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Romania Cavalry Intelligence Briefing 1942-43

Romania started the war with the Soviet Union with six Cavalry Brigades (based on 12 Roşiori and 6 Călăraşi Regiments, while the other 7
Călăraşi Regiments were used for the Reconnaissance units of larger formations), and due to their elite nature they were some of the first units to undergo mechanisation. During the course of the war the Romanian Cavalry underwent substantial organisational change, first motorising some units with trucks and motorcycles and then the expansion of the brigades into divisions in 1942.

In 1942 each Cavalry Division had three cavalry regiments, two were horse mounted and one was motorised. The Romanian cavalry were skilled mounted infantrymen, whether operating from horseback or from motor transport and fulfilled the roll of elite mobile infantry rather than traditional sabre waving cavalry.

Like most European nations to be involved in the wars of the late 19th century, the Romanians had learnt the lessons of modern combat and retrained their cavalry as mounted infantry before WWI.

Cavalry Regiments Attachments:

1st Cavalry Division
January to November 1942 with III Corps, 3rd Army, after 20 November 1942 with German XI Corps, German 6th Army.

Romanian Cavalry
11th Călăraşi Motorizat (Motorised Cavalry) Regiment (1941, 1944-1945)
1st Roşiori Regiment (1941-1945)
2nd Roşiori Regiment (1941-1945)
Gardã Cãlare (Guard Cavalry) Regiment (1942-1943)
5th Roşiori Regiment (1943-1945)

Cavalry Wagon 5th Cavalry Division
August to September 1942 with the Cavalry Corps, Up to January with the VII Corps and after January 1943 with the 4th Army. 
6th Roşiori Motorizat (Motorised Cavalry) Regiment (1941-44)
7th Roşiori Regiment (1941-44)
8th Roşiori Regiment (1941-44)
11th Roşiori Regiment (1943-44)

6th Cavalry Division
February to December 1942 with Cavalry Corps, December 1942 VII Corps, January 1943 with 4th Army, February 1943 with the German 5th Corps and Romanian cavalry Corps and July 1943 with kampfgruppe "Kress" of the German 5th Corps, 17th Army.

10th Roşiori Motorizat (Motorised Cavalry) Regiment (1941-44)
9th Roşiori Regiment (1941-44)
5th Călăraşi Regiment (1941-44)

7th Cavalry Division
1942 attached to 3rd Army reserve, in November is attached to the II Corps, then to the German XXXXVIII Panzer Corps, and back with the II Corps.

In late December was asked by Group Hollidt to take over the defence of Chernikov to protect German depots. It defends the position with the 11th Rosiori, 11th Călăraşi and some German infantry. The 7th Cavalry Division repulses all Soviet attacks and is awarded 28 German ’Iron Crosses’. It defends the position 2 January. It was the last large unit to hold defensive lines on the Chir River. Heavily reduced in strength and missing most of it mounts it returned to Romania with just under 5000 men. It was disbanded in March 1943 its troops merged with the 1st Cavalry Division.

Cavlary Column
Romanian Cavalry Officer

11th Roşiori Motorizat (Motorised Cavalry) Regiment (1941-43)
12th Roşiori Regiment (1941)
9th Călăraşi Regiment (1941)
11th CălăraşiMotorizat (Motorised Cavalry) Regiment (1942-43) 

8th Cavalry Division
October 1941 to May 1942 with the German 11th Army, as part of the Romanian Mountain Corps, before serving with the Germans under the XXX Corps. In August 1942 it was under Group "Mattenklott", XXXXII Corps, 11th Army. In late 1942 to early 1943 it was once again under Romanian command with the VII Corps.

3rd Călăraşi Motorizat (Motorised Cavalry) Regiment (1941-45)
2nd Călăraşi Regiment (1941-45)
4th Roşiori Regiment (1941-45)
12th Roşiori Motorizat (Motorised Cavalry) Regiment (1943-45)

9th Cavalry Division
August 1942 to September 1943 with the Cavalry Corps, 3rd Army. In September 1943 serving with the German V Corps.

5th Roşiori Motorizat Regiment (1941-)
3rd Roşiori Regiment (1941-45)
9th Călăraşi Regiment (1944-45)
13th Călăraşi Regiment (1941-45)

Romanian Cavalry in winter wear
Romanian Cavalry Intelligence Briefing for Mid-war

Fielding Romanian Cavalry in Flames Of War

To field a Motorised Cavalry force simply use the Companie Vanatori Motorizata, but don’t select any Cari de Lupta Platoons as support options. 

To field a Mounted Cavalry force use the new Escadron Cavalerie Intelligence Briefing. Last updated on 4 February 2014.

Download the Cavalerie PDF here…

Here is an excellent link for further information on the Romanian Cavalry (and Romanian forces in general):

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