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Road to Panzerschreck 2017 - Phil

Road to Panzerschreck 2017, “The Fourth Editioning!”
Phil's Armoured Regiment

One of the great things about Panzerschreck for me is teaming up with different people. So, while breaking up the infamous Haught brothers is a sad thing, it’s great to get a chance to play alongside Andrew.

Check out Andrew's army here...


Phil's Armoured Regiment Phil's Armoured Regiment

When we decided to join forces, the first problem was working out what forces we had in common. After a quick discussion, we settled on my 10th Hussars armoured regiment and his Jock column. With that settled, my choice of force became really simple. My minimum force (equipped with A13 Mk II and Light Mk VI C as the 10th Hussars were) came to 985 points, well over my 900-point share of our 1800-point force. Fortunately Andrew was accommodating and found me the extra points from his share.

My force is:

Armoured Regiment (Blitzkrieg) Early War
Armoured Regiment HQ
With 1x A10 Cruiser Mk II and 1x Light Mk VI C

135 points

Combat Platoons
Armoured Company with no HQ Platoon
and 2 Cruiser and 2 Light Platoons

700 points

Cruiser Platoon
With 3x A13 Mk II Cruiser Mk IV +60 points
Cruiser Platoon
With 3x A13 Mk II Cruiser Mk IV +60 points
Light Platoon
With 3x Light Mk VI C +15 points
Light Platoon
With 3x Light Mk VI C +15 points
Total: 985 Points

Writing up the cards for these, I found the biggest difference between Version 4 and earlier versions for this force. The Tally Ho rule now makes my tanks faster at Tactical speed, a welcome boost, but no longer gives them ROF 2 at short range when moving.

This means that my tactics need a lot more thought than previously. I can no longer be quite as cavalier about where my tanks end up each turn. Before, I never stopped moving, so there was no real problem with positioning. I’d always just move into short range and blaze away. Now, my A13 tanks are faster tactically (and when repositioning at a dash) than before, but I need to look for options to sit still and shoot.

Phil's Armoured Regiment Phil's Armoured Regiment

The good news is that this makes the force more like my late-war Cromwells, so the tactics aren’t unfamiliar. I just need to plan on when and where I’ll take up concealed positions, and when I’ll charge in close for killing shots in the flank. The emphasis on massed tanks to overwhelm the opposition in one area remains.

Phil's Armoured Regiment Phil's Armoured Regiment

With Andrew’s rather tough force as a pivot, I expect to see him holding the flank facing the enemy’s main thrust, while I manoeuvre on the open flank trying to dispose of whatever mobile stuff is in front of me, then swinging in to chop up anything attacking him (assuming he’s left me anything!). Once the enemy’s mobile forces are eliminated, a coordinated attack supported by his artillery should finish the day.

Having a small straight forward list like mine means that my turns will be quick, and hopefully with some luck, effective. Phil will have most of the major decisions to make as he moves his tanks ever forward pressing the attack.  I can’t wait to try this list out.

~ Phil