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2cm FlaK38 gun

SS-2cm FlaK38 Anti-aircraft Platoon (GE544)
Three 2cm FlaK38 guns with SS crew

This is a versatile little weapon, often used with equal effect in ground support and anti-aircraft roles. The FlaK 38 was introduced into service in 1940 to replace the 2cm FlaK 30.

This product is no longer currently available for sale...

2cm FlaK38 gun x3

It had an improved rate of fire, increasing from the FlaK 30s 280 rounds per minute to 450 rounds, that’s a lot of lead in the air! Though normally best fired from the ground it could also be fired from it’s trailer, but with a limited traverse.

It had a maximum range of over 5 kilometres when firing at ground targets, though it would seldom have the visibility to engage targets at such extreme ranges. When firing at aircraft the gun could be elevated a full 90° (firing directly up).

2cm FlaK38 gun
2cm FlaK38 gun

This new pack features SS crew in SS-camouflage smocks to supplement the packs already available with the GE542 with Heer crew and GE543 with Fallschirmjäger crew.

This pack contains three FlaK38 guns, twelve crew, three command team miniatures three medium and one small base, ready for ground mounting. 

In Flames Of War

The 2cm FlaK38 is an ideal weapon to consider in multiple roles. 
SS companies can be expensive and you don’t always have the points you need to get all the platoons you ideally want. With an SS-Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon you get an AA weapon with a high Rate of fire (4) the can also be used in the anti-infantry and light anti-tank roles (AT5).

2cm FlaK38 gun
2cm FlaK38 gun 2cm FlaK38 gun
2cm FlaK38 gun Please note the AT4 in Cobra is a typo and it should be 5. It frees up options by not requiring light guns or machine-guns.

Crew designed by Evan Allen
Gun Designed by Karl Cederman
Painted by James Brown
2cm FlaK38 gun 2cm FlaK38 gun
2cm FlaK38 gun 2cm FlaK38 gun

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