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Step 1. Begin assembly of the Stuka by attaching the rear fuselage to the main body of the aircraft.

Step 2. Attach the landing gear in the slot shown below. Step 3. Next attach the nose cone to the front of the aircraft in front of the engine.
Step 4. Affix your choice of either bombs or the 3.7cm guns to the underside of the wings in the slots shown below.
Below: The fully assembled JU 87 Stuka (3.7cm)
Step 1. Cut the parts of the flight stand off the plastic sprue using a sharp hobby knife or a pair of hobby cutters.
Cutting the parts off the plastic sprue Cutting the parts off the plastic sprue Cutting the parts off the plastic sprue
The stalk of the flight stand attached to the base

Step 2. Attach the stem to the flight stand base. The hard plastic of the flight stand will bond firmly with plastic cement, but you can also use superglue.

There are two sizes of stem; the standard practice is to use the shorter stem for helicopters and the tall stem for strike aircraft, to bolster the impression that they are flying at a higher altitude. But there's no reason you shouldn't use the tall stem for helicopters if you like how it looks.

Left: The stem attached to the base.

Step 3. Add the magnet cap to the top of the stem. The cap fits snugly to the top of the stem, so you will only need a small amount of glue to neatly secure the magnet cap in place.

Step 4. The cap has a recess to hold one of the supplied rare-earth magnets, to create a solid connection between the stand and the aircraft model. The tabs at the front and back help keep the aircraft pointing in the right direction.
The magnet cap on top of the stork Adding a magnet to the cap
Step 5. The bottom of the aircraft has a recess for a magnet and slots to match with the tabs on the cap. Step 6. A second magnet is the glued into the recess, making sure the polarities match. Step 7. Mated perfectly, the flight stand, aircraft and magnets create a solid, stable connection.

Step 2.

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