Atlantik Wall
Static Rocket launchers
Other divisions in Normandy and on the Eastern Front can also field the Static Rocket Launchers as used by the Festungskompanie in Atlantik Wall. Grenadierkompanies and Fallschirmjägerkompanies Grey Wolf can field a Static Rocket Launcher Battery instead of a Divisional Support Rocket Launcher Battery (page 169 of Grey Wolf).
V3 Approved

Static Rocket Launcher Special Rules
An entire heavy rocket battery was emplaced behind Omaha Beach, sited to fire on the troops as they landed.
28cm sWG41 Nests use the Stuka zu Fuss special rule (page 245 of the rulebook), but have only four rockets instead of six. As a result, they only have four attempts to range in. 

Treat them as Trained troops when rolling To Hit after ranging in. Once fired, the entire team is removed from the game.
Static rocket launchers are Nests and not part of any platoon. They may use any Command team as a Spotter, provided that the Command team has not moved since the start of the game. As none of these teams are trained artillery observers, they receive the same +1 penalty to Range In as a Company Command team.
A company containing a Static Rocket Launcher Battery as its only fortifications is not a Fortified Company.

A Static Rocket Launcher Battery  follows the Fortification Placement rules on page 262 of the rulebook.

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Static Rocket launchers

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