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This week's update includes sixteen product spotlights, painting guides, modelling tutorials, event reports, videos, briefings, competitions & links for you to enjoy.

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Great War
Full rule set and army lists available free with Wargames Illustrated issue 322.
Breaking News!
Battlefront New Zealand’s annual wargaming event is happening over the weekend of 18 - 19 October 2014, at the Mount Eden War Memorial Hall (same venue as previous years). This year we will have Late-war, Mid-war and Early-war Tournaments (each at 1500 points) as well our first Dust Battlefield Tournament (100 points). There will be other events and more details to follow next week as we get the FlamesCon website updated with all the information.

FlamesCon Sale! Since everyone loved last years “Buy 2, get 1 FREE Sale” so much we are doing the same thing again. Orders for this will need to be well in advance so our team in the factory can have it made and shipped to NZ in time – stay tuned for more details.
Weekly “Spot the A7V” Twitter Game
Weekly “Spot the A7V” Twitter Game
To mark the entry of Flames Of War into another new period, we are going to use Twitter to give away some Great War tank boxes. It will essentially be like a big game of Battleship.

Each week we will post a battlefield map, marked with grid co-ordinates, on the Great War landing page (http://www.flamesofwar.com/greatwar) You can’t see it, but hidden in one of the squares is a sneaky A7V.

This week's winner is @ChrisdeMercado! We'll be in contact with you soon regarding how to claim your prize.
Great War Facebook Painting Competition
A quick reminder that we're running a Facebook painting competition, where you can show off your freshly painted platoons, or just check our other people’s efforts and ‘Like’ your favourites.

Great War Facebook Painting Competition...
Great War Facebook Painting Competition
Great War In Colour Great War In Colour:
Painting British & German Forces For Great War
We provide a colour guide for painting British and German forces for Great War.

Great War In Colour: Painting British & German Forces For Great War...
Those Haughty Germans:
Fielding German Forces From Great War
Andrew offers some thoughts on fielding German forces from Great War.

Those Haughty Germans...

Those Haughty Germans
From The Mouths Of Barbs From The Mouths Of Barbs:
Realistic Barbed Wire Only Smaller
Blake demonstrates how to model a more realistic version of barbed wire.

From The Mouths Of Barbs...
Stoss Platoon (GGE706)
Stosstactik places importance on combined arms warfare. Lead units are heavily equipped with sub-machine guns and grenades to clear trenches.

Stoss Platoon (GGE706)...
Stoss Platoon (GGE706)
Regimental Support Platoons (GGE705) Regimental Support Platoons (GGE705)
With British tanks on the prowl, the German army has developed several weapons to deal with them.

Regimental Support Platoons (GGE705)...
7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560)
The 7.62cm Krupp infantry gun has outstanding accuracy and is lightweight, making it a favourite among the crews that use it.

7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560)...

7.62cm Krupp IG (GGE560)
7.7cm FK96 n.A. Gun (GGE570) 7.7cm FK96 n.A. Gun (GGE570)
The armies of this Great War rely heavily on artillery to help prepare the enemy for an assault or to break up enemy attacks. The 7.7cm FK96 n.A. is a versatile field gun used all across the front. Its light weight makes it a very mobile gun compared to its competitors.

7.7cm FK96 n.A. Gun (GGE570)...
OQF 18 pdr (GBR571)
The Ordnance Quick Firing 18 pounder (84mm) gun is our standard field piece and the backbone of the Royal Artillery.

OQF 18 pdr (GBR571)...

OQF 18 pdr (GBR571)
Trench Mortar Platoon (GBR705) Trench Mortar Platoon (GBR705)
Trench warfare has highlighted the need for the forward infantry to have heavy fire support with them to knock out enemy defences. The new Stokes mortar has been designed to do the job, and is just the ticket. It has good range, rate of fire, and firepower, thanks to its three-inch shell.

Trench Mortar Platoon (GBR705)...
Breakthrough Assault:
Mark IVs and Whippet
Dave from Breakthrough Assault shows off his freshly painted Mark IV and Whippet tanks.

Mark IVs and Whippet...
Breakthrough Assault
Beasts Of War: What's In The Box
Panzer IV H Platoon
John and Justin take a look at the contents of the plastic Panzer IV H box set.
Flames Of War At Gen Con 2014
The team from Able Kompanie report on all the Flames Of War action from Gen Con 2014.

Flames Of War At Gen Con 2014...

Flames Of War At Gen Con 2014
Bell Of Lost Souls Bell Of Lost Souls:
The Transition to Flames Of War
Learning to play Flames Of War can seem daunting - but here are the basics to get you going!

The Transition to Flames Of War: Part One - Gameplay...
The Transition to Flames Of War: Part Two - Historical Gaming...
The Transition to Flames Of War: Part Three - Painting 15mm Models...
Indian Recce Squadron
Though the Indian Army usually followed British practices, they would often have their own variation on it. The Indian Reconnaissance Regiments had arrived in North Africa as recently reorganised motorised cavalry units, having only been converted from horse-mounted cavalry.

Indian Recce Squadron...
Indian Recce Squadron
The Question Of The Week
The Question Of The Week
The Question Of The Week offers Flames Of War players a chance to expand their knowledge and become better players. This week's question is in regards to amphibious vehicles.

The Question Of The Week...
European Late-War Grand Tournament
This is fourth year that we will be running the Late-war European Grand Tournament and we look forward to hosting yet another successful event.

European 2014 Late-War Grand Tournament...
European 2014 
			Late-War Grand Tournament
Revising Naval Gunfire Support
Revising Naval Gunfire Support
Naval Gunfire Support (NGFS) in Flames Of War has been receiving a lot of attention lately, with a lot of people finding it rather too effective. We have been following the discussions about this with interest and evaluating possible changes to bring balance back to the force.

Revising Naval Gunfire Support...
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events, check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?

Mentioned in Despatches
Lessons From the Front
Lessons From the Front:
Questions & Answers on Flames Of War
Two months have passed since the last issue of Lessons From the Front, Phil’s answers to frequently asked questions about Flames Of War, and he’s come up with a new edition. If you have read the previous version, you’ll find lines in the margins beside the bits that are new or changed.

Lessons From the Front...
The 2014 Tournament Objective:
Local Defence Volunteers with Grocer's Van
For the last few years we have given away tournament objectives aimed at the American audience – well, based on imagery from American films, albeit with. This year we decided to even things up by making something with more of a British focus.

The 2014 Tournament Objective: Local Defence Volunteers with Grocer's Van...
The 2014 Tournament Objective: Local Defence Volunteers with Grocer's Van
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July Releases

Flames Of War
Middle of July
GBX80 Carius

US108 M36B1 Jackson
US060 M4 Sherman Crocodile
US061 T1E3 Aunt Jemima Mine Rollers
GE823 Volkssturm Platoon

End of July
FW230A Remagen Bridge Mat
SU161 Quad Maksim AA MG
US053 M4A3 (105mm) HVSS
AC015 Arado 234 B
US056 M4A3E2 Jumbo (with 75mm & 76mm gun option)
UBX42 Rifle Company (Plastic)

Wargames Illustrated
WI322 Wargames Illustrated Issue 322

August's Releases

Great War
Early August Releases
GGEAB1 Biltz's Battlegroup
GBRAB1 Mitchell's Marauders

Great War
Late August Releases
GGBX01 A7V Tank (x2)
GGE701 Infanteriekompanie HQ
GGE702 Infanterie Platoon

GGE704 Infanterie Machine-gun Platoon
GBR080 Mark A Whippet Tank
GBBX01 Mark IV
GBR702 HQ & Rifle Platoon
GBR704 Machine-gun Platoon
BB182 Trenchline System

Wargames Illustrated
WI323 Wargames Illustrated Issue 323

Blake, Wayne, and Chris

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