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Beasts of War Leopard Week
Which Faction has the Best Tactics?
Beasts of War

Beasts of War bring their Leopard Week to a close with a friendly but empassioned discussion of which nation in Team Yankee has the best tactics.

Head over to the Beasts of War website to watch all of their Leopard Week videos.

Leopard Product Spotlights
Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04) Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)

The Jaguar 1 and Jaguar 2 were West German tank destroyers armed with anti-tank guided missiles. The Jaguar 1, armed with the advanced HOT missile system, supports your Panzer Kompanie. The Jaguar 2, with the older US-made Improved TOW missile system, can support your Panzergrenadier Kompanie.

Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)...

M113 Panzermörser Zug (TGBX09)

The panzergrenadier battalions had their very own artillery in the form of 120mm M120 mortars mounted in modified M113 armoured personnel carriers. The main advantages of these Panzermörser (Armoured Mortars) are there mobility and immediate tactical availability. A company commander can request fire as required. For this reason the mortars are nicknamed ‘die kleine Artillerie’ (the little artillery).

M113 Panzermörser Zug (TGBX09)...

M113 Panzermörser Zug (TGBX09)
PAH Anti-tank Helicopter Flight (TGBX12) PAH Anti-tank Helicopter Flight (TGBX12)

The Bölkow Bo-105P was selected as the German PAH anti-tank helicopter due to its outstanding manoeuvrability. It is armed with six wire-guided HOT anti-tank missiles, three mounted on each side. Flying below the tree line, it can sneak up to a firing position unseen, then unleash a deadly attack to smash a Soviet spearhead.

PAH Anti-tank Helicopter Flight (TGBX12)...

Team Yankee Modelling
Would You Like Fries With That?
Decorating the Fast Food Restaurant

The Battlefield in a Box Fast Food Restaurant is a great way to instantly bring your existing battlefield into the 1980s. With its distinctive hipped roof, in can be used straight out of the box to represent a McDonald’s, Pizza Hut or Kentucky Fried Chicken. Or we’ve made a printable PDF to help you turn your restaurant into a McPizza King.

Would You Like Fries With That...?

Would You Like Fries With That? Decorating the Fast Food Restaurant
Now You See Me… Camouflage netting for NATO tanks Now You See Me...
Camouflage Netting for NATO Tanks

Camouflage netting is one of the most effective ways of hiding fighting vehicles, but it is not easy to create in miniature – until now. Battlefront sculptor Evan Allen shares his technique for adding effective-looking camouflage nets to your NATO tanks.

Now You See Me – Camouflage netting for NATO tanks...

Soviets in TANKS

Comrade soldiers! Today we fight for the very survival of International Communism and for the soul of the Motherland. The long struggle for the freedom of the workers and peasants continues as our glorious Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army, smashes the fascist hordes, annihilating them where they stand and pursuing them to the viper’s nest from whence they came! This week Andrew talks about how the Soviets work in tanks and shares with us one of his TANKS army lists. 

Soviets in TANKS...

Soviets in TANKS

Flames Of War at Historicon

Dan from Wargames Illustrated shared this video with us, taking a look at the Flames Of War (and TANKS) action at Historicon 2016.

Flames Of War at Historicon...

Breakthrough Assault 
Leopard Campaign Batrep

Breakthrough Assault's Mark Goddard, who has been busily building a West German army, put it to the test in the three linked scenarios from Leopard, against veteran wargamer (but Team Yankee novice) Andy Sturt.

Breakthrough Assault – Leopard Campaign Batrep...

Breakthrough Assault – Leopard Campaign Batrep

Beyond the Foxholes Beyond the Foxholes Episode 55

Adam introduces two new hosts: Lee and Mark, and discusses the new West Germans from Leopard.

Beyond the Foxholes Episode 55...

Wargames Illustrated Team Yankee Day

On Saturday 17th September 2016 Wargames Illustrated are offering 24 players (12 Soviet and 12 NATO) the opportunity to visit their HQ in Nottingham, UK and take part in a Team Yankee Campaign Day.

Rather than tournaments, WI’s Campaign Days are designed to be fun and relaxed occasions where the social aspect of the hobby is paramount. If you want to hold back the Soviet hordes or need to crush all Capitalist opposition in Europe, sign up today.

Wargames Illustrated Team Yankee Day...

Wargames Illustrated Team Yankee Day

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

Forum Highlight
Jose Rodriguez's USMC

Jose Rodriguez’s has shared some fantastic photos of his expertly painted USMC army, including beautifully airbrushed LVTs and the Iwo Jima objective he won during our Pacific Launch Weekend.

Forum Highlight – Jose Rodriguez's USMC...

Forum Highlight – Jose Rodriguez’s USMC

Question of the Week

The Question Of The Week
The Question Of The Week offers Flames Of War players a chance to expand their knowledge and become better players. This week’s question is about the fate of leaderless platoons.

The Question Of The Week...

Mentioned in Despatches
The Leopard's Roar
Leopard Battle Reports

The release of Leopard has already seen some great Battle Reports that you can watch or read. Here we show off three of the best, including a video battle report Phil made with the Beasts of War guys, and a chance for you to win a copy of Kamfgruppe Müller army.

The Leopard's Roar – Leopard Battle Reports...

The Leopard's Roar – Leopard Battle Reports

Recent Articles

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Breakthrough Assault: Tale of 2 Leopards – Shots Fired...

Leopards – Shots Fired...

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Beasts of War Weekender – Phil Yates interview...

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Breakthrough Assault: Tale of 2 Leopards – Build-up of Forces...

To Die for the Emperor – Yõsai Hohei Chutai Tactics...

Sensha Rentai Tactics...

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Breakthrough Assault: Tale of 2 Leopards – Boot Camp... 

Upcoming Releases
Leopard – West Germans in World War III

Leopard – West Germans in World War III (FW906)

Team Yankee German Paint Set (TYP192)

Kampfgruppe Müller - West German Army Deal (TGRAB1)

NATO Green Spray (TYP292) 

Late July Releases

Marder Zug (TGBX02)
Panzergrenadier Zug (TGR702)

Team Yankee German Token Set (TTK03)

Gepard FlaK Batterie (TGBX07)
Fliegerfaust Gruppe (TGR708)

Early August Releases

BO-105P Anti-tank Helicopter Flight (TGBX12)
Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug (TGBX04)
Fuchs Transportpanzer (TGBX06)

Leopard 1 Panzer Zug (TGBX03)
Luchs Späh Trupp (TGBX05)
M113 Panzermörser Zug (TGBX09)

Late August Releases

Leopard 2 Panzer Zug (TGBX01)
M109G Panzerartillerie Batterie (TGBX10)
Tornado Strike Flight (TGBX13)

Roland FlaRakPanzer Batterie (TGBX08)
Raketenwerfer Batterie (TGBX11)
Team Yankee German Template (TAT003)

Battlefield in a Box Terrain

Fast Food Restaurant (BB207)

European Farm (BB204) – Late August

James, Chris and Andrew

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