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BA-64 Armoured Car Assembly Guide

Assembly guide on how to assemble your BA-64 Armoured Car.

Check out the Soviet Starter Force - Heavy Assault Group spotlight here...

Check out the BA-64 Amoured Car spotlight here...

Step 1. Begin assembly of the BA-64 by attaching the right-hand side wheels to the hull section.
Step 2. Attach the upper hull to the lower hull.
Below: The upper hull piece in place. Step 3. Attach the spare tire to rear of the car.
Step 4. We will now build the turret. Glue your choice of machine-gun or PTRD. The PTRD is the larger of the two.

Below: The Fully assembled BA-64 (MG) Armoured Car.

Below: The Fully assembled BA-64 (PTRD) Armoured Car.

Last Updated On Wednesday, September 30, 2020