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Battlefront Miniatures 
Manufacturing Update - 30 July 2021
Malaysia remains in a strict nationwide lockdown in response to the COVID19 surge they’re experiencing.  This includes the Battlefront factory where we make all our 15mm ranges, which has now been closed for over two months, and will remain so, until it is deemed safe to re-open by the government. We have always had a long lead time for production so our stocks on hand have been able to cope but with the length of this closure we have already started seeing the impact hitting the range on the delivery of new items and the restocks of the current range.
When we re-open, we’re going to have to prioritise the flow of product as we simply cannot make it all in one go so we will concentrate on getting our upcoming new releases finished, packed and on their way to the warehouses, stores and yourselves as the top priority. As well as the new products we will work on the core lines as our goal is to see the entire Late-War and WWIII ranges fully stocked.
To enable us to do this, and catch back up, we’re going to TEMPORARILY suspend orders for some of our ranges so that the factory can focus their efforts as with over three thousand codes the exercise of making replacement stock for them all will take the plant some time to catch up. NAM, Great War, Arab Israeli, Early War and Mid War will be suspended in their entirety.  All special / direct order codes, as these are made to order, and some of the Battlefield in a Box terrain range will also be suspended.
We understand this is sad news and might disrupt some of your collecting and building plans, and we heartily apologise.  Please be reassured this is temporary, and we will get those ranges back into production, as soon as we have caught up with the amended release schedule.
Questions and Answers
How long will these items be temporarily suspended?
  • We will suspend production of these products only whilst we catch up with the new releases, once we’re all caught up, they will be available to order again.  

I have some of these products on order, what will happen to my order?

  • All orders will be fulfilled from existing stock where we can. For codes with no stock left we will be getting in touch so we can remove them from any current order as we don’t want them to hold up any shipments. Once we know when the ranges will be coming back we will let anyone who previously did not get them know when they can be re-ordered.

Will I still be able to get these products in shops?

  • We are only temporarily suspending future orders online.  You will still be able to purchase these items if your local FLGS or online retailer from their existing stock. Any store that is out of stock is likely to remain so until we switch those codes back on for ordering.

Can I pre-order these items for when the manufacturing starts again?

  • We will not be taking any further orders for these products until we’re caught up, and can start manufacturing those ranges again.  We will keep you updated via social and newsletter channels, so keep a close eye out for announcements.

Last Updated On Thursday, October 13, 2022