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This week's update includes 10 different articles and links for you to enjoy.

Flames Of War Digital Forces Of War Devil's Charge

New Digital Lists
Devil's Charge and Nuts are go live this week in the Flames Of War Digital iPad app and Forces Of War, the Flames Of War online company builder. 

There are also two new British Digital Exclusive lists from 
Nachtjäger (Digital):

  • Comando
  • SAS Squadron

Wargames Illustrated is under new(ish) management
As of 1 April 2015, Wargames Illustrated Limited is now under the sole ownership of Dan Faulconbridge. Dan has been editing Wargames Illustrated for 10 years, and has now taken over ownership from Peter Simunovich and former Managing Editor John Paul Brisigotti. We know the magazine will be in very safe hands. 
Wargames Illustrated

The magazine’s close relationship with Battlefront will continue. The two companies will still share premises in Nottingham, Wargames Illustrated will still feature top quality Flames Of War articles on a regular basis, and Battlefront will still distribute the magazine. Dan and his team will continue to ‘illustrate wargames’ to the highest possible standards.

You can read the announcement from Wargames Illustrated here…

Like you, we look forward to seeing what great things the future holds for this iconic wargaming magazine.

Plastic Army Deals - Product Preview
We have new all-plastic army deals coming soon to stores. These are designed to make it as easy as possible for new players to get started.

Plastic Army Deals

Product Preview - Rämsch's Charge (GEAB12)...

Product Preview - Vasily's Hammer (SUAB06)...

Product Preview - Grimball's Beasts (USAB05)... 

All Plastic
Paint It Black

Paint It Black Twitter contest
Have you tweeted your favourite Vietnam song or movie @Flames_Of_War, using the #BrownWaterNavy hashtag yet? If not, you have one more week to be in to win a copy of Brown Water Navy.

You can see the current entries here: #BrownWaterNavy

Plastic Fantastic - Modelling Gallery highlights
Maybe we say this too often, but we're proud of our growing range of plastic models. This week we take a close look at the work of two talented painters who have been kind enough to show off their skills in our forum.

Plastic Fantastic...

(Remember, you can always see other people's pictures of their models, and share your own, in our Gallery subforum here...)

Hokkabaz's Soviets
Beyond the Foxholes

Breakthrough Assault: Beyond the Foxholes Episode 27
Adam, Ben and 'Winner' Dave discuss, among other things, their impressions of the Flames Of War Digital app and Forces Of War.

And Dave talks about the interesting concept of 'profiling' in painting.

Breakthrough Assault: Beyond the Foxholes Episode 26...

Breakthrough Assault:
Building On Your Open Fire British Armour
Matt 'Papa Bear' Pullen continues his FOW Survival Guide series of blog posts. This time he talks with tournament veteran Steve Charlton about how to expand your British armour from Open Fire into a complete competitive army.

Breakthrough Assault: Building On Your Open Fire British Armour...
Breakthrough Assault

WWPD: The Great Train Robbery
Eric 'Tarzan' Lauterbach's Soviet partisans take on Bob Rossi's German grenadier company with a full armoured train. From the writing, one gets the sense that Eric is still smarting from the asymetrical match-up, but the photos tell the story of a wonderfully thematic match-up.

WWPD: The Great Train Robbery...

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

Battlefront at Salute 2015
Salute is coming up this weekend, on Saturday 25 April at ExCel London

Battlefront will be there, showing off the new Open Fire! starter set, with its accompanying range of tank boxes, as well as the Colours Of War painting guide and paint range, and Brown Water Navy.

Gale Force Nine will have the new Dungeons & Dragons spell cards, and of course the Collector’s Series miniatures, including the mighty Red Dragon.

For more information, go to www.salute.co.uk...

Open Fire!
Red Dragon Brown Water Navy

Panzerschreck XIV

This is the 14th year of the world's oldest Flames Of War tournament, Panzerschreck, in Palmerston North

Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th July, 2015

2000-point Late-War Doubles Tournament

Click here for a PDF with more information and a registration form...

Raising the Red Banner
Panzerschreck is a chance for NZ players to recieve the 2015 tournament objective.

Question of the Week The Question Of The Week
The Question Of The Week offers Flames Of War players a chance to expand their knowledge and become better players. This week’s question involves assaulting who you shot at.

The Question Of The Week...

Mentioned in Despatches
2015 European Tournament Season

We have an updated schedule for our UK and European qualifier events for this year's European Grand Tournament Final, as well as some news about FlamesCon UK.

2015 European Tournament Season...
 2015 Tournament Series
Points Totals For The 2014 - 2015 Tournament Season

Points Totals For The 2014 - 2015 Tournament Season
The official points totals for the 2014 - 2015 North American tournament season have now been decided and are as follows:

Period Points
1390 points
1710 points
1900 points
Recent Articles

Brown Water Navy Product Preview... 

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Breakthrough Assault: Your First Army!... 

WWPD: News From the Front Episode 90... 

Behind Enemy Lines Episode 4... 

Adepticon 2015 Report...

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Video Battle Report...  

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When All Hope Is Lost - Part 2...


Behind Enemy Lines Episode 3... 

Battle Badgers: New Heights at Adepticon... 

Breakthrough Assault: Beyond the Foxholes Episode 26... 

News From the Front Episode 89 live from Cold Wars...  

Open Fire! Reveal... 

When All Hope Is Lost - Part 1...

February's Releases

Flames Of War
FW231 Nachtjäger   
BBX29 M5 Halftrack Transport Platoon (x4) (Plastic)
GBX85 Sd Kfz 251/1 Transport Platoon (x4) (Plastic)
GBX82 Sd Kfz 251/20 (Uhu) Platoon (x2)
RO005 R-1 Cavalry Light Tank...
RO301 Tatra vz.30 Armoured Car...

Wargames Illustrated
WI329 Wargames Illustrated 329


Mid March Releases

Flames Of War
BBX28 British Rifle Company (Plastic)
GBX84 Panther/Jagpanther (Plastic)
GE848 Panzersturm Platoon (with Vampir IR equipment)
GSO206 Sd Kfz 251 IR Equipment (x4 sets)
GSO143 Nachtjägers (Vampir Equipment)
TK905 Muzzle Flash Token Set



Late March Releases

Flames Of War
CWP001 Colours Of War
BBX30 Comet (Plastic)
BR211 Universal Carriers
BR320 Humber Scout Car
BR414 SAS Jeeps
GSO132 SS-Tank-Hunter Squad
GSO144 Grenadier Tank-Hunter Squad

Wargames Illustrated
WI330 Wargames Illustrated 330


Andrew, James, Chris and Wayne

For product enquiries:

For more information on Customer Service:
Customer Service...

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