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Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79)

Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79) Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79)
includes five plastic Panzer IV H Medium Tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, ten Rare earth magnets & one Decal sheet.

Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf H entered production in April of 1943 as the ninth variant of Panzerkampfwagen IV tank family. Designated Sd Kfz 161/2 it was produced between April 1943 and July 1944 when it was replaced by the Ausf J.

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It was the most produced of all the Panzer IV variants with 2,774 tanks produced and another 30 hulls being used for early StuG IVs and 130 for Brummbärs. It was produced by Krupp-Gruson AG in Magdeburg, Vomag AG in Plauen and Nibelungenwerke AG in St.Valentin.
Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79) 

Life in Plastic: it's Fantastic!
We're so excited about our new Panzer IV H, we thought it was important to really highlight some of the awesome features:

■ Easy assembly, with precision fit and as few separate parts as possible.
■ Tough enough for gaming, with chunky, robust parts.

■ Tons of crisp detail for a plastic kit of its size; even has Zimmerit paste!
■ Reduced cost means you can get a whole company without breaking the bank.
Turret magnets and decals included.

Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79)

The Golden Panzer!
We’re so excited about our new plastic Panzer IV H that we really wanted to have a fun contest to coincide with its release. By happy coincidence, the earliest test 'shots' we received of the tank were done in a shiny faux-gold plastic; we asked the factory to just use whatever plastic they were working with at the time to save them trouble.

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Right: Battlefront Malaysia’s General Manager Jeff Brooks packs the Golden Panzers along with the accompanying Golden Tickets.

The Golden Panzer!
The Plastic Component Sprues
Below: The plastic sprues for the Panzer IV H.
Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79)
Below: The plastic Tank Commander sprue.
Below: The Panzer IV H decal sheet.
Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79) Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79)
Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79) Can Battlefront Not Count to Five?
As some of you have seen by now, our brand new plastic Panzer IV H has an unfortunate issue with the Schürzen. The side skirts have four main plates rather than the correct five.

Can Battlefront Not Count to Five?...
Learn how to retrofit the older plastic Schürzen to the new plastic Panzer IV H here...
Below: A plastic Panzer IV H James assembled and painted using the older plastic Schürzen. Still looks great!
Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79) Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79) 
The Panzer IV H was basically a late model Ausf G with six-speed Zahnradfabrik ZF SSG76 transmission. The armour of the Panzer IV H was 80mm from the start of production; which was equal with the additional bolt-on armour that featured on later version of the Ausf G.
Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79) Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79)
Additional modifications included the removal of side superstructure visor ports (June 1943), application of Zimmerit paste (September 1943), modifications to the suspension (September-November 1943), air filters, a new commander's cupola and anti-aircraft MG34 cupola mount (Fliegerbeschussgerat).
Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79)
Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79)
Panzer IV H models were almost universally fitted with armour side skirts (Schürzen, hull 5mm and turret 8mm) to give added protection against light anti-tank weapons and hollow charge weapons (HEAT). All Panzer IV H tanks were armed with 75mm KwK 40 L/48 gun and two MG 34 machine-guns (co-ax and hull mounted).
Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79) Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79)
The Panzer IV H in Flames Of War
Name Mobility Front Side Top Equipment and Notes
Weapon Range
Panzer IV H
Standard Tank
Co-ax MG, Hull MG, Protected ammo, Schürzen.
7.5cm KwK40 gun
Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79) Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79)
Like all Panzer IVs it had a crew of five: a commander, gunner, loader, radio operator and driver.

On 6 June 1944 (D-Day) the majority of Panzerkampfwagen IV tanks present in France were the Ausf H model.

Designed by Will Jayne
Painted by James Brown

Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79)
Panzer IV H Platoon (GBX79) Assembling The Plastic Panzer IV H
The Panzer IV had the unique distinction of being the only tank in the German arsenal that remained in production throughout the course of World War II. Hence it made perfect sense as the next addition to our range of all-plastic kits. Join Blake as he demonstrates how to assemble the new plastic Panzer IV H.

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