D-Day: 6th June 2013

D-Day Compilation (FW403)

6th June 2013

The 6th June 1944 marked the turning point in WWII and the moment when the Allies landed in Normandy and started to push the Germans back to their homeland.

This year on this day we will be celebrating with the launch of our updated D-Day compilation pack.

Left: The new D-Day Compilation Cover.

The original pair of books, Earth & Steel and Turning Tide were our first Late-war compilations and combined six intelligence handbooks together to give you a book dedicated to the Axis forces and one for the Allied. Since their release, over two and half years ago, we have moved from the second edition of the rules to the third, in March last year, and although all the compilations since then have been third edition friendly these two books needed to be updated to bring them in line with the rest of Late-war.  

Right: The old D-Day Compilation Covers (from Version 2).

Turning Tide Earth & Steel
Blood, Guts & Glory Devil's Charge Nuts!

It is not just for third edition changes this has been necessary but with the evolution of Airborne forces and US Armour in the Ardennes series of intelligence briefings, (Blood, Guts & Glory, Devil’s Charge, NUTS) and the Market Garden compilations these books needed a good overhaul.

Left: The Ardennes series book covers.

Now not to be left out by the whole update the writers took the opportunity to add in a whole swathe of new material that has been created since their initial release making the new versions not only current but significantly larger. Turning Tide was already a meaty 244 pages but Overlord is now 300 pages. Earth & Steel has grown from a 218 pager into Atlantik Wall at 240 pages.

Right: The new Atlantik Wall & Overlord covers.

Atlantik Wall (FW114) Overlord (FW115)
New American Companies
■ Cavalry Recon Troop.
■ Tank Destroyer Company.

New German Companies
■ Panzergrenadierkompanie.
■ Panzerpioneerkompanie.
■ Pioneerkompanie.
■ Festungskompanie (Brittany).

New British Companies
Airborne Armoured Recce Squadron.
■ Armoured Car Squadron.
■ Independent Armoured Squadron.
■ Rifle Company.
■ Recce Squadron.

Now as I said right at the start we are celebrating the launch of these books not just because the new versions will be available on this day but we are also taking the opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support and offer all of you who already own the first versions something extra when you come along to get your new copies. From Saturday 29th June through to Sunday 13th July (that gives you two weekends to find the time to do this) any customer who goes along to their local store and presents their old copies will not only be able to pick up the new pair of books for the combined special price but they will also be given a set of our new “rural” bases absolutely free. As usual we will have a plan to take care of any of you who simply don’t have a local store and closer to the time instructions for how that will work will come out but fear not we will take care of you one way or another.

Below: Rural bases painted on the frame - they are of course supplied unpainted!

Rural Bases (XX107)

Next week I will tell you all about our month long series of D-Day events that will be running throughout June. Stay tuned for more information and don’t forget to let your local store know in plenty of time if you will be coming along to get your new compilation and free gift as you don’t want to be disappointed or have them run out before you get there.

~ John-Paul.