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Art of War II

Art of War II

Art of War II is now completely sold out. Retailers may still have copies so check with your local gaming store if you missed out on getting this wonderful resource for all things German!

This issue includes some more interviews with both staff and hobbyists. They talk about their German armies and reveal some great tips and tricks for your own German force.  

Art of War II

There is also an in-depth article covering the ins-and-outs of identifying and painting German uniforms for the various service arms including Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, and the Luftwaffe. Bruce Oberst also shares how to actually paint the tiny insignias and ranks on your infantry uniforms!

Panzers are also included, as we look at camo schemes throughout the war. The Tank Colour Guide is a helpful resource as it has examples of models painted in various schemes as well as a short history on each. The Divisional Markings article is another helpful resource, showing all the various symbols and numbers used on Panzers and other German vehicles. 

Art of War II
Art Of War II

We have several technique articles as well, showing how to weather, whitewash, and other such helpful tips. There are also plenty of galleries to help inspire and motivate you to get to work on your Grenadiers and Panzers, and we have even included a section on aircraft markings and camouflage schemes so that your air support will match your theatre.

Equipped with this latest edition of Art Of War, you'll be well prepared to tackle your next big German Flames Of War project!

Be sure to grab the first edition of the Art Of War to learn about a lot of the basics on painting and modelling!

Art Of War Issue I Spotlight

Limited Release!

Also included: The Steel of War – Poster with pictures 31 different armoured vehicles from the German army, painted by the Battlefront Studio, featured in one massive poster, free with every copy of The Art of War! This offer is strictly whilst stocks last so get in quick! 

Steel of war Poster

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