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Building a D-Day German Puma Scout Company

Building a D-Day German Puma Scout Company
with John Lee
For those who have read any of previous articles, you will know that I have an affinity for reconnaissance formations. I had written the article for the Waffen-SS Puma Scout Company and I am writing the Bagration: German variant for the launch and thought I should explore the formation in the D-Day release to round out the differences, how to use them and some sample lists.

Very similar to the Waffen-SS one except we have the addition of the Sd Kfz 234 (7.5cm) Gun Platoon(s) option and almost double the amount of Puma Scout platoons we can have in the formation.

Essentially you can take three to fifteen platoons making it a very strong formation if you wish with built infantry and useful AT9 FP 3+ with HEAT guns to support your armoured cars. Being Heer, they are also rated as “Careful” meaning hit on 4+, best armour you can get!  Add in your scout platoons scout ability, means they will be hit on 6s at close range if you are concealed and did not shoot whilst still moving into position!  Now the scout troops have only two vehicles in the platoon, making them a bit brittle and will need some careful handling.

You have two options for each of these two vehicle platoons. The lightly armed Sd Kfz 234/1 with 2cm gun for three points a platoon or the Iconic 5cm armed Sd Kfz 234/2 Puma for four points a platoon. Taking this list gets a strong formation on the table and allow you to take some of the big toys such as Tigers or Panthers (either Heer or Waffen-SS).

Right Side Image: The Puma Scout Company Command Card

Building a D-Day German Puma Scout Company

Let us build a core formation first and then look at what support we can take for 105pt, 80pt and 55pt options.

I do not normally max out all the platoons – I feel that taking 4-6 Scout Troops, 1-2 Gun Platoons and the Reconnaissance Platoon is enough to keep the formation from breaking and gives you more options to take the big tanks you are trying to get on the table. I will explore a couple of maxed out formation options later in the article but will focus on balanced lists first. Going for my minimum recommended size as pictured:

 Building a D-Day German Puma Scout Company

Building a D-Day German Puma Scout Company

This is a core 43pts for the 105pt and 80pt lists. I would reduce the core list further for the 55pt option covered further below. Looking at the 105pt list first, we now need to look at what support options could be taken. With the ability to choose from either D-Day: Waffen-SS or D-Day: German black box units, you can mix and match what you want to suit your playstyle. Support options need to be taken from the D-Day: German chart.

Left Image: The Puma Scout Troop unit card

So, let us look at what we need to consider from a support perspective for this list. They should be supported by tanks, high end AT, artillery and what we need to cater for around reserves.  With 62pts left to play with, I want to build a highly mobile reserve unit that can come in and either assault infantry off an objective or shoot an opponent’s armour at maximum range. This means either the Tiger or Panther. For this purpose, I choose three Heer Panthers – 33pts for three of these tanks – Careful with 40” range with their 88mm AT Guns. You can put these in reserve with two Puma scout troops. You still have five units on the table with spearhead. I want to take some Pak 43s to pull double duty - heavy AT capability with AT17 to take out enemy heavy tanks and provide indirect artillery fire to pin down enemy infantry and gun teams for your Reconnaissance platoon to assault. 19pts well spent with the command card to turn them into artillery. The Beach Defender Platoon for 10pts is there to provide a screen in front of the Pak 43s or to protect the other objective depending on the mission. A sample list could look like this:

Building a D-Day German Puma Scout Company

I like this type of force and suits my play style.  Lots of small units running around with four AT17 guns dominating the table also providing artillery support screened by static infantry. A recon infantry platoon that can defend as well as attack with three FA9 tanks that can reach out and hurt enemy tanks from range, that can come in from reserve or dominate the table.

For an 80pt list we would change it out a bit by removing the Beach Defender Platoon, dropping a Puma scout troop, Sd Kfz 234/3 Gun Platoon and removing the reconnaissance platoon’s half-tracks:

Building a D-Day German Puma Scout Company

this means you keep your steel in your list – the double duty Pak 43 guns and the Heer Panthers.

Another list option if you prefer to have more infantry is:

Building a D-Day German Puma Scout Company

Add an FJ platoon to beef up your infantry and assault options, Mobile armoured artillery to pin down enemy infantry and gun teams. Basically, add and remove the elements you need depending on your play style.

For a 55pt game, this is where recon unit lists shine – more flexibility with smaller points than other formations. Feast your eyes on this:

 Building a D-Day German Puma Scout Company

The Pak43s are there for your heavy AT work and artillery support, and the “Soft Skin Transport” Command Card allows you to reposition them if required or put them in reserve. The Pumas, Gun Platoon and Recon Infantry must do the heavy lifting – the benefit is that your opponent will not have much else on the table unless they are also running a recon formation!

Having looked at some balanced lists, lets now look at maximising the formation out to see what fun you can have.  For 105pts this is what you could be looking at:

Building a D-Day German Puma Scout Company

Imagine your opponent’s surprise when you turn up with 24 Pumas supported by Pak43s pulling double duty screened by infantry and two full Gun platoons!  If you want a purely mobile force, then remove the guns and Beach Defender platoon and one Gun platoon freeing up 34pts allowing you to take a Heer 33pt Panther platoon of three tanks and a Lucky card.

For 80pts just remove the Lucky card and a further four Puma scout platoons.

This command card formation can provide some interesting options. I hope this has given you some food for thought.  Happy list building!

Want to start your own D-Day German Puma Scout Company? Click on each of the images below to see the full spotlights below 

Building a D-Day German Puma Scout Company

Building a D-Day German Puma Scout Company

Last Updated On Wednesday, January 24, 2024