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Australian M113 Upgrade Pack (TAU241)

Australian M113 Upgrade Pack (TAU241)
Contains six T50 Turrets, six M113 Accessory Sprues, two Redeye Missile Launchers and two RBS-70 Missile Launchers.

Affectionately known as the ‘Bucket’, the M113 provides the ‘Diggers’ with fire support from a combination of .50 cal M2 and .30 cal M1919 Browning machine-guns in a T50 Cadillac Gage one-man turret — fantastic right until you need to clear a jam from these potent but old weapons. The only improvement over the original Vietnam-era vehicles is the addition of a bolted-on passive night vision periscope in place of the existing periscope.

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Since its inception in 1949, NATO has been a community of free nations brought together with a common goal, to defend the freedom of Western Europe and North America. To do this Canada, France, Netherlands, and Belgium deploy armoured and mechanised forces in West Germany. Old allies have also been called on, and an ANZAC Brigade of Australian and New Zealand troops have answered the call to fight....

World War III: NATO Forces
Australian M113 Upgrade Pack (TAU241)

The Australian M113 Upgrade Pack
Australian M113 Upgrade Pack (TAU241)

Australian M113 Upgrade Pack Contents

Australian M113 Upgrade Pack (TAU241)



Last Updated On Thursday, September 28, 2023