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Jeremy's JadgHouse

Extreme Makeover: Jadgpanther Building Edition

Jeremy and James decided to demonstrate two different approaches to painting the destroyed building, depending on the tools you have at your disposal.

Before they got started painting, they washed the resin buildings with soapy water to clean off all the releasing agent. We recommend that you wash all of your resin this way so that the paint adheres better to the model.

Jeremy used an airbrush, base-coating the entire model in a dark brown colour, then applying the plaster colour to both sides of the wall. Airbrushing is perfect for large, flat areas such as walls – it takes mere moments to apply a smooth, delicately shaded covering of colour. Jeremy's  JadgHouse
James' JadgHouse

For those of you who don’t have access to an airbrush, James has painted his building entirely by hand. The external walls were drybrushed with a succession of dull greys, starting with Greatcoat Grey (FWP305), followed by Worn Canvas (FWP306) and finally Whitewash (FWP307).

Bricks appear in a wide spectrum of different colours, which gives you a lot of freedom when painting them. Some suggested colours which work well are Rust Orange (FWP360), Devil Red (FWP381), Battlefield brown (FWP324), and Oxide Red (FWP382). Picking out individual bricks in a variety of colours takes longer, but gives a realistic and eye-catching effect.

For the rubble, both painters started with a dark, neutral brown and applied a series of dust-coloured drybrushes. Jeremy used a wash of Brown mixed with Black Shade over the base colour to intensify the contrast. Make sure this is completely dry before drybrushing. Since a lot of the rubble would probably consist of pulverized brick, drybrushing some of your brick colour or colours looks good too.

Both painters thought it would be fun to add wallpaper to their buildings. And it certainly was, albeit by a suitably broad definition of ‘fun’.

Jeremy's  JadgHouse
James' JadgWallpaper

For anyone foolish enough to attempt a similar decoration project, we have included a printable template with a small selection of the latest fashionable designer patterns. Carefully cut out each wallpaper section and glue it in place. If you wish, you can tear and damage the edges. If you do so, the bleached white of printer paper will stand out very brightly, so you may want to carefully dull it town with an off-white colour such as Dry Dust (FWP364) or Dry Dust (FWP364). 

Dion put together a great multi-coloured wallpaper decal PDF that you can download and print out. Cut out the decal, weather it as much as you would like and then stick it onto the building. Now you can't say you're haven't dabbled in interior decorating!

Wallpaper Decal PDF ... 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The PDF is setup on an A4-sized piece of paper, which is different than the normal US Letter size (8 1/2" x 11"). It will still print on US Letter paper, just make sure that page-scaling is turned off, and you should be set for any sized paper!

Good luck, and happy decorating!
James' JadgHouse
James' JadgHouse
Jeremy's JadgHouse
Jeremy's  JadgHouse

Last Updated On Monday, June 29, 2015