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Last Updated On Friday, 21 November 2014.

This week's update includes twelve different articles and links for you to enjoy.

We are very pleased to have reached the final hurdle in the completion of our new digital Flames of War app and the Forces of War army organiser meaning that both will go live very soon. We have added two new articles this week showing in more detail how they will look and feel. Both the app and Forces of War will have some free content for you to try before you buy so you can get a feel for how digital books and the force organiser work.  These have been a long time coming but now they are ready to share we know you will enjoy them as they represent a step ahead for how Flames of Wars books and companies will be used in the future.

~ John Paul

Flames Of War Digital App

Flames Of War Digital App
Flames Of War Digital provides you with access to the growing range of Flames Of War products quickly and easily. From this app you will be able to download exclusive free-of-charge digital content, purchase new Intelligence Handbooks and individual Briefings for the first time. Keep up to date with Lessons From The Front, product erratas and Know Your Enemy.

Flames Of War Digital: What Can I Expect?..
Flames Of War Digital App..

Forces Of War:
The Easiest Way To Build Your Flames Of War Army!
Forces Of War provides you with the ability to build and store army lists on the fly. Using this website you will able to access the every Flames Of War lists without the need of any books.

This week we take a closer look at just how Forces Of War will work and show you what it is going to look like.

Forces Of War: How It Works...
Forces Of War...

Forces Of War
Panzer IV E (GE041)

Panzer IV E (GE041)
The Panzer IV Ausf E represented the next evolution in the Panzer IV series with additional armour added to provide further protection, as well as a host of improvements to the overall design.

Panzer IV E (GE041)...

Panzer III G/H (GE031)
The Panzer III Ausf G/H followed the same development trend of other Panzers with the steady increase in armour levels. Lessions learnt during the invasion of Poland and France accelerated the introduction of the 5cm cannon, giving the tank a significant increase in hitting power.

Panzer III G/H (GE031)...
Panzer III G/H (GE031)
Panzer III J (GE033)

Panzer III J (GE033)
Intended for use against other tanks the Panzer III Ausf J benefited from the continuous improvement process that the German army adopted. The increased armour protection over its predecessors allowed it to defeat the armament of the lighter Soviet tanks.

Panzer III J (GE033)...


Model Dads Review the StuG G
The lads over at Model Dads take a look at the new plastic StuG G Assault Gun.

Visit the Model Dads Blog here...
StuG G (plastic) (GBX83) Spotlight...

Best Job I Ever Had
WWPD Talk About Fury (spoilers!)
If you have not had a chance to see Flames Of War: The Movie (erm.. I mean Fury) yet you probably shouldn't check out this link. But if you have see what the boys at WWPD have to say and you can even find their version of 'Fury' as a Warrior.

WWPD Talk About Fury...

WWPD Go To Fall-In 2014
The guys are back at you LIVE from Fall-In 2014!  The Con experience is covered in detail with news of the Flames of War Doubles Tournament, general gaming and all our usual shenanigans.  The guys cover new announced point levels and more!

News From The Front: Episode 84...

Close Quarters

Breakthrough Assault:
Late War - Welsh Guards vs 512 Schwerepanzerjager
Breakthrough Assault put some figures on the table and go head to head. Cromwells and Jagdtigers, it is going to be close!

Breakthrough Assault AAR...

Diesel N' Dust Podcast
In this episode Ben, David, Scotty and Ry talk what’s on their painting table, share highlights of the MOAB event and generally struggle to stay on topic.

And in Act 2, Ben talks about the best parts he found in his look at the new Barbarossa book, Australian masters is announced and we preview upcoming events.

Diesel N' Dust Podcast Episode 9...

Diesel N' Dust
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

2015 European Tournament Season
We’ve been listening to the feedback and working behind the scenes to vastly improve our UK and European tournaments over the next year.

2015 European Tournament Season...

Flames Of War
Game Empire

Battle Of The Bulge Campaign
at Game Empire Pasadena

The team over at Game Empire are getting ready to start a big Battle Of The Bulge Campaign, starting with a mega battle this week. If you are in the area get ready because the Germans are making their big push.

Battle Of The Bulge Campaign at Game Empire Pasadena...

Mentioned in Despatches
The Second Golden Panzer Has Been Found!
The Second Golden Panzer Has Been Found!
Congratulations to the second winner in our Golden Panzer competition. The lucky winner recently claimed the North American Golden Panzer meaning that only one more Golden Panzer remains somewhere in Europe.

Learn more about the Golden Panzer Competition here...

Points Totals For The 2014 - 2015 Tournament Season
The official points totals for the 2014 - 2015 North American tournament season have now been decided and are as follows:

Period Points
1390 points
1710 points
1900 points
Points Totals For The 2014 - 2015 Tournament Season
Recent Articles

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Flames Of War Stockist in Greece...

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Soviet Tankovy vs. German Czech Panzerkompanie...

Artillery of the Red Army: Part One...

Artillery of the Red Army: Part Two...

Artillery of the Red Army: Part Three...

Assembling The Sherman Armoured Platoon...

Dutch Flames Of War Nationals 2014...

The Lazy Painter's Guide To German Camouflage...

The Soviet Barbarossa Surprise!...

Plastic M4A3 (late) Sherman Platoon...

Shattered Battlefield and Large Craters and Ruined House...

October's Releases

BBX27 Sherman Armoured Platoon (Plastic)

Barbarossa Releases
FW305 Barbarossa (88 pages)
SU080 KV-1 obr 1939 / 1940
SU081 KV-2 (Updated Sculpt)
SU082 KV-1e (
Updated Sculpt)
SU105 ZiS-30 (x2)
GE862 Infanterie Platoon (Greatcoat)
GE864 HMG Platoon (Greatcoat)
GE865 Mortar Platoon (Greatcoat)
GSO171 Anti-tank Crews (Greatcoat)
GSO172 Artillery Crews (Greatcoat)
GSO173 Light Mortar Team (Greatcoat)
GSO174 Anti-tank Rifle Team (Greatcoat)

Wargames Illustrated
WI325 Wargames Illustrated Issue 325

November's Releases

GBX83 StuG G Platoon (Plastic)

GE042 Panzer IV F1 / F2 (Updated Sculpt)
GE014 Flammpanzer II (x2)
GE023 Panzer 38(t) E / F (Uparmoured) (x2)
GE031 Panzer III G/H (Updated Sculpt)
GE033 Panzer III J (Updated Sculpt)
GE041 Panzer IV E (Updated Sculpt)
GE597 10.5cm NbW40
GSO526 7.62cm FK39(r) / 76mm obr 1939

Wargames Illustrated
WI326 Wargames Illustrated Issue 326

Blake, Wayne, and Chris

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Customer Service...

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