For the Love of Amphibious Tanks

For the Love of Amphibious Tanks For the Love of Amphibious Tanks
Building an Amphibious Japanese Army – Part 1
With Andrew Haught

When talking about what we wanted to do for the Pacific, Chris and I both found ourselves drooling over the amphibious tanks. Both the Marines and the Japanese have some cool-looking boat tanks. The Marine ones look like tank turrets were strapped onto landing boats, whereas the Japanese ones look more like boat bits strapped to a tank. In our discussions, Chris and I talked about doing an epic amphibious battle where most of the table is water. Frankly I loved the idea and we both wanted to do it.

For the Love of Amphibious Tanks

So the next step was to order some tanks. Chris seemed to prefer the Marine tanks more than the Japanese tanks, and since I was enamoured by both, it made it easy to decide who should get what.

List-wise, roughly 17 trained  Ka-Mi tanks or 12 Veteran Ka-Mi tanks cost around 1000 points, so that was my base list.  

The list at this point is an easy one to expand upon. Once we decide how big we want to go, I can then add things accordingly. Alyhough I am already thinking I will have to order a Zero, just because it is simply an awesome plane.

The Type 4 Ho-Ro tanks also interest me. They are heavy artillery tanks that could add a bit of anti-tank to the list. Although they are pricey point-wise, they are worth it, especially since you can add them to a list with heavy artillery or Naval gun support.

An obvious addition is infantry. A good chunk of troops to hold objectives and be my last line of defence would be very welcome. It would allow me to be more aggressive with my tanks, freeing them from having to protect an objective.

Something that caught my eye early on is the Type 88 75mm Anti-Aircraft nest; these bad boys have Anti-Tank 10 with Rate of Fire 3! These nests will blow anything Chris can bring out of the water and will be extremely hard to knock out. At 230 points for two, they will definitely be making it into my final Pacific points list.

~ Andrew

For the Love of Amphibious Tanks