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Last Updated On Thursday, 30 July 2015.

This week's update includes twelve different spotlights, articles and links for you to enjoy.

Berlin Logo

The culmination of Flames Of War’s Late-war period, the Berlin intelligence handbook focuses on the Soviet assault on the German capital city of Berlin, the battles to encircle it, and the final desperate defence by the by the rag-tag German forces.

Check out Berlin in the online store here...

3.7cm Flakzwilling 43 (GE546)

3.7cm Flakzwilling 43 (GE546)
The 3.7cm  FlaK 43 was the pinnacle of design for German light anti-aircraft gun. It's advanced gas-operated breech increased the its rate of fire to 150 rounds per minute. The twin-barrelled version, the Flakzwilling 43, despite its ungainly appearance, proved especially deadly.

3.7cm Flakzwilling 43 (GE546)...

8.8cm FlaK 41 gun (GE551)
The 8.8cm FlaK 41 guns of the Heavy Anti-aircraft Platoon are a great dual-purpose weapon for a defending German force - they cover the roles of both heavy anti-tank weapons and anti-aircraft defence, helping to defend ever inch of ground from the oncoming Soviet juggernaut.

8.8cm FlaK 41 (GE551)...

8.8cm FlaK 41 gun (GE551)
Panzer IV Turret Bunker (GE684)

Panzer IV Turret Bunker (GE684)
Around Berlin a number of Panzerturm (turret bunkers), consisting of Panzer IV turrets installed on purpose-built underground concrete shelters, were installed covering key street corners and approaches to important locations. These fortifications could be a formidable obstacle to advancing Red Army forces.

Panzer IV Turret Bunker (GE684)...

Wayne Turner's Hero Strelkovy Polk

The Red Army in Palmerston North:
Wayne Turner's Hero Strelkovy Polk

Having recently finished working on Berlin, it only made sense for Battlefront rules writer Wayne Turner to play a Soviet Hero Strelkovy Polk in the recent doubles tournament at Panzerschreck. Wayne gives us a look at his army here (we also hope to show you Wayne’s tournament partner Victor’s best-army winning force soon).

The Red Army in Palmerston North: Wayne Turner's Hero Strelkovy Polk...

Grey Wolf on Forces Of War
Last week we were pleased to be able to announce that the Soviet Eastern Front compilations Red Bear was belatedly going live on Forces Of War, the Flames Of War online company builder. This week it is joined on Forces Of War by its German counterpart, Grey Wolf.

Grey Wolf
Forces Of War

Flames Of War Digital

Over the past month we have added a lot of new content to the Flames Of War Digital iPad app, including:

  • Berlin (including the individual lists from the book)
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Burning Empires and Hellfire and Back
  • Atlantik Wall and Overlord
  • Grey Wolf and Red Bear
With a full range of Early and Late-war books in the app, you can read for days without ever leaving your gaming room!

Breakthrough Assault:
Team Yankee Scoop
Recently Battlefront's owner Pete Simunovich was in the UK, and had the pleasure of meeting up with the lads from Breakthrough Assault. He took the opportunity to share with them some exclusive information about the upcoming Cold War release, which they have teased over on their site. It's still to early to say very much about Team Yankee, but don't worry, there is a lot more news to come!

Breakthrough Assault: Team Yankee Scoop... 

Team Yankee

Gen Con

Battlefront at Gen Con
Like most of the gaming industry, Battlefront (the lucky ones, anyway) will be in Indianapolis at Gen Con this weekend.

If you are at Gen Con this weekend, make sure you stop by the Battlefront and Gale Force Nine booth (Both 729) in the Exhibit Hall. Not only can you see the latest Gale Force Nine board games, but perhaps one of the staff might be persuaded to let something slip about Team Yankee...

Flames Of War Gen Con Events
Thanks to Chris Fetts and the rest of the Able Kompanie guys, there will be a whole weekend of Flames Of War events happening at Gen Con. They have three tournaments scheduled, as well as six sessions of their Stalingrad Event Game.

You can find out more about these events and see the latest updates on Facebook:

Able Kompanie

Flames Of War Facebook Group

Able Kompanie Facebook Group

European Team Championship

European Team Championship 2015
The mighty ETC (European Team Championship) will be happening next week, with the singles event on August 5th-6th, and the teams event on the 7-9th. The ETC pits national teams of six against representatives of other countries, making it the true World Cup of Flames Of War.

The French team have shared this compilation of all the national teams' rosters... 

WWPD News From the Front:
Episode 93 Live from Historicon
The WWPD guys are also at Gen Con this week, no doubt having an absolute blast. But the latest episode of their podcast, which narrowly missed last week's update, was the live show from Historicon - it has become something of a cherished tradition to hear Steve, Luke and Dirty Jon feverishly recount their Historicon hijinks in front of a live audience.

WWPD News From the Front: Episode 93 Live from Historicon... 

WWPD News From the Front

FlamesCon Europe 2015
Remember, it is never too soon to start planning for FlamesCon Europe, the Late-war tournament at the end of October.

FlamesCon Europe 2015... 

FlamesCon Europe
FlamesCon New Zealand

FlamesCon New Zealand 2015
And speaking of FlamesCon, this year's New Zealand event is being co-hosted by the North Shore Wargames Club and TCOW on Labour Weekend, 24th-25th October.

You can find out more on the forum thread here...

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

Question of the Week The Question Of The Week
The Question Of The Week offers Flames Of War players a chance to expand their knowledge and become better players. This week’s question involves bunkers under artillery bombardments.

The Question Of The Week...

Mentioned in Despatches
Battlefront Needs You, If You Can Paint! Battlefront Needs You If You Can Paint!

Every month we need a new army painted for future books, product spotlights, boxes and anything else that comes to mind. We are looking for someone who can paint all day, follow painting guides and focus on the job at hand, then happily come back for more the next day.

To join the team you will need to:

• Be able to adapt to Battlefront's house style of painting.
• Be capable of maintaining a high standard of work under tight deadlines.
• Follow instructions and painting guides.
• Have an eye for detail.
• Work neatly and focus on the task at hand.
The job will be based in the design studio in Parnell, Auckland and does not require an extensive existing knowledge of WWII uniforms or vehicles, as on-the-job training will be given. We need someone who knows how to apply paint to miniatures, not debate the correct shade of Dunkelgelb.

If you think you have what it takes, contact editor@battlefront.co.nz

NOVA Open Charity Army Raffle

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation are holding an online raffle to benefit Doctors Without Borders. It's a chance to contribute to a truly worthy cause and go in the draw to win a great-looking Early-War Polish army painted by Steve McCuen from CGR Painters.

NOVA Open Charity Army Raffle... 

NOVA Open Charitable Foundation
Berlin Logo
Forces Of War
Flames Of War Digital
Berlin is also now available in Forces Of War, the Flames Of War online company builder, and the Flames Of War Digital iPad app.

2015 European Grand Tournament

We are pleased to announce the 2015 EGT, which will be 1900 points Late War, held at the Sanctuary Gaming Centre, Sutton-in-Ashfield, only about 15 miles from Nottingham - a lovely place to game and where many Flames Of War events are run every year.

2015 European Grand Tournament...

2015 European Grand Tournament
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SU590 203 mm howitzer M1931
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SU886 Red Bannner Warriors
SU960 Bedspring Armour (Plastic)

GBX88 Waffenträger Tank-hunter Platoon
GE117 Kleinpanzer Wanze (x3)
GE546 3.7cm Flakzwilling 43 gun (x3)
GE551 8.8cm Flak 41 gun
GE684 Panzer IV Turret Bunker
GE824 Volkssturm HMG Platoon
GE825 Volkssturm Mortar Platoon
GE826 Volkssturm Infantry Gun Platoon
GE827 Hitlerjugend Platoon

CWP001 Colours Of War

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CWP100 Quartermasters Paint Set
CWP110 German Armour Paint Set
CWP111 German Infantry Paint Set
CWP120 US Paint Set
CWP130 British Paint Set
CWP140 Soviet Paint Set

War Paint Spray Cans 
CWP210 Panther Yellow Spray
CWP211 Grenadier Green Spray
CWP220 Sherman Drab Spray
CWP230 Firefly Green Spray
CWP240 Tankovy Green Spray

CWP101 Paint Brush Set

Individual paints coming soon 

Andrew, James, Chris and Wayne

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