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The TOG 2* Wild Card Unit

The TOG 2* Wild Card Unit
with John Lee

With the release of the North Africa Compilation, we have been re-introduced to some of the experimental vehicles that were designed and prototyped but not necessarily saw action. There are three main ways that these vehicles can be used in the game. Some are in a Formation and can be fielded as a Formation itself or as Support Unit using the Formation Support rules.  Secondly, some are in the Force Diagram as Support Units and finally we have a use for the “WildCard” slot on the Force Diagram. If one of these new units is a “WildCard” unit, then it can be fielded in this slot. Not only that, if there are more than one type of unit for the “WildCard” slot, you can field one of each of the them if you wish, as part of your force. For the British for example, there are three units that fit this category (you could field a unit of all three if you wish!). They are Churchill GC 3-Inch Gun Troop, TOG 2 * Armoured Troop, and the Boarhound Armoured Car Troop.

This article focuses on the British TOG 2 * Armoured Troop. The design of this tank is reminiscent of the tanks from the First World War. That is because this design was the second to come out of the Special Vehicle Development Committee (nicknamed "The Old Gang" as it was made up of people who had worked on the original British tanks of the First World War). Ordered in 1940, built by Fosters of Lincoln, the prototype ran for the first time in March 1941.  For "initial trials" it was fitted with a mock-up turret with a dummy gun and later with a simplified turret mounting a QF 3-inch 16 cwt anti-tank gun.  In 1942 it was given a turret that was under development for the Cruiser Mk VIII Challenger tank design with the QF 17-pounder (76.2 mm) gun. It went through successful trials in May 1943 but there was no further development after that.

The advantage of playing this Wild Card Unit is that finally the British get their own mobile AT12 unit and not have to rely on their US allies. Previously you had a choice of taking the 17/25pdr Anti-tank gun Platoon, Allied US M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon, or both!

So, let’s look at stats for this beast. Looking at the tank itself, it has FA5 SA5 TA2. So, it’s impervious (mostly) to indirect fire but still needs to be careful around medium and heavy anti-tank weapons. Fortunately, its 17pdr main gun has a range of 36” and with AT12 can safely stay as far back as it needs in cover, to maximise its effectiveness.  It has no HE, so not as effective against infantry and gun teams but has an MG for close defence use if required.  Now as it’s an Infantry Tank design, it is slow and that is reflected in its speed. 8” move for tactical and terrain dash with a 10” move for cross country and road dashes. This is offset though by a 2+ cross check – very handy in rough terrain!

The TOG 2* Wild Card Unit

From a unit perspective, they are Confident Careful Trained.  Best armour in the game is Careful – combined by operating at long range and in cover – much harder to hit. Being Trained – you are probably not going to blitz a lot.  Even though they are Confident, they do get the 3+ Counterattack – being an Infantry Tank. If you do get into an assault, you should do relatively well against most enemy infantry units and light gun teams or artillery. Each tank costs 9pts and you can have one, two or three in the unit.  
The TOG 2* Wild Card Unit

I would recommend taking three to maximise its effectiveness or if you are short on points, take one.  If you take one, use it to snipe the enemy and make it a focal point for them, whilst the rest of your force goes after the objective, or if you are taking 17/25drs, you could take one to protect the other flank.  Taking two is troublesome.  Lose one and you are testing.  If you have one – it doesn’t matter – you lose it – it’s gone. 

This unit can be used with any British force you want to put on the table.  Let’s look at a couple of 100pt forces to see how it could fit in.  Looking at an Infantry option first:

The TOG 2* Wild Card Unit

A small elite force that has integral mortars and HMGs (which can also fire indirect) – so giving you two templates.  The Commandoes can attack and defend (assaulting on 2+!).  Spearhead to get them into assault position with the Daimlers.  Churchills with the Mad Tanks card for their AT10 plus great FA8 SA7 TA2 and a 2+ cross check which is also great for assaulting.  The Mad Tanks card gives the Churchills the ability to use a Cross Here Movement Order to pass the cross check automatically and then shoot and assault!  The TOG 2* to deal with the heavy armoured threats with their AT12.

Looking at an armoured force now, there are several options, and for this purpose I will look at a Crusader formation:

The TOG 2* Wild Card Unit

We have a maxed out formation with integral artillery. There is a mix of AT7, AT9 and AT10 in the formation. There is infantry support if we need to defend an objective. TOG 2* for heavy AT work and the Boarhounds for speahead and more AT10 (more than capable on taking on enemy recon).

You could also take the TOG 2* and the 17/25pdr together, working in tandem to give your force options to cover both flanks as well as overwatch. This would probably suit a Rifle or Motor Weapons Company having both.

The TOG 2* comes in boxes of two with a Unit Card. I would recommend getting two boxes and swapping the 4th model out with a mate. That way you can run three in your force rather than two.

The TOG 2* is a great add on to the British force in my opinion and adds some flavour. If you want some mobile AT12 for your British force – look no further. I hope this has been of some help. Enjoy!


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