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Pacific War – 1941-1945 Welcome to the Pacific
Pacific Product Release Schedule

Because the Pacific is a new theatre of WW2 for us, there is an extensive selection of models to release, including an entire range of US Marine infantry and support weapons, as well as numerous new options to bring your Rising Sun Japanese forward in time to the Late-war period.

Let’s take a look at when you can expect to get your hands on this exciting new range!

Welcome to the Pacific... 

Pacific Product Spotlights
LVT(4) Amtrac Section (UBX46) LVT(4) Amtrac Section (UBX46)

Amphibious Tractors (Amtracs) were originally designed the carry supplies to shore. Their ability to cross coral reefs and sand meant that they were quickly modified with armour and machine-guns allow the Marines to land infantry under fire.

LVT(4) Amtrac Section (UBX46)...

Marine Rifle Platoon (US772)

The Marine rifle platoon bore the brunt of some of the hardest fighting and toughest living conditions of the entire war. The Marine esprit de corps was built on exhausting but comprehensive training which prepared the rifleman well for the rigours of fighting in the jungles and islands of the Pacific.

This blister pack includes a full Marine Rifle Platoon with nine Rifle teams and command team, with optional BAR gunners to upgrade your the platoon to BAR teams.

Marine Rifle Platoon (US772)...

Marine Rifle Platoon (US772)
Marine Engineer Assault Section (US776) Marine Engineer Assault Section (US776)

When the Marines began attacking Japanese-held territory they found the defenders unwilling to give up without a fight to the death. Systems of interconnected bunkers and caves faced the Marines, and to help them overcome these obstacles specialised weapons could be added to each platoon as required.

There are two ways to field the contents of this blister: the Assault Section consists of Bazooka, Pioneer Rifle and Flame-thrower teams which must make Combat Attachments to Marine Rifle Platoons; or the Marine Engineer Assault Section, as a Divisional Support Platoon option, can operate as a separate platoon in its own right.

Marine Engineer Assault Section (US776)...

Chris's LVT Company Staff Pacific Armies
Chris's Marine Amphibian Tank Company

Chris Townley loves the LVT(A) 'Amtanks', and is working on a Marine Amphibian Tank Company to take to the Early War tournament at Panzerschreck in July. He shows us his painting progress, including some experimenting with colour schemes.

Chris's Marine Amphibian Tank Company...

Pacific Launch Week

To celebrate the launch of Flames Of War Pacific with the two new briefing books, Gung-Ho and Banzai, we ran a week-long blog on the website, featuring videos, a battle report, painting and modelling articles, competitions and more.

Check out the Pacific Launch Week blog...

Grey Wolf German Digital Briefings
Three new Digital Exclusive Axis Eastern Front briefings are coming to Flames Of War Digital this week for the German 20. Armee in Finland – this time giving you three list options for the Waffen-SS. Grey Wolf
  • SS-Skijägerkompanie (SS Ski Infantry Company)
  • SS-Aufklärungsschwadron (SS Reconnaissance Company)
  • SS-Schützenkompanie (SS Rifle Company)
All of these lists are located in the Late War, Grey Wolf tab.

Forces Of War Hellfire and Back
Hellfire and Back in Forces Of War

The Early-war desert briefing Hellfire and Back is now live in Forces Of War, the online Flames Of War company builder. It covers the battles in Libya and Egypt between the Italian invasion of Egypt on 13 September 1940 until the end of Operation Crusader at the end of December 1941. During that time both the Allies and Axis raced backwards and forwards across the desert, each achieving overwhelming victories only to see the other side recover to come back at them once again.


2016 Premium Property Subscription 2016 Premium Property Update

The first building in our Premium Property range – the Steelworks Factory – is still on its way to the distribution warehouses, and should arrive and start shipping out to customers next week.

In the meantime, production of the second premium property, the Ruined Building, is well under way, on track for delivery next month.

Remember, customers who chose the pay-as-you-go option will only be charged for each building, starting with the Steelworks Factory, as it ships out to them.

2016 Premium Property Subscription 2016 Premium Property Subscription

BrisCon 2016 Report BrisCon 2016 Report

The weekend of 30 April and 1 May saw two tournaments at BrisCon 2016 in beautiful Brisbane, Australia: a Mid War Flames Of War tournament and the Southern Hemisphere's first Team Yankee tournament. Garry Wait brings us a report and the results.

BrisCon 2016 Report... 

UK Grand Tournament 2016

This year's UK Grand Tournament will take place at Battlefield Hobbies in October.

It is shaping up to be a fantastic tournament, and all 74 places for the tournament have now been booked. 

UK Grand Tournament 2016...

UK Grand Tournament 2016
Manawatu Duellists Society Panzerschreck XV 2016

Panzerschreck is the world’s oldest Flames Of War tournament. Exactly how old is perhaps subject to debate, because the first Panzerschreck was held in 2000, before the first edition rulebook was published, using the playtest rules. However, this year’s event is officially number ‘XV’, not ‘XVI’, leading some of us to suspect the numbering has inadvertently missed a ‘I’ somewhere along the way. Nevertheless, it is always a fantastic event, and a chance to play against several Battlefront staff members (for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing).

Panzerschreck XV 2016...

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

Question of the Week

The Question Of The Week
The Question Of The Week offers Flames Of War players a chance to expand their knowledge and become better players. This week’s question is about assaulting abandoned positions.

The Question Of The Week...

Mentioned in Despatches
Pacific Basing Ideas Pacific Basing Ideas

Having great-looking themed bases is one of the best ways of creating a good-looking army. The terrain of the Pacific Theatre, with its unique colours and textures, provides plenty of interesting opportunities and challenges.

Pacific Basing Ideas...

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Upcoming Releases
Flames Of War Pacific – April - June

United States of America

FW306 Gung-Ho: US Marine Corps in the Pacific

USAB06 Gator's Amtracks – US Marine Tank Company

UBX45 Amphibian Tank Platoon
UBX46 LVT(4) Amtrac Section
UBX47 Marine Rocket Launcher Battery
US045 M4A2 Sherman
US509 M3A1 37mm Anti-tank gun
US548 20mm Twin Mk 4 anti-aircraft gun
US772 Marine Rifle Platoon
US773 Company Machine-gun Platoon
US774 Machine-gun Platoon
US775 Mortar Platoon
US776 Marine Engineer Assault Section

AC016 F4U Corsair

TK037 US Marines Token Set
TO025 US Marines Objective Set


FW307 Banzai: Imperial Japanese Forces in the Pacific

JBX05 Type 97 Te-Ke Platoon
JBX06 Type 2 Ka-Mi Platoon
JBX07 Type 1 Ho-Ni Platoon
JBX08 Type 4 Ho-Ro Platoon
JBX09 Type 97 Chi-Ha Platoon

JP510 Type 1 47mm gun
JP541 Type 98 20mm
JP550 Type 88 75mm Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun
JP575 Type 91 105mm
JP705 Mortar Platoon
JP707 Hohei Weapons Platoon

AC017 Mitsubishi Zero

TK032 Japanese Token Set
TO020 Japanese Objective Set

Battlefield in a Box Pacific Terrain
FW306A Pacific Beach Landing Mats
BB187 Jungle Bushes

BB196 Island Huts
BB197 Island Palms

James, Chris and George

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