Pionierkompanie German Pionierkompanie
Late War

The Pionierkompanie is composed of tough well-trained combat engineers ready to do two things: undertake dangerous engineering assignments while under fire, and storm enemy positions by close assault.

Each German Infanteriedivision had a Pioneer Battalion. It was the duty of Pioneers to perform all the specialist-engineering tasks such as laying minefields, preparing bunkers and creating other defensive positions.

V3 Approved

On attack they were armed with anti-tank mines, improvised explosives, remote control demolition carriers and flame-throwers all aimed at taking out enemy bunkers, strong points and other fortifications.

The Briefing

With the introduction of the new company organisation diagrams in Fortress Europe we weren’t able to do justice to all the Intelligence Briefings from Festung Europa, so we decided to leave some out and do them properly in a full length PDF on the Flames Of War website.

You will find everything you need to field a Pionierkompanie inside the PDF, including all Combat, Weapons and Support platoons, there is no need to consult Fortress Europe.

Download the Late War German Pionierkompanie Intelligence Briefing…

Pioneer Rifle team

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