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The Leopard's Roar
Leopard Battle Reports

The release of Leopard has already seen some great Battle Reports that you can watch or read. Here we show off three of the best, including a video battle report Phil made with the Beasts of War guys, and a chance for you to win a copy of Kamfgruppe Müller army.

The Leopard's Roar – Leopard Battle Reports...

The Leopard's Roar – Leopard Battle Reports

Leopard Week on BoW – Painting A Full West German Army (13 Videos)

  Beasts of War

Beasts of War welcome you to Leopard Week. When it comes to painting your West Germans there are many techniques. Battlefront show off one such way as they paint the Leopard 2 from the new Team Yankee book.

Head over to the Beasts of War website to watch more videos of John as he paints the army.

Leopard Live Blog – Saturday Leopard Live Blog – Sunday
Leopard Product Spotlights
Panzergrenadier Zug (TGR702) Panzergrenadier Zug (TGR702)

The modern Panzergrenadier Zug (Armoured Infantry Platoon) is a small but well-trained, -motivated, and -equipped, unit, armed with MG3 machine-guns, G3 assault rifles, as well as the Panzerfaust 44 anti-tank rocket.

Panzergrenadier Zug (TGR702)...

Fliegerfaust Gruppe (TGR708)

The FIM-43 Redeye was a man-portable surface-to-air missile system, which used infrared track its target - hence its name. In West German service it was known as the Fliegerfaust 1. The Fliegerfaust Gruppe includes six Redeye teams, to help make the Soviet air units very nervous.

Fliegerfaust Gruppe (TGR708)...

Fliegerfaust Gruppe (TGR708)
West German Token Set (TTK03) West German Token Set (TTK03)

Full colour laser-cut acrylic tokens are the perfect way to track the state of your troops throughout your battles.

West German Token Set (TTK03)...

Fast Food Restaurant (BB207)

One or two strategically placed modern buildings can instantly bring your existing battlefield into the 1980s for World War III in Team Yankee. This fast food restaurant can represent a McDonald’s, Pizza Hut or Kentucky Fried Chicken (Team Yankee is set in a time before ‘fried’ became a scary word and they re-branded as KFC) or you could invent your own fast-food chain.

Fast Food Restaurant (BB207)...

 Fast Food Restaurant (BB207)

Panzerschreck 2016 Report - Mount Ngaruahoe
Panzerschreck 2016 Report

Last weekend half of the Battlefront studio embarked on a road trip to the world's oldest Flames Of War tournament, Panzerschreck in Palmerston North. Organisers Tom Robertson and Evan Allen bring us photos and results from the tournament.

Panzerschreck 2016 Report...

Panzerschreck 2016
Behind Enemy Lines Behind Enemy Lines Panzerschreck Blog

And Greg from Behind Enemy Lines has also written all about the highs and lows of the guys' Panzerschreck adventures, in BEL's trademark irreverant style.

Behind Enemy Lines Panzerschreck Blog...

Behind Enemy Lines Panzerschreck Blog Behind Enemy Lines Panzerschreck Blog

Breakthrough Assault 
Tale of 2 Leopards – Counter Attack

Breakthrough Assault's West German army-building blog series continues into its fourth week, with Lee and Mark expanding their forces and playing some more games.

Breakthrough Assault: Tale of 2 Leopards – Counter Attack...

Breakthrough Assault  Tale of 2 Leopards – Counter Attack

WWPD: Soviet Tips and Tricks WWPD: Soviet Tips and Tricks

Jeff ‘SonBae’ Flint has more handy modelling advice, this time for the SA-13 Gopher SAM Platoon.

WWPD: SA-13 Gopher Tips and Tricks...

Wargames Illustrated Team Yankee Day

On Saturday 17th September 2016 Wargames Illustrated are offering 24 players (12 Soviet and 12 NATO) the opportunity to visit their HQ in Nottingham, UK and take part in a Team Yankee Campaign Day.

Rather than tournaments, WI’s Campaign Days are designed to be fun and relaxed occasions where the social aspect of the hobby is paramount. If you want to hold back the Soviet hordes or need to crush all Capitalist opposition in Europe, sign up today.

Wargames Illustrated Team Yankee Day...

Wargames Illustrated Team Yankee Day

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

Question of the Week

The Question Of The Week
The Question Of The Week offers Flames Of War players a chance to expand their knowledge and become better players. This week’s question is about allocating hits from artillery.

The Question Of The Week...

Mentioned in Despatches
Iron Horses
Fielding a Marine Tank Company

List-building for Marine tanks is a very different challenge in the Pacific War and Late War periods. While the Sherman is far from exceptional in Late War, it is an absolute beast (albeit a very expensive one) in the Pacific Theatre. Mitchell Kemmis shares his list-building and tactical advice for playing a Marine Tank Company from Gung-Ho at both the Pacific War and Late War points levels.

Iron Horses – Fielding a Marine Tank Company...

Iron Horses – Fielding a Marine Tank Company

Recent Articles

Beasts of War TANKS unboxing... 

Beyond the Foxholes Episode 54...

Breakthrough Assault: Tale of 2 Leopards – Shots Fired...

Leopards – Shots Fired...

WWPD: Soviet T-72 Tips and Tricks...

WWPD: Soviet BMP Tips and Tricks…

WWPD: Carnation Tips and Tricks...

Beasts of War Weekender – Phil Yates interview...

Semper Fi – Fielding a Marine Rifle Company...

WWPD: Why We Fight Episode 3...

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To Die for the Emperor – Yõsai Hohei Chutai Tactics...

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Breakthrough Assault: Tale of 2 Leopards – Boot Camp... 

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Germans in TANKS...

WWPD: Leopard Review...

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Review...

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Lists...

GF9 at the Origins Game Fair 2016...

Painting LVT Tanks – Amphibious Tank Camouflage in the Pacific...

Upcoming Releases
Leopard – West Germans in World War III

Leopard – West Germans in World War III (FW906)

Team Yankee German Paint Set (TYP192)
NATO Green Spray (TYP292)

Kampfgruppe Müller - West German Army Deal (TGRAB1)
*available 23 July in the USA.

Late July Releases

Marder Zug (TGBX02)
Panzergrenadier Zug (TGR702)

Team Yankee German Token Set (TTK03)

Gepard FlaK Batterie (TGBX07)
Fliegerfaust Gruppe (TGR708)

Early August Releases

BO-105P Anti-tank Helicopter Flight (TGBX12)
Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
Fuchs Transportpanzer (TGBX06)

Leopard 1 Panzer Zug (TGBX03)
Luchs Späh Trupp (TGBX05)
M113 Panzermörser Zug (TGBX09)

Late August Releases

Leopard 2 Panzer Zug (TGBX01)
M109G Panzerartillerie Batterie (TGBX10)
Tornado Strike Flight (TGBX13)

Roland FlaRakPanzer Batterie (TGBX08)
Raketenwerfer Batterie (TGBX11)
Team Yankee German Template (TAT003)

Battlefield in a Box Terrain

Fast Food Restaurant (BB207)

European Farm (BB204) – Late August

James, Chris and Andrew

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