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The Allies are catching up to our technology with their heavy tanks! No problem, however, we now have the new powerful Jagdpanther!

This tank hunter was equipped with the deadly 8.8 PaK43 gun, able to destroy any Allied tank. It has been bolstered with thick frontal armour—a radical departure from the other tank hunters in the German arsenal.

This product is no longer currently available for sale...

The Jagdpanther was issued in small numbers to the Normandy battles, and they began to see wider service as the year progressed.

The independent Abteilung & divisions that had Jagdpanthers are:

sPz.Jg Abt. 654, 559, 519, 560, 655 + 1.Abt./Pz Regt29, 1.Abt Pz/Rgt.130 (Pz Lehr),  2nd SS, 4th Pz Div., 9th SS, Fuhrer Gren Div, 10th SS, 25 Pz Div, Pz Div Holstein, 8th Pz Div, and sPz.Jg Abt 563. 

Jagdpanther! Jagdpanther!

In Flames Of War

Currently, you can field the Jagdpanther in Cobra, Festung Europa and Fortress Europe. Whenever you need to crack the increasingly thick armour of the new Allied tanks, its time to roll out the Jagdpanther. With front armour 10, side of 5 and top armour of 1, the heavy tank hunter is well protected.

It sports a massive 8.8cm PaK43 gun with Anti-tank 16 and Firepower 3+ which can reach out and smack enemy tanks at 40”/100cm.

Look forward to a modelling article on painting the resin buiilding included in the Jadgpanther box!  This building designed by GF9 will not only give you another great piece of scenery to add to your collection, but is the perfect size for you to hide your ambushing Jadgpanther in!

Painted by Jeremy Painter
Sculpted by Evan Allen
Building Sculpted by Jason Buyaki

Jagdpanther! Jagdpanther!
GBX22 Decal Sheet

Last Updated On Wednesday, February 20, 2019