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Command Card Formations - Germans

Command Card Formations - Germans
With John Lee
When V4 of Flames of War released, alongside the books were Unit Cards and Command Cards – this was new for the game.  The Unit Cards have all the stats as in the book and rules for that unit which meant you could refer to them more easily in the game, rather than having to flick through different sections of the Army book.  The addition of the command cards allowed the army book to be streamlined with the core formations and units whilst the specialising, upgrading, downgrading, warriors and non-standard formations and units moved to the new card pack.

Each Army Book has their own set of Command Cards and for this article we are focusing on the two German sets for the Eastern Front – Iron Cross and Ghost Panzers.  

The Command Cards are made up of the following different types:

  • Force – Cards affecting your force overall
  • Formation (Type) – Cards affecting the selected Formation Type
  • Unit (Type) – Cards affecting the selected Unit
  • Build – Allows you to build a new Formation Type or alter an existing one
  • Limited – Only one of these cards can be in your force
  • Warrior – Adds the selected Leader or Personality to your force.  You may only ever have one Warrior in your force

Some cards are a combination of the above eg Build, Limited.  For the purpose of this article, we are going to explore the Build Formation cards in both the packs.  These formations normally provide some of the more interesting formations that you can take.  Some are considered competitive, some are spammy and almost auto include min/max style lists for tournaments or the power gamer. 

There are a total of fifteen formations across the two command card packs.  Starting off with the Iron Cross formations we have:

  • Armoured Car Company
  • Fast Company
  • Stug Assault Gun Battery
  • Gebirgsjager Company
  • Jager Company
  • Pioneer Company

The Armoured Car Company is made up of Light (2-8 units) and Heavy Armoured Cars (1-3 units) with integral Infantry and 5cm Anti-tank guns.  Lots of cheap units that can form a strong formation to keep you on the table longer.  Like the DAK version except that the Light Scout Troops only have three vehicles instead of four.

The Fast Company is made up of Infantry (1-3 units), Armoured Cars (1 unit), Anti-tank Guns (1-3 units) and Artillery (0-1 unit).  I like the mix of units you can take in the formation – especially being able to take up to three units of anti-tank guns!  

Stug Assault Gun Battery is made up of 2-3 platoons of the early version Stugs – either short or long 7.5cm guns.

The remaining three cards upgrade the Grenadier Company.  Gebirgsjager Company upgrade gives the HQ and Grenadier Platoons the Mountaineer rule which allows them to roll a skill test to do a terrain dash across Impassable terrain.  Jager Company upgrade gives the HQ and Grenadier Platoons a 10” terrain dash move.  Pioneer Company upgrade allows all Infantry teams to cross minefields safely on a 2+ and dig in on a 2+.

Command Card Formations - Germans

The Ghost Panzers Formations are:

  • Armoured Car Company
  • Reconnaissance Company
  • 189th Stug Battery
  • Captured T-34 Company
  • SS-Panzer Company
  • Ferdinand Tank-Hunter Company
  • Brummbar Assault Tank Company
  • Panzer Company (RC)
  • Stug Company (RC) 

The Armoured Car Company is made up of Light (2-8 units) and Heavy Armoured Cars (1-3 units) with integral Armoured Infantry.  Again, lots of cheap units that can form a strong formation to keep you on the table longer.  Like the DAK version except that the Light Scout Troops only have three vehicles instead of four.

The Reconnaissance Company includes the famous Armoured Panzergrenadiers, Recon and Mortars/Guns as core to the formation. You can tailor this formation to attack, defend or both as the infantry can be taken with and without their halftracks, 1-2 bombardment platoons plus Armoured Cars and can take up to eight platoons in the formation.  We take a deep look at this formation later in the article.

Command Card Formations - Germans

The next interesting unit is the Brummbar Assault Tank Company where you can take Brummbars and Ferdinands!  There are 2-3 platoons of Brummbars (you can substitute the 2nd platoon with Ferdinands instead).  Whilst not necessarily competitive, it would be a fun list to play with big guns and artillery alongside huge Frontal Armour.

Ferdinand Tank-Hunter Company is made up of 2-3 platoons based on the Ferdinand found in the support section of the book.  Interesting formation and vehicle and you want to take infantry with it.

The remaining five cards are based on existing formations with a twist.  189th StuG Battery combines taking 2-3 platoons of StuGs (lates) with a platoon of Grenadiers.  The Grenadiers can also cross minefields safely on a 2+ and a StuG battery within 4” can also cross safely on a 2”.  

Command Card Formations - Germans

The Captured T-34 Formation is based on the Mixed Panzer Company, and you can take 2-4 platoons of captured T-34s.  The platoons can be made up of a mix of T-34s and Panzer IVs and are Fearless Trained Careful with the T-34s also having the Stormtrooper rule. 

SS-Panzer Company is also based on the Mixed Panzer Company and again take 2-4 platoons.  They are upgraded to Fearless, and all other ratings remain the same.

Command Card Formations - Germans

 Panzer Company (RC) is based on the Panzer III Company and aside from the HQ, take two platoons of Panzer IIIs and 1-2 platoons of Borgward Demolition Carriers.  These vehicles can cause some damage using an artillery template with AT4 AUTO FP.

StuG Company (RC) is based on the StuG Assault Gun Company and has the same as above but with StuGs instead of Panzer IIIs.

Command Card Formations - Germans

My favourite of the three types tends to be recon formations, especially those that have a balanced formation of potential units and a high unit count.  This suits my style of play which tends towards combined arms and a Swiss army knife approach.  I also look at units which can pull double duty eg perform multiple roles where possible.

There are some interesting lists above for the Germans but there is one that satisfies my requirements - the Reconnaissance Company.  It is comprised of the following units:

  • 1 Reconnaissance Company HQ
  • 2-3 Armoured Panzergrenadier Platoon
  • 0-2 Sd Kfz 221 & 222 Light Scout Troop or Sd Kfz 231 Heavy Scout Troop or Luchs Scout Troop
  • 0-1 8cm Mortar Section or Armoured 8cm Mortar Section
  • 0-1 7.5cm Infantry Gun Platoon or Armoured 7.5cm Gun Platoon

I like that I can take Infantry as core and that I have the choice of adding half-tracks to the platoons or not depending on number of points I must use.  Recon in the form of either Light or Heavy Armoured Cars or Scout Tanks.  Your choice of static or mobile mortars and guns depending on your preference.  There is a lot of support options that complement this force.  We can take either Marders or Hornisses for anti-tank work.  Another option is to now take Bunkerflaks, Dicker Max or Sturer Emils.  We could also look at Flak guns and/or 8.8cm anti-tank guns.  My preference is for mobile platforms as this is a mobile force.  I like to also take a second artillery unit.  For a 100pt game, I would like to add as much flavour in terms of high-end AT as I can:

Command Card Formations - Germans

Seven units for the formation break and lots of half-tracks.  Armoured cars for spearhead that are part of the formation.  Two Infantry Platoons to attack and or defend.  Two artillery templates (one which is Salvo) with an OP.  Mobile gun platforms with AT9, AT12, AT15, and AT20 to take on any armoured threat!

There you have it.  There are some flavourful formations and cards in the pack that you can explore and put on the table.  Enjoy!
~John Lee

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