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Last Updated On Thursday, 11 February 2016.

This week's update includes eleven spotlights and links for you to enjoy.

Team Yankee, World War III

Team Yankee Product Spotlights

M1 Abrams Tank Platoon (TUBX01)

Highly mobile, well armed and heavily armoured, the M1 Abrams is perfectly suited for modern ground warfare. It features a powerful multifuel turbine engine, sophisticated composite armor, and separate ammunition storage in a blow-out compartment for crew safety. Weighing nearly 68 tons, it is one of the heaviest main battle tanks in service.

M1 Abrams Tank Platoon (TUBX01)...

M1 Abrams Tank Platoon (TUBX01)
M109 Field Artillery Battery (TUBX04) M109 Field Artillery Battery (TUBX04)

The M109 self-propelled howitzer fires a wide variety of ammunition, including conventional high explosive, DPICM (Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions) bomblets, scatterable minelets, and Copperhead laser-guided projectiles out to a range of 18 km (11 miles).

M109 Field Artillery Battery (TUBX04)...

Team Yankee US Gaming Aids

These laser-cut acrylic gaming accessories make it easy to keep track of everything that is going on in your Team Yankee battles.

The Artillery and Salvo Template shows who is hit by a bombardment. This sturdy transparent template integrates both sizes of template in one handy piece.

Tokens help you keep track of the state of your troops, whether they are  dug in, pinned down, or firing their anti-aircraft weapons.

Team Yankee US Gaming Aids...

Team Yankee US Gaming Aids

Historical US Vehicle Colour Schemes in Team Yankee

Historical US Vehicle Colour Schemes in Team Yankee

Aaron talks about the different US Army camouflage schemes from the period, which pattern – or patterns – you might want to choose and why.

Historical US Vehicle Colour Schemes in Team Yankee...

Tale of Seven Gamers:
Chris Townley’s M1 Abrams Armored Combat Team...

Chris has posted an update about assembling his Armored Combat Team. He still has a lot of work to do (something about a new baby…) but he has made some progress, particularly with his clever MERDC templates – he’ll have more details on those next week.

Tale of Seven Gamers: Chris Townley’s M1 Abrams Armored Combat Team...

Tale of Seven Gamers – Chris Townley’s M1 Abrams Armored Combat Team

Imperial Armour BMP Review

Imperial Armour BMP Review

Australian blogger 'Tacobat' has posted a review of the BMP on his Imperial Armour blog, including a nice run-down of how he (very expertly) painted his models.

Imperial Armour BMP Review...

Battlefront Needs You!
We are looking for someone to join the Design Studio that is excited about the idea of showing off their hobby skills to the world!

You will need to:
  • a good painter, capable of learning the Battlefront style,
  • have a flair for not just painting but ‘finishing’ models and terrain pieces,
  • be interested in learning how to show the world your skills via the website and other media,
  • have excellent communication skills (written and verbal),
  • get excited about World War Two (and Flames Of War),
  • and be living in New Zealand.
If you think this is you send an email to the Editor along with some photos of your work.

Team Yankee Demo Games at Orccon 2016
Angelenos can try Team Yankee at Orccon 2016, being held this Presidents’ Day Weekend, 12-15 February, by Strategicon.

Hilton Los Angeles Airport
5711 W Century Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90045

Games are 6pm Friday 6pm Saturday 12pm Sunday

Beginners welcome, all materials provided!


Mid War Version 3 Update
The Mid-war Intelligence Briefing compilations North Africa and Eastern Front are coming to Flames Of War Digital and Forces Of War. The Briefings have been updated to make them compatible with Version 3. Forces Of War Flames Of War Digital

The changes made include:

  • Modifying units and diagrams to use the Motorcycle Reconnaissance rules.
  • Modifying the US Self-propelled Anti-tank Platoon to use the Tank Destroyer rules.
  • Explicitly making snipers an option where appropriate.
  • Updating the arsenals and adding any missing items.
  • Updating the national special rules and clarifying special rules where necessary.
  • Fixing minor errors.
Eastern Front Eastern Front is live now in Forces Of War, and will be activated in Flames Of War Digital over the weekend. North Africa will follow next week.

Tanksgiving Sale Shipping Update

Tanksgiving Sale Shipping Update
Over the past 4 days the UK team has shipped out a staggering 20 cages (four of which you can see in the picture to the left) of parcels to customers waiting for their Tanksgiving orders.

The majority of Australian, New Zealand and Rest of the World customer orders are in the post and should be arriving shortly. European and UK customers' orders have been collected yesterday and today. 

Our US team have also been busy sending orders at the same pace, so keep an eye on your mailboxes!

Pacific Previews
Behind Enemy Lines Behind Enemy Lines:
PTO Early Start Models

Mike from Behind Enemy Lines has some suggestions for those who, like him, can’t wait until April to get started on an army for the Pacific Theatre. He outlines the models which are already available.

Behind Enemy Lines: PTO Early Start Models...

Palm Tree Tutorial

Dan has made a video tutorial on how to make great-looking palm trees at a budget price.

Behind Enemy Lines: Palm Tree Tutorial...

In case you aren't keen on videos, Mike also shared a similar technique on his blog some years ago:

Scary Biscuits Studios: Making Palm Trees...

Breakthrough Assault:
Gung-Ho List Discussion - Late War

Jersey James has shared some thoughts for building USMC lists for Late War. He has focused on history and interesting units, rather than fearsome tournament-winning forces, so perhaps the real pros among you will want to see how his ideas compare to yours.

Breakthrough Assault: Gung-Ho List Discussion - Late War...

Breakthrough Assault

Battlefront Needs You

We are looking for someone to join the Design Studio who is excited about showing off their hobby skills to the world!

You will need to:


  • Be a good painter, capable of learning the Battlefront style;
  • Have a flair for not just painting but ‘finishing’ models and terrain pieces;
  • Be interested in learning how to show the world your skills via the website and other media;
  • Have excellent communication skills (written and verbal);
  • Get excited about World War II (and Flames Of War);
  • and be living in New Zealand.
If you think this is you, send an email to editor@battlefront.co.nz along with some photos of your work.


Sabre '16

Sabre ‘16
Sabre ‘16 is coming up on March 5-6, run by the Panzer Angriff Club at Mega Games Penrith, in western Sydney.

There are two Flames Of War events to choose from: the two-day 1650-point Late War tournament, or a Cassino Campaign.

For full information and rules, read the player's pack...

UK Grand Tournament 2016

This year's UK Grand Tournament will be run by the Reluctant Conscripts (Mick Rood, Tommy Brown and Alex Billing as head organizers), liaising with Battlefront through Anders Johansson for support. The GT will take place at Battlefield Hobbies in October.

UK Grand Tournament 2016...

UK Grand Tournament 2016

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

Firestorm and the City
Round Five Results

Cameron has posted the results for the final round of Rust and the City's Firestorm Caen campaign, which saw a surprising change in fortunes.

Firestorm and the City - Round Five Results...

Firestorm and the City: An Online Firestorm: Caen Campaign

Question of the Week

The Question Of The Week
The Question Of The Week offers Flames Of War players a chance to expand their knowledge and become better players. This week’s question involves which teams can fire as rifles instead of their usual weapons.

The Question Of The Week...

Mentioned in Despatches
Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet

Numerous people asked for a handy printable version of the quick reference sheet from the back of the Team Yankee rulebook. So we have made a PDF version in a few different formats for you to download and print out, and perhaps have it laminated.

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet...

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet

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Upcoming Releases
Team Yankee (November – March)

FW905 Team Yankee, World War III

TUSAB1 Bannon’s Boys (Army Deal)
TUBX01 M1 Abrams Tank Platoon
TUBX02 M163 VADS or M901 ITV Platoon
TUBX03 M113 / M106 Platoon
TUBX04 M109 Field Artillery Battery
TUBX05 Cobra Attack Helicopter Platoon
TUSBX06 A-10 Warthog Fighter Flight (x2)
TUS702 Mech Platoon (27 Figs)

TTK01 US Token Set
TAT001 US Salvo Template
TYP190 Team Yankee American Paint Set (8 paints)

Warsaw Pact
TSUAB1 Potecknov’s Bears (Army Deal)
TSBX01 T-72 Tankovy Company
TSBX02 BMP-1 or BMP-2 Company (x5) (Plastic)
TSBX03 Motor Rifle Company (79 figs)
TSBX04 Mi-24 Hind Helicopter Company
TSBX05 ZSU 23-4 Shilka AA Tank (x2)
TSBX06 SA-13 Gopher (x2)
TSBX07 2S1 Carnation Battery
TSBX08 BM-21 Hail Rocket Launcher (x3)
TSBX09 SU-25 Frogfoot (x2)
TSU702 Motor Rifle Platoon (24 figs)

TTK02 Soviet Token Set
TAT002 Soviet Salvo Template
TYP191 Team Yankee Soviet Paint Set (7 paints)

Battlefield in a Box Terrain
BB188 Modern Roads
BB189 Modern Road Expansion
BB190 Oil Tanks

BB191 Concrete Walls
BB192 Factory Building
BB193 Petrol Station

Andrew, James, Chris and Wayne

For product enquiries:

For more information on Customer Service:
Customer Service...

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