. Whether they are fighting alongside an infantry unit or a Panssari unit, they are always at the vanguard. Often composed of men from rural areas, they have excellent fieldcraft skills.  

Finnish Raiding Forces, 1942-1944.

Cossacks in Axis Service  (updated 18 Jan 2011)
Find out how to field Cossacks with your German and Italian Companies from Eastern Front.

Romanian Mountain Divisions
The Romanian Vanatori de Munte (mountain hunters) units were created in 1916 and represent the elite troops of the Romanian infantry. At the outbreak of the war with the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941, the Mountain Corps consisted of four brigades (1st to 4th) made up of twelve groups (1st to 12th) each with two battalions.

Romanian Cavalry
Wayne takes a look at how to field a Romanian Cavalry force in Flames Of War.

Spanish Blue Division 
The Spanish volunteers of the Blue Division (so named because of the blue shirts of the Falangist Party Militia worn by many of its men) fought on the Eastern Front alongside the Germans.

Hungarian Corps Reserve Forces
We take a look at feilding the Hungarian Corps reserve troops 1942-43, including Huszars and Bicycle troops.

Under Review  


Under Review 

Gaming With Partisans
We take a look at fielding Partisans in Flames Of War Raid missions, and offer a Soviet Partisan Intelligence Briefing. Update coming soon.

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