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Barbarossa: Germany's Invasion of the Soviet Union, June - December 1941
The Soviet Barbarossa Surprise!
The Introduction Of The T-34 and KV
In 1941, the Germans and their various allies invaded the Soviet Union and generally had the upper hand in the early months of the fighting. However, on occasion they would run into some tanks that were surprisingly resistant to their tank weapons. What could stop the seemingly unstoppable German Wehrmacht war machine? The answer was two new designs, the T-34 medium tank and the KV heavy tank.

The Soviet Barbarossa Surprise!...
The Soviet Barbarossa Surprise!
KV-1 obr 1939 / 1940 (SU080) KV-1 obr 1939 / 1940 (SU080)
The KV tank was a new type of heavy tank, a rejection of the multi-turreted designs like the T-35 and T-28 that had dominated the 1930s. During combat tests against the Finns during the Winter War, the new design proved itself superior to multi-turreted SMK and T-100 designs.

KV-1 obr 1939 / 1940 (SU080)...
KV-2 (SU081)
Experiences fighting in Finland, especially against fortified positions left Soviet high command with the realisation that the Red Army desperately needed a tank capable of dealing with reinforced bunkers. Three design programmes were hurriedly put together with one successfully prototype completed in time to see action during the Finnish campaign.

KV-2 (SU081)...

KV-2 (SU081)
KV-1e (SU082) KV-1e (SU082)
The initial KV mounted both a 76.2mm and a 45mm gun in the turret with single machine gun in the hull. With the outbreak of the Winter War the KV was sent to the front, but only after the 45mm was replaced with a 7.62mm machine-gun, while another machine-gun was mounted in the rear of the turret to protect the tank from infantry assaults.

KV-1e (SU082)...
ZIS-30 (SU105)
The ZIS-30 was amongst a handful of designs created by the Soviets as a stopgap measure in an attempt to stem the German tide after the opening phases of Operation Barbarossa. In August 1941 the design bureau at Gorky Factory no. 92 mounted the 57mm ZIS-2 gun onto the chassis of a Komsomolets artillery tractor. It proved a successful design and was quickly pressed into service.

ZIS-30 (SU105)...

ZIS-30 (SU105)
Store Spotlight Store Spotlight:
New Flames Of War Stockist in Lincolnshire, UK

Battlefront Miniatures would like to welcome a new Flames Of War stockist in Lincolnshire, UK; The Battle Bunker. who will be joining us in 2014.

New Flames Of War Stockist in Lincolnshire, UK...
The Ardennes Battlefield Revisited: Part Two
The van Ginkel family were once more kind enough to share with us their photos from their visit to Foy  and Bastogne War Museum.

The Ardennes Battlefield Revisited: Part Two...

The Ardennes Battlefield Revisited: Part Two
Rallypoint 2014 Rallypoint 2014
The weekend of 4 – 5 October saw the 40th edition of Rallypoint held here in Hamilton. Unlike past years that have been Early-war, this year’s Flames Of War event was an Late-war Escalation tournament.

Rallypoint 2014...
Bell Of Lost Souls:
Air Support 101
The team at Bell Of Lost Souls explain the basics behind using Air Support in Flames Of War.

Air Support 101...

Bell Of Lost Souls
Breakthrought Assault Breakthrought Assault:
Call Me Mr Pink! Vietnam Pink Team Helicopter Squad
Ben from Breakthrought Assault takes some time-out from his Great War Germans to work on some Vietnam

Call Me Mr Pink! Vietnam Pink Team Helicopter Squad...
Torbjörn Blom's Projects:
Fast Tankovy Finished For Flames Of War
Torbjörn Blom show off his recently completed Fast Tankovy Batalon from Rising Sun.

Fast Tankovy Finished for Flames Of War...

Torbjörn Blom's Projects
World War I In Photos World War I In Photos
Allan Taylor commemorates the centenary of World War One with a ten-part image series.

World War I In Photos...
Revising Naval Gunfire Support
Naval Gunfire Support (NGFS) in Flames Of War has been receiving a lot of attention lately, with a lot of people finding it rather too effective. Battlefront put out a suggested change to the rules for public feedback. Having reviewed the feedback, we’ve decided to try a different approach to see how that works.

Revising Naval Gunfire Support...
Revising Naval Gunfire Support
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events, check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...
The Question Of The Week
The Question Of The Week offers Flames Of War players a chance to expand their knowledge and become better players. This weeks question is in regards to unarmoured vehicles in Assaults.

The Question Of The Week...
The Question Of The Week

Mentioned in Despatches
Forces Of War!
Changes To The Book Pricing Regime
Over the last ten years we have constantly tried to add more value to our printed products while at the same time keeping the design and quality at the highest level. Due to a growth in our buying power  (thanks to your support and an ever-growing player base) we have recently secured a new long-term printing contract that allows us to print for a much lower price. These savings will be reflected in the marketplace by a lowering in price of our entire Flames Of War paper product range.

Changes To The Book Pricing Regime...

Tanks-A-Lot For Supporting The Early-war Sale
Thanks to everyone that took part in the recent Early-war Sale over the past couple of weeks. Already we have had plenty of feedback from customers that have received full or partial orders and the team in the factory is working on getting out out-of-stock items produced as soon as possible. Looking at the sale stats it is great to see so many new Soviet and German armies being built in preparation for Barbarossa!

Right: Panzer III hulls being demoulded.

Tanks-A-Lot For Supporting The Early-war Sale
Lessons From the Front
Lessons From the Front:
Questions & Answers on Flames Of War
Two months have passed since the last issue of Lessons From the Front, Phil’s answers to frequently asked questions about Flames Of War, and he’s come up with a new edition. If you have read the previous version, you’ll find lines in the margins beside the bits that are new or changed.

Lessons From the Front...
The 2014 Tournament Objective:
Local Defence Volunteers with Grocer's Van
For the last few years we have given away tournament objectives aimed at the American audience – well, based on imagery from American films, albeit with. This year we decided to even things up by making something with more of a British focus.

The 2014 Tournament Objective: Local Defence Volunteers with Grocer's Van...
The 2014 Tournament Objective: Local Defence Volunteers with Grocer's Van
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Wargames Illustrated
WI325 Wargames Illustrated Issue 325

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