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Firestorm Campaign: Battle Of Gazala - 26 May- 21 June  1942
What is a Firestorm Campaign?
Every battle fought in World War II was part of a campaign — even as each battle was being fought the generals were planning the next one. The conclusion of every successful campaign affected the course of the war as a whole. By participating in a campaign you can make a valuable contribution to your side’s war effort.

Campaigning adds a whole new dimension to your Flames Of War battles. Individual battles become part of an unfolding story as your fortune fluctuates between victories and defeats. Instead of just a single victory, can you string together a series of victories and prove your superior generalship? Or perhaps, as you get the measure of your opponent’s force, you can turn early defeats into a triumphant reversal in a later battle.

Why Play a Campaign?
The short answer is to play more games, and to have those games mean something in a bigger context. Rather than just adding to your tally of wins and losses, your victories could result
  in the encirclement of enemy forces, the capture of a vital territory, or the cutting of the enemy off from their reinforcements. All these things happen in the campaign and they all have a major effect on the games that follow. Every battle makes an immediate difference to the outcome of the whole campaign.

The Gazala Campaign
Firestorm-Gazala uses a map to plot the strategic situation and show the effects of your table-top games on the battles for Gazala. All the important units, territory, and objectives of the operation are represented on the map. Your units will clash at important locations in Cyrenaica with the best forces from both sides, such as the famous DAK Deutsches Afrikakorps and 7th Armoured Division the Desert Rats.

Firestorm-Gazala is designed for a small group or two players and should run smoothly. If you are running a campaign with more players you might want to add a few battles to each turn but then make sure they don’t happen all over the board, if the Axis get too many battles the British will have a hard day.

Armoured Fist Command Cards Previews

What Are You Waiting For?
Download and read through the Firestorm-Gazala rules, get everyone together, organise the venue, and start playing. There’s nothing else needed to begin, so you can start right away!

Firestorm Gazala Rules Booklet PDF (Right Click, Save As)...

Firestorm Gazala Troops Printable PDF (Right Click, Save As)...

Armoured Fist Command Cards Previews Firestorm Gazala Troops Printable PDF (Right Click, Save As)...

Firestorm Gazala Maps and Counters Printable PDF (Right Click, Save As)...

Firestorm Gazala Maps and Counters Printable PDF (Right Click, Save As)...

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