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Last Updated On Thursday, 21 May 2015.

This week's update includes 9 different articles and links for you to enjoy.

Colours Of War

Colours Of War Paint Sets

The new Colours Of War paint sets are finally available. They will be hitting stores in two phases: first the Quartermaster's Paint Set, the German Armour Paint Set and the USA Paint Set; followed closely by the British Paint Set, the Soviet Paint Set and the German Infantry Paint Set.

Colours Of War Paint Sets...

Developing the Colours Of War Paint Range
Miniature painter extraordinaire Matt Parkes gives an insight into the process behind the development of the new custom WWII paints.

Developing the Colours Of War Paint Range...

Developing the Colours Of War Paint Range
Breakthrough Assault

Breakthrough Assault: Colours Of War Review

Ed 'Fez-man' Turner won a copy of Colours Of War at the Art of War tournament, and was kind enough to write a review.

Breakthrough Assault: Colours Of War Review... 

WWPD: Colours Of War Review
And over at WWPD, Sean 'Throckmorton' Sarah has also written his thoughts about Colours Of War (spoiler alert: he likes it too!)

WWPD: Colours Of War Review...


Battlefront HQ is moving - no update next week

Our head office in Auckland, New Zealand is relocating next week. The long-term lease on our building has come to an end. Although we have known it was coming, it is a slightly emotional time for us all, as we will miss our waterfront office. We are moving just across town to Parnell.

Packing began in earnest this week, and in the process some old artifacts emerged, including some early 15mm vehicle models hand-carved by Evan from balsa wood, and some very old 3.5" floppy disks (Right) found by Wayne, containing some of the very first material written for Flames Of War!

Ancient relics
Moving day is next Thursday, and we will all be extra busy. So there will be no weekly update next week.
We will be back to our regular schedule starting from Thursday, June 4. 

WWPD: Operation Epsom

WWPD: Operation EPSOM - Codename HANGOVER

It looks like Steve and Eric had a blast playing this massive four-player scenario game hosted by Tony Jacoby in his amazing gaming room. Part 1 gives the details of the scenario, and part 2 is the battle report.

WWPD: Operation EPSOM - Codename HANGOVER Part 1...

WWPD: Operation EPSOM - Codename HANGOVER Part 2... 

Breakthrough Assault: Tanks! (Western Front) 

Matt 'Papa Bear' Pullen continues his FOW Survival Guide series of blog posts aimed at helping newer players. This time he looks at some of the iconic Late-war tanks on the Western Front, as a primer for those who haven't been living and breathing WWII tanks for as long as they can remember.

Breakthrough Assault: Tanks! (Western Front)...

FOW Survival Guide

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

Scottish Nationals Report 

Mark Nisbet (aka. Major Fawlkes) has written up a nice report on all the action at last weekend's Scottish Nationals tournament on his blog.

Scottish Nationals Report...

Scottish Nationals Report

Question of the Week The Question Of The Week
The Question Of The Week offers Flames Of War players a chance to expand their knowledge and become better players. This week’s question involves artillery fire against teams inside buildings.

The Question Of The Week...

Mentioned in Despatches
Flames Of War Digital

Over the past few months we have been listening to your feedback and taking as many of your comments and suggestions on board as possible. In the next couple of weeks (pending final approvals from Apple) we will release Flames Of War Digital v1.1.

This release is mainly to fix the stability issues that you have been telling us about, as well as making some small tweaks to how the app functions.

Before we roll out the updated version, it is important that you make sure that you have created an account inside the app so that you do not temporarily lose access to your content after the update. If you haven’t created one yet, just go to the “My Account” tab, tap New User and go from there.

Click here for more information on how to navigate around Flames Of War Digital...  

Recent Articles

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Devil's Charge Errata... 

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Beyond the Foxholes Episode 28...  

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84. Infanteriedivision at Wesel...

Breakthrough Assault: Tale of Four Gamers Month Three - Ben...  

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Building On Your 'Open Fire' German Grenadier Army...   

Plastic Fantastic...   

Breakthrough Assault: Beyond the Foxholes Episode 26...   

Breakthrough Assault: Building On Your Open Fire British Armour...

May Releases

Plastic Army Deals
GEAB12 Rämsch's Charge
SUAB06 Vasily's Hammer
USAB05 Grimball's Beasts

Special Order Codes
BR005 M22 Locust
BSO154 Parachute Recce Patrol
BSO155 Parachute Tank Riders
USO121 Parachute M20 75mm Recoilless Rifle

USO120 Parachute M18 57mm Recoilless Rifle 

Brown Water Navy
FW904 Brown Water Navy
VUSBX11 Kelley's Heroes
VPABX13 Giap's Guerrillas
VPABX12 Local Resistance
VPA531 Local Forces Anti-Air

VSO111 Tail Rotor Blades

Colours Of War Releases
(May - June)

CWP001 Colours Of War
CWP101 Quartermasters Paint Set
CWP102 Paint Brush Set
CWP111 German Armour Paint Set
CWP112 German Infantry Paint Set
CWP121 US Paint Set
CWP131 British Paint Set
CWP141 Soviet Paint Set

Andrew, James, Chris and Wayne

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For more information on Customer Service:
Customer Service...

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