Road to Panzerschreck 2017 - Andrew

Road to Panzerschreck 2017, “The Fourth Editioning!”
Andrew's Jock Column

This year my brother Michael is not able to make it to Panzershreck, so I teamed up with Phil. After a quick discussion we elected to go with the British. Phil was keen on tanks, which is good as I am an infantry player at heart and I love artillery. We were given 900 points each, to build our forces with the ability to shift 100 points from one list to another. In the end I ended up giving Phil 85 of my points, and I created 815 point list.

Check out Phil's list here...


Andrew's Jock Column Andrew's Jock Column

The army I am running is one of my oldest armies I own I use it mainly for a Mid-War Mortor Company but for Panzershreck I am using them as a Jock Column.  I put this army together over nine years ago, so I will need to give it some TLC before bringing to Panzershreck.

So with no further delays, here is my army:

Jock Column (Hellfire and Back) Early War
Jock Column HQ
With 2x Command Rifle teams and trucks

35 points

Brigadier J C 'Jock' Campbell

60 points

Combat Platoons
Motor Platoon
With 3x Motor Squads and 1x Anti-tank Rifle team 150 points
Motor Platoon
With 3x Motor Squads 130 points
Divisional Support Platoons
Royal Horse Artillery Battery
With 4x OQF 25 pdr guns, trucks and 1x Observer Rifle team 440 points
Total: 815 Points

My list features Brigadier J C ‘Jock’ Campbell, a warrior. He has a lot of rules that are just useful in my list.  

  • Jock gives me 3+ moral tests for our units in range
  • He helps bring forward reserves
  • Jock gains gone to ground while in cover
  • He gives me morale re-rolls like a company commander
  • And he allows my 25 pdrs to re-roll misses at short range.

He is simply amazing, and totally worth his 60 points in my list. Because of his interaction with my 25 pdrs, I decided to add the transports to the artillery battery in case I want to bring them up to direct fire in games.  I already own most of what I am running with the exception of Jock himself, but I will get a model and paint it before the event.

Andrew's Jock Column
The list itself is quite small, but it can pack quite a punch and is Veteran. In the list I have invested heavily into my artillery, hoping that it will play a key role in the game. With the new artillery rules my 25 pdrs are really good. I get the effect of the old Mike Target rule (something that Early-War artillery never had) and my Firepower has improved, so I should be able to effectively remove problem dug in units that are protecting the objectives. Being that I sunk so many points into my artillery battery, I really need to be careful when choosing how I will use it each turn.
On the attack, my 25 pdrs will strive to clear out dug in units on objectives and on defence they will become a deadly forward anti-tank platoon, with Jock giving me re-rolls if my opponents are foolish enough to move into close range.
Andrew's Jock Column
My infantry platoons are quite small, too small to do much assaulting, but big enough to hold objectives and to secure liberated objectives. On the attack, they will follow closely behind Phil’s tanks hoping to keep infantry assaults at bay and to secure any objective the artillery and tanks manage to weaken. On defence, they will dig in and rely on their MGs to keep infantry platoons at bay.
Andrew's Jock Column Andrew's Jock Column

Having a small straight forward list like mine means that my turns will be quick, and hopefully with some luck, effective. Phil will have most of the major decisions to make as he moves his tanks ever forward pressing the attack.  I can’t wait to try this list out.

It wouldn’t be Panzershreck if I didn’t have my homemade Doctor Who objectives with me, I have used these in every Panzersherck tournament I have gone to date and won’t be braking the tradition any time soon. Like last year they don’t quite match my army’s desert basing (last year was snow) but it’s hard to break old habits. 

~ Andrew