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Assembling the Ersatz Panther

How to assemble your Ersatz Panther

Contents of the Ersatz Panther Blister Pack
Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
Ersatz Panther (GE069)
Description of Components
a. 1x Right-hand side track.
b. 1x Left-and side track.
c. 1x Right-hand side front mudguard.
d. 1x Left-hand side front mudguard (with headlight).
e. 1x Tank commander sprue.
1x Turret superstructure bracket.
g. 1x 7.5cm gun barrel without muzzle brake.
h. 1x Left-hand side mudguard.
i. 1x Right-hand side mudguard.
j. 1x Commander's hatch
k. 1x Resin Ersatz Panther turret and hull.
Assembling the Ersatz Panther
Below: The tracks are stamped with a L or R to indicate the correct orientation. There is also an arrow to show you which end points towards the front of the vehicle.
Step 1. Once the correct orientation for the tracks has been established, attach the tracks to the hull.
Ersatz Panther (GE069) Ersatz Panther (GE069) Ersatz Panther (GE069)
Step 2. Attach the front mudguards.

The left-hand side mudguard has a headlight.
Step 3. Next, attach the side mud guards. First the right-hand side...
Ersatz Panther (GE069) Ersatz Panther (GE069)
Step 4. ...then, the left-hand side. Step 5. Next, add the gun barrel. Step 6. Next up is the commander's hatch.
Ersatz Panther (GE069) Ersatz Panther (GE069) Ersatz Panther (GE069)
Optional Step: To add a tank commander, use a hobby knife to cut the commander's hatch in half. Below: Attach one half of the commander's hatch to each side of the turret recess as shown in the example below. Below: Next, add a tank commander. Tip: Feel free to use a spare American tank commander to complete the look of your Ersatz Panther.
Ersatz Panther (GE069) Ersatz Panther (GE069) Ersatz Panther (GE069)
Step 7. Finally, attach the turret superstructure bracket to the rear of the turret. Step 8. With the turret superstructure bracket in place, the Ersatz Panther is ready for painting.

Painting Tip: It is not known if the Germans had any stocks of captured US Olive Drab paint or they used what they on hand. Use Sherman Drab (FWP321) for US Olive Drab or Army Green (FWP342) for German Olivgrün (Olive Green).
Ersatz Panther (GE069) Ersatz Panther (GE069)

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