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 Canadian Nationals

Canadian Nationals 2017
What a great time, the local players are very inviting to their visiting brothers-in-arms. The venue is wonderful and the local attractions are great.  Coming to the Canadian Nationals is always one of my favorite times of year. This year the local Ottawa and Toronto crowds really stepped up and came out in force to try to recapture the title for Canada.

See all the action from the Canadian Nationals here...

“Shtuka” Hobby Festival
“Shtuka” Hobby Festival gathered a great bunch of geeks of all sorts at the Central House of Artists in Moscow on the 2nd and 3rd of September, 2017.

Among many others, “Voevoda” club participated in the event, playing two Team Yankee Total War games at 165 points and three players per side, as well as two Flames of War Total War games for Early War, 3000 points and 2 players per side.

The “Shtuka” Hobby Festival in Moscow...

Shtuka Hobby Festival 

Fighting First
Your Questions Answered

Over on the Flames Of War Facebook group we asked for your questions about the new book. Thanks you guys we got some great ones so Phil and Chris sat down to discuss them.

Congratulations to Alan Haskayne who won our random prize draw!

Firestorm Red Thunder
TY Newspaper
Intelligence sources have released information that a number of senior Soviet commanders have been recalled to Moscow. Whether this is for a conference to discuss restarting the stalled offensive in Germany, or if this signals wholesale changes in the command structure is still unclear. What is certain is that the Politburo is unhappy that the predicted short and victorious war has begun to draw out with victory further away than it was a week ago.

Recent press releases from NATO are proclaiming a turning point in the war in Europe with the Soviet offensives blunted and their own attack towards Berlin progressing well. Meanwhile steadily-lengthening lists of missing and dead, along with a lack of detail about the progress of the advance in official reports have led to speculation that things are not progressing as well as they are being presented. Rumours of the imminent destruction of the British Army of the Rhine have led to protests and strikes in major British cities.

World War III is in your hands. Will the Soviets win, or will the Western Allies hold them back? By entering you results into the Beasts Of War Firestorm Campaign you will help us to write the history of Team Yankee as well as setting the scene for our follow-up campaign later this year with the release of Stripes. With four and half weeks to go time is running out for you to make your mark on the history of Team Yankee.

Registering is simple and you can add as little or as much detail to your Battle Reports as you like. Don't forget there are some cool prizes up for grabs just by participating.

Register and enter your Battle Reports at the Firestorm Website now...

Early and Late War Flames of War Update
Flames Of War version 4 has been out for a while now, with lots of games played, and lots of feedback given to Battlefront. We’ve pondered the things players have been saying and are suggesting the following changes to the adjustments that the 1939-1941 and 1944-45 rulebook makes to version 3.

With two full weeks of testing completed and the feedback coming in fast we are almost at the point where we can lock down the changes pending a final review. This week we have some minor changes with the addition of some missing items that you guys spotted as well as adding the High Speed Jet rule

Early and Late War Flames of War Update...

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition

More Missions Pack

More Missions Update
Gamers have played many thousands of games since Team Yankee and Version 4 of Flames Of War were released, many of them played using the More Missions packs. With so many games being played, we’ve received lots of useful feedback on how the packs can be improved. After pondering the feedback and suggestions, we’ve made some changes and now we need you help in testing them.

We have an update to the More Missions Pack this week with the addition of the Contact mission as a replacement for Hasty Attack in the Battle Plans, and changed the Minefields entries to cover both Mid War and Early/Late War periods.

More Missions Update with Phil...

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition
Last Updated 10 August 2017
A new rules set always results in questions about how the finer points of the game should work so Lessons From The Front is the place to go to find answers to some of the harder questions.

These are living documents that we will update as often as possible but please bear in mind that whilst we listen to feedback in the forums (and other places) we need to take a considered approach before implementing any changes.

Lessons From The Front: V4 (3 pages; .pdf; 183KB)...
Lessons From The Front: Early and Late-war (2 pages; .pdf; 185KB)...

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition

Fighting First Live Launch

Did you miss all the fun at our Fighting First Live Launch last week? Never fear you can scroll through everything at your leisure.

Check out the full range of Fighting First releases here...

Armored Rifle Platoon (Plastic)(UBX51)

Armored Rifle Platoon (Plastic)
Armoured rifle platoons have more weaponry available to them than
any other infantry in the world, with semi-automatic rifles, .30-calibre
light machine-guns, bazookas and a 60mm mortar. With this much
firepower and mobility, the platoon is amply equipped for both offensive and defensive operations. On the attack the riflemen assault while the covering fire of the half-tracks’ machine-guns keep the enemies’ heads down. In defence, their light machine-guns and mortar allow them to dominate the terrain around them.

Armored Rifle Platoon (Plastic)(UBX51)...

Armored Rifle Company HQ
There is never enough infantry in the Armored Divisions to go around, so support from armored infantry companies is always in high demand.

Armored Rifle Company HQ (US782)...

Armored Rifle Company HQ (US782)
M3 Halftrack Platoon (Plastic) (UBX57)

M3 Halftrack Platoon (Plastic)
Even though the ‘blitz doughs’ have nicknamed it the ‘purple heart box’, the M3 Half-track is a versatile and resilient machine. However its body offers all-around protection, including an armoured shutter over the radiator and a bulletproof windscreen.

M3 Halftrack Platoon (Plastic) (UBX57)...

Rifle Company (Plastic)
Even in this modern, mechanised war, the infantry remain the backbone of the army—they don’t win battles on their own, but no war is won without them. The US ‘doughboys’ are not yet battle-hardened, but they are no slouches. Their lack of experience is partly overcome by their long and rigorous training.

Rifle Company (Plastic) (UBX58)...

Rifle Company (Plastic) (UBX58)

Breakthrough Assault

Scottish Nationals Report
Mark reports on the events at the Scottish Nationals and shares some thoughts on the changes that Battlefront has been proposing to the Early and Late War rules.

Marks's Scottish Nationals Report...

Team France and the ETC
Fred from Team France gives a full breakdown of their experience at the ETC this year.

Team France and the ETC...

Greg's Fighting First
Greg over at Behind Enemy Lines is getting ready to build a Mid War American army thanks to the release of Fighting First. He already has one for Late War so it makes sense to turn back time right...

Greg' Fighting First over at Behind Enemy Lines...

Behind Enemy Lines

 2017 Tournament Objective: Otherworldly Sarcophagus 2017 Tournament Objective
Otherworldly Sarcophagus
James provides some background and images of the brand new Tournament Objective for 2017. 

2017 Tournament Objective: Otherworldly Sarcophagus...

Red Storm Descending
Join Mark from Breakthrough Assault at the Sanctuary gaming centre in Sutton-in-Ashfield on 23/24 September for Red Storm Descending '17, a Firestorm: Red Thunder event.

Red Storm Descending at the Sanctuary Gaming Centre...

Firestorm Red Thunder

UK Flames Of War Grand Tournament 2017

3rd National Spanish Tournament
24 - 25 September 2017
This September will see the 3rd National Spanish Tournament to be held in Zaragoza. There are spaces for up to 60 players, and the event is scheduled for 1685 points Late War.

To sign up and for more information: gtszaragoza@goblintrader.es

For more information click here...

FOW Tournament, Vršac, Serbia
held 7 - 8 October 2017 at the Hemijsko medicinska škola (Chemical and Medical School), Sterijina 113, 26300 Vršac,  Serbia
Join the fun at the 2nd Flames Of War Tournament in Serbia this October. The event will be a 1600 point EW Version 4 event. With 4 games over the weekend and some fun side events planned it should be a great weekend.

To sign up and for more information...
Contact: dusankostic@yandex.ru

2nd Flames Of War Tournament, Vršac, Serbia

Mid War Nationals at Historicon 2017

New Zealand FlamesCon 2017
held 14 - 15 October 2017 at the Onehunga RSA Club, 57 Prices St, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand.
TCOW, in association with our awesome sponsors, once again present FlamesCon, New
Zealand’s Premiere Flames of War tournament! This year FlamesCon will be playing both Flames Of War Mid War or Team Yankee with 80 point armies.

For more information click here...

UK Flames Of War Grand Tournament 2017
held 28 - 30 October 2017 at Battlefield Hobbies, 17 Brunel Close, Daventry NN11 8RB, Northamptonshire, England.
The Reluctant Conscripts, in collaboration with Battlefront Miniatures, are proud to announce the 2017 edition of UK Grand Tournament for Flames Of War. The event will be a Late-war competition open to one and all and will be held at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry, the heart of England.

UK Flames Of War Grand Tournament 2017...

UK Flames Of War Grand Tournament 2017


Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events? Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

Flames Of War and Team Yankee
2017 and beyond

It has been six months since the release of Mid War and the new edition of the game that we would like to give you an update on the projects that the Studio team is working on.

Flames Of War and Team Yankee, 2017 and beyond
Part One...
Part Two...

V4 Rulebook

Fighting First Plastics Preview...

England Takes The ETC...

David's Historicon 2017 Report...

Panzerschreck 2017...

The Lost Oasis...

Changing A Tigers Stripes: Part One... 

Changing A Tiger's Stripes: Part Two...

From The Desert To The Steppe (part 3)...

Chris Joins The Afrika Korps (Part 2)...

Eye Of The Tiger: Utilising The Tiger in Mid-war in Three Easy Steps... 

Tally-Ho!: British Tank Tactics in Mid-war...

Basing Early and Late-war Forces For 4th Edition...

First photos from Historicon 2017...

4th Edition Useful Downloads...

Taming The Tiger: How to Deal with a Tiger in Mid War...

Fire Mission: Artillery in 4th Edition...

Boot Camp Battle Report: Afrika Korps vs. Desert Rats...

Battlefront Games Day in Moscow...

Early September Releases
Fighting First Book (FW243)
Patton's Fighting First - Army Deal (USAB08)
Fighting First Dice (20 dice) (US900)
Fighting First Token Set (US901)

Mid September Releases
Armored Rifle Platoon (Plastic)(UBX51)
Armored Rifle Company HQ (US782)
M3 Halftrack Platoon (Plastic) (UBX57)
Rifle Company (Plastic) (UBX58)
Rifle Platoon (3x plastic SO Code) Direct Only (UBX58-SO)

Late September Releases
M3 Lee Tank Platoon (5x Plastic) (UBX50)
M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon (4x Plastic) (UBX53)
37mm Anti-tank Gun Platoon (x2) (US788)
Mortar Platoon (6x) (US785)
Ruined Small & Medium Desert Houses (3x) (BB230)

Early October Releases
Fighting First Command Cards (30) (FW243C)
Mission Cards (15) (FW007-M)
Afrikakorps Unit Cards (23) (FW242U)
Desert Rats Unit Cards (21) (FW241U)
Fighting First Unit Cards (29) (FW243U)

Mid October Releases
M7 Priest Armored Artillery Battery (3x Plastic) (UBX54)
M4 Sherman Tank Platoon (5x Plastic) (UBX55)
T28E1 (37mm & .50cal) AAA (SP) Platoon (4x) (UBX61)
Armored Recon Patrol (2x M3 Scout Car, 2x Jeep) (UBX59)
P40 Warhawk Fighter Flight (2x) (UBX52)
Ruined Desert Walls (10x Walls) (BB229)

Late October Releases
105mm Field Artillery Battery (4x Plastic) (UBX60)
M3 Stuart Light Tank Platoon (5x Plastic) (UBX56)
T30 75mm Assault Gun Platoon (3x) (UBX63)
M4 81mm Armored Mortar Platoon (3x) (UBX62)
M1917 Machine-gun Platoon (4x Plastic) (US784)
Ruined Large Desert House (x1) (BB231)

Chris and Charlie

For product enquiries:

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Customer Service...

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