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Katyusha Battalion

Katyusha Rocket Battery

The rockets of the Guards Katyusha rocket batteries have inflicted terrible losses, both physical and mental, upon the German army. But now with the full fury of the Red Army bearing down on the fascist defenders, the Katyusha will break the enemy’s means and will to fight!

The BM-13 rocket launchers, nicknamed “Stalin’s Organs” by the Germans, first saw use in 1941 with a mere forty launchers being used against the German invasion.  

The Katyusha was well received and cheap to manufacture, so the Red Army ordered more. By the end of 1941, there were eight regiments, 35 independent battalions, and two independent batteries in service, holding a total of 554 launchers. By the end of the war, the Soviets operated 518 batteries of Katyusha rocket launchers.

The rockets became a very useful tool for the Soviet rifle divisions during Operation Bagration. Hundred of Katyusha launchers signalled the Soviet onslaught on June 22, 1944. The screams of the rockets careening toward the German lines pulverised and shocked the German defenders.

Katyusha Battalion
Katyusha Battalion

After the initial assaults, the Katyushas simply packed up and drove to the next position to help support the breakthrough efforts of the Guards mechanised and tank corps.

In Flames Of War

The Katyusha Battery can support any Late-war Soviet force from Ostfront, Festung Europa, Stalin’s Onslaught, and other eastern front Soviet army. They deliver massive, quick bombardments and keep the enemy pinned in place for your troops to clear out with ease.

While not tremendously effective against armoured targets, the Katyusha is ideal for digging troops out of their holes, pinning them down and preparing the way for your main assault.

The box comes with four individually sculpted BM-13 Katyusha launchers with loading crews, a Command Rifle Team, an Observer Rifle Team and a truck.

In Stalin's Onslaught, we have introduced a new special rule to help Katyusha launchers deliver the pain! 

Katyusha Battalion
Katyusha Battalion

Special Rule:

Devastating Bombardment

An Artillery Bombardment fired by nine or more weapons uses a double-width Artillery Template to determine which teams can be hit and rerolls failed To Hit rolls.

An Artillery Bombardment fired by fourteen or more weapons, uses a template 12”/30cm square to determine which teams are hit and rerolls failed To Hit rolls.

Painted by Jeremy Painter
Scuplted by Evan Allen

Katyusha Battalion
Katyusha Battalion Katyusha Battalion
Katyusha Battalion Katyusha Battalion
Katyusha Battalion

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