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Pacific Product Spotlights
Hohei Weapons Platoon (JP707) Hohei Weapons Platoon (JP707)

Weapons support available to infantry companies included tripod-mounted Type 92 7.7mm heavy machine-guns, as well as the 20mm Type 97 anti-tank rifle.

Hohei Weapons Platoon (JP707)...

Type 1 47mm gun (JP510)

The Type 1 47mm was a relatively modern design compared to earlier Japanese gun designs. It was designed to be operated from a kneeling or prone position, with a low profile and a gun shield to protect the crew. With AP shells it could penetrate the front armor of the M4 Sherman at 800 yards, though standard doctrine was to wait until tanks got closer if possible to ensure good shot placement.

Type 1 47mm gun (JP510)...

Type 1 47mm gun (JP510)
Type 98 20mm Anti-aircraft gun (JP541) Type 98 20mm Anti-aircraft gun (JP541)

The Type 92 20mm Anti-aircraft gun, also referred to as a ‘machine cannon,’ was Japan’s most numerous light anti-aircraft weapon of World War II, with a total production run of roughly 2500. The 20mm gun was essentially a scaled-up version of the French 13.2mm Hotchkiss machine-gun, sharing much of its mechanism with the smaller design.

Type 98 20mm Anti-aircraft gun (JP541)...

Type 91 105mm (JP575)

The Type 91 105mm howitzer employed by Japanese Field Artillery Regiments was a howitzer of fairly orthodox design, being largle based on earlier French guns. It could fire a 15kg high-explosive shell over 10,000 metres (10km), and could also fire armour-piercing, chemical or shrapnel shells.

Type 91 105mm (JP575)...

Type 91 105mm (JP575)

To Die for the Emperor – Sensha Rentai Tactics To Die for the Emperor
Sensha Rentai Tactics

If anything, Japanese tankers were more aggressive on the attack than their counterparts in the infantry. In this article, Sean Ireland suggests some sample Sensha Rentai (tank regiment) lists for both the Pacific War and Late War periods.

To Die for the Emperor – Sensha Rentai Tactics...

The Road to Panzerschreck
The Marines Hit Early War

Next month is the annual Battlefront studio road trip to Palmerston North for the world’s oldest Flames Of War tournament. Chris Townley shares some work-in-progress pictures of his LVT army for Panzerschreck.

The Road to Panzerschreck – The Marines Hit Early War...

The Road to Panzershreck – The Marines Hit Early War

Germans in TANKS

German doctrine requires tanks to be used as a concentrated strike force at the decisive point. Massed tanks attacking across good ground are almost impossible to stop. A tank commander must be decisive. Choose your objective, then overwhelm it with everything you have. This week Andrew talks about how the Germans work in TANKS and shares with us one of his TANKS army lists.

Germans in TANKS...

Germans in TANKS

Leopard logo Leopard Previews
WWPD: Leopard Review WWPD: Leopard Review

Mitch Reed and Luke Melia's excitement about Team Yankee so far has been tempered by its lack of diversity compared to WWII, with only two nations represented. That is about to change in a big way, with the introduction of West Germany.

WWPD: Leopard Review...

One small correction: the guys were reviewing a digital copy, so they didn't know that Leopard is actually a hard-cover book.

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Review

Following Ben's previews of of Leopard Unit Cards, this week Mark Goddard takes an in-depth look at the book itself.

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Review...

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Review
Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Lists Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Lists

And following on from his review of the book, Mark talks about some sample lists, showing the variety you can take at the 100-point level.

Breakthrough Assault: Leopard Lists...

The Studio Needs You

The Battlefront Design Studio in Auckland is looking for an enthusiastic gamer to join the team and assist with a variety of tasks.

Battlefront logo

We are not looking for an expert in any one particular area (but if you are that’s okay too) but rather someone that is keen to learn some new skills and support the various parts of the Studio team with:

Website updates

  • Adding content to the Flames Of War, Team Yankee and other Battlefront Group websites
  • Taking and editing product spotlight photos using Adobe Photoshop
Video content
  • Filming content for the Battlefront and Gale Force Nine YouTube channels
  • Editing content using Adobe Premier Pro
Preparing and painting models for book or spotlight photography
If this sounds like interesting job, then contact the Editor with a brief explanation of why you think this might be for you. 

GF9 at the Origins Game Fair 2016 GF9 at the Origins Game Fair 2016

Last weekend Gale Force Nine were busy at the Origins Game Fair, demonstrating the wide range of board games, TANKS, and the new Dungeons & Dragons game, Tyrants Of The Underdark.

GF9 at the Origins Game Fair 2016...

Whirlwind 2016

This Sunday, June 26 Perkins Hobby House in Petawawa, Ontario will be hosting a three-round, 1500-point Early-War tournament.

All lists from Blitzkrieg, Hellfire and Back, Burning Empires, Rising Sun and Barbarossa can be used.

Sign up is at 9am, first game is at 10. Registration is $15.

Whirlwind 2016 at Perkins Hobby House
Deeside Defenders Gauntlet Wargame Show

Next weekend, the Deeside Defenders club in North Wales are hosting two events at the Gauntlet Wargame Show:

A 1750-point Mid War tournament on Saturday 2nd, and a 100-point Team Yankee tournament on Sunday 3rd.

Check out the Gauntlet Wargame Show Facebook event for more information... 

Wargames Illustrated Team Yankee Day

On Saturday 17th September 2016 Wargames Illustrated are offering 24 players (12 Soviet and 12 NATO) the opportunity to visit their HQ in Nottingham, UK and take part in a Team Yankee Campaign Day.

Rather than tournaments, WI’s Campaign Days are designed to be fun and relaxed occasions where the social aspect of the hobby is paramount. If you want to hold back the Soviet hordes or need to crush all Capitalist opposition in Europe, sign up today.

Wargames Illustrated Team Yankee Day...

Wargames Illustrated Team Yankee Day
Manawatu Duellists Society Panzerschreck XV 2016

Panzerschreck is the world’s oldest Flames Of War tournament. Exactly how old is perhaps subject to debate, because the first Panzerschreck was held in 2000, before the first edition rulebook was published, using the playtest rules. However, this year’s event is officially number ‘XV’, not ‘XVI’, leading some of us to suspect the numbering has inadvertently missed a ‘I’ somewhere along the way. Nevertheless, it is always a fantastic event, and a chance to play against several Battlefront staff members (for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing).

Panzerschreck XV 2016...

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

Question of the Week

The Question Of The Week
The Question Of The Week offers Flames Of War players a chance to expand their knowledge and become better players. This week’s question involves flame-thrower hits against vehicles.

The Question Of The Week...

Mentioned in Despatches
By Sword and Flames
Hohei Chutai Tactics

Japanese infantry armies in Flames Of War present a unique challenge. Miguel Tapia-Ruano discusses tactics and list-building suggestions for the Japanese Hohei Chutai (Infantry Company) from Banzai.

By Sword and Flames: Hohei Chutai Tactics...

By Sword and Flames – Hohei Chutai Tactics

Recent Articles

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Upcoming Releases
Flames Of War Pacific – April - June

United States of America

FW306 Gung-Ho: US Marine Corps in the Pacific

USAB06 Gator's Amtracks – US Marine Tank Company

UBX45 Amphibian Tank Platoon
UBX46 LVT(4) Amtrac Section
UBX47 Marine Rocket Launcher Battery
US045 M4A2 Sherman
US509 M3A1 37mm Anti-tank Gun
US548 20mm Twin Mk 4 anti-aircraft gun
US772 Marine Rifle Platoon
US773 Company Machine-gun Platoon
US774 Machine-gun Platoon
US775 Mortar Platoon
US776 Marine Engineer Assault Section
USO140 Marine Artillery Group

AC016 F4U Corsair

TK037 US Marines Token Set
TO025 US Marines Objective Set


FW307 Banzai: Imperial Japanese Forces in the Pacific

JBX05 Type 97 Te-Ke Platoon
JBX06 Type 2 Ka-Mi Platoon
JBX07 Type 1 Ho-Ni Platoon
JBX08 Type 4 Ho-Ro Platoon
JBX09 Type 97 Chi-Ha Platoon

JP510 Type 1 47mm gun
JP541 Type 98 20mm
JP550 Type 88 75mm Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun
JP575 Type 91 105mm
JP705 Mortar Platoon
JP707 Hohei Weapons Platoon

AC017 Mitsubishi Zero

TK032 Japanese Token Set
TO020 Japanese Objective Set

Battlefield in a Box Pacific Terrain
FW306A Pacific Beach Landing Mats
BB187 Jungle Bushes

BB196 Island Huts
BB197 Island Palms

James, Chris and George

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