January's  Releases
Fate Of A Nation
AJO511 M40 106mm Recoilless
AJO726 Heavy Mortar Platoon
AJO729 Artillery HQ and Crew
AJSO101 Jordanian Command Teams
AARBX05 M4/FL10 Sherman
AAR540 37mm 61-K gun (x3)
AAR729 Artillery HQ and Crew
AIS141 M50 (155mm) SP
AIS726 120mm Artillery Battery
AIS729 Artillery HQ and Crew
AISO101 Israeli Command Teams
AISO501 M50 (155mm) gun

Battlefield In A Box
BB178 Mosque (Retail Release)
BB179 Mosque Walls (Retail Release)

Wargames Illustrated
WI328 Wargames Illustrated Issue 328

February's Releases

Flames Of War
FW231 Nachtjäger (80 pages)
BBX28 British Rifle Company (Plastic)
GBX84 Panther/Jagpanther (Plastic)
GBX85 Sd Kfz 251/1 Transport Platoon (x4) (Plastic)
BBX29 M5 Halftrack Transport Platoon (x4) (Plastic)
GBX82 Sd Kfz 251/20 (Uhu) Platoon (x2)
GE848 Panzersturm Platoon (with Vampir IR equipment)
GSO206 Sd Kfz 251 IR Equipment (x4 sets)
GSO143 Nachtjägers (Vampir Equipment)
TK905 Muzzle Flash Token Set

Wargames Illustrated
WI329 Wargames Illustrated Issue 329


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