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Forces Of War
Changes to Forces

For well over a decade, Forces has been an outstanding digital tool to build and plan your armies meaning you can come up with your next game-winning force even when your books (or cards) aren’t nearby.

Over the last few years though we’ve begun to feel that there was one thing missing with Forces – the ability to print not just your army lists but also your Unit and Command Cards. This way you can print out a list before a game (or tournament) and have everything in one place.

Starting today, we are going to progressively roll out the ability to unlock (see below) this new function, starting with Late War, and then Mid War and WWIII: Team Yankee in January next year.

Check out what the List PDF will look like (with Command and Unit Cards) when you download it...


We’ve also had to make the difficult decision to review the pricing for Forces. Ever since the initial release it has only cost $1 USD to purchase a Formation on Forces, with discounts for purchasing 5 or more Formations at a time. From today we are going to be increasing the prices to $3 USD for a Formation and $5 USD (up from $3) to unlock Command Cards. Any Formations (or Command Cards) purchased at this new price will automatically unlock the new card printing function. We will still be keeping the discount for purchasing 5 or more Formations (or Command Card sets) at a time.

Unlocking Card Printing and Previous Purchases

For the next 90 days, you will be able to upgrade any Late War lists to include the ability to print out the Unit and/or Command Cards for $1 USD per Force/Command Card Pack.

After this date, it will revert to the new pricing of $3/$5 USD.

You can check out Forces for Flames Of War here...

You can check out Forces for WWIII: Team Yankee here...



Q: If I don’t upgrade a Force to include the Card Printing option, will I still be able to use it to make new lists?

A: Yes. However, if you don’t upgrade in the 90-day window there won’t be a discount.

Q: Will ‘Nam and Fate of a Nation get upgraded?

A: Definitely. We still have a little work to do on our end, but plan on having this done for early 2024 as well.

Q: Does this have any effect on the old V3 Forces site?

A: No, as there are no Unit or Command Cards for V3.

Q: If I don't already own a Late War list right now, how much will it cost me to buy during this 90 day period?

A: $3USD for a Formation, $5 for a Command Card Pack.

Q: Will Flames Of War Mid War or WWIII: Team Yankee Formation and Command Cards (FOW only) stay $1USD and $3USD (respectively) to unlock until the the new year when the option to download cards is enabled?

A: Yes, till Mid January the pricing of Flames Of War Mid War or WWIII: Team Yankee will remain as they are. Once the function to download the Unit and Command Cards for printing is unlocked for these, the pricing for these will increase to $3 and $5 respectively.

Q: Will there be a 90-day window to upgrade my Flames Of War Mid War or WWIII: Team Yankee Formation and Command Cards at the discounted pricing?

A: Yes.

Last Updated On Thursday, December 14, 2023 by Chris at Battlefront