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Jadgtiger painted with this method Vehicle Camouflage with washes

On the Flames Of War Forum there was a recent topic on Camouflaging vehicles, as part of that thread I offered my suggestions on how I do it. But it’s always better when you can see what I’m talking about.

One of the methods I use to simulate sprayed camouflage is to use differing levels of washes.

For those of you new to painting, a wash is a diluted coat of paint usually used to shade crevices and cracks. In this case I will use it to feather the edges of the camouflage pattern.

There are only two stages (though you could try it with three) to the Pattern itself, but first you must paint your vehicle’s base colour with highlights.

So paint your vehicle up to stage 3 in my basic painting guide (Wayne’s vehicle painting guide… ).

You will need to find a picture of the Camouflage you wish to simulate, or make a rough plan of how you want to it to look. It’s probably a good idea to do the whole platoon at once to keep your unit reasonably consistent.

Panzer III M as with washed camo
Steyr 1500 Kfz 70 with its camo applied with washes

I’m painting some Kursk Panther Ds for Pete so these make a good subject for the step by step. I’m painting these in a rather rough and quickly applied spay job, using both olive and red-brown.

The colours I used were:

Heer Green (FWP340)
Battlefield Brown (FWP324)
Panther Yellow (FWP365)

Step 1

First dilute your paint with a 50/50 mix of water/thinner and paint, for my first colour I have painted on the green. Once you have mixed up the colour brush on your camouflage scheme. Paint on the pattern in slightly smaller shapes than you intend, as the next stage will overlap this coat.

Step 1
Step 2 Step 2

For the second step add more water/thinner to your paint so it is roughly a 75/25 mix. Brush this mix over the first coat; you can be quite rough, as you want the topcoat to over run the edges of the first coat. The will give you the desired feathered look.

Step 3

I then repeated steps 1 and 2 with the brown pattern.

Now just continue on from Step 3 in my basic painting guide.

You may wish to experiment first before you try this on your nice new Battlefront model, paint a bit of card your base colour and have a play.

Good luck and happy painting.


Step 3
Step 3 Jadgtiger painted with this method

Last Updated On Tuesday, July 7, 2015