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GaleForce Nine News From GAMA Expo

GaleForce Nine is attending the GAMA Expo in Nevada this week, where we are previewing a whole range of exciting new releases coming in 2020! Check back here each day to check out all the previews and news for the year to come.

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News From GAMA


World Of Tanks Miniatures Game

World Of Tanks Miniatures Game

Take the Online Game to the tabletop

World of Tanks: Miniatures Game is an easy to learn, quick play game, where you take command of a unit of tanks, seeking to destroy your opponent and secure victory!

All the models in World of Tanks come ASSEMBLED, PAINTED, and BATTLE READY!

The starter set contains everything you need to start playing, including: - 4x Highly Detailed, Assembled, Painted Plastic Tanks
- 6x Custom Dice
- Tank Cards
- Terrain and Tokens
- Crew & Equipment Upgrade Cards
- Damage Deck

An extensive release plan will follow, allowing you to expand and customize your force.

Each World of Tanks: Miniatures Game product includes IN-GAME BONUS CARDS that can be redeemed in the online game!

World Of Tanks Miniatures Game
World Of Tanks Miniatures Game
World Of Tanks Miniatures Game
World Of Tanks Miniatures Game World Of Tanks Miniatures Game

Forgotten City - Battlefield in a Box

Ancient City
Bring the Forgotten City to your tabletop! New from the Battlefield in a Box range, the Forgotten City creates a lost world on your tabletop. All Battlefield in a Box terrain comes pre-assembled and pre-painted, and is ready to add straight to your gaming table.
Ancient City Ancient City
Ancient City Ancient City
Ancient City Ancient City
Ancient City Ancient City
Ancient City Ancient City Ancient City Ancient City
Ancient City Ancient City


Dungeons & Dragons Class Tokens Sets

Tokens 1

New for 2020 - D&D 5th Edition Character Token Sets! These full-color tokens allow you to easily track your character's status effects as you go on your adventures.

There will be 13 sets available, one for each class and a DM set with special initiative tokens!

Tokens 2

Tokens 3 Tokens 4

Tokens 5

Tokens 6

Tokens 7

Tokens 8 Tokens 9 Tokens 10
Tokens 11 Tokens 12 Tokens 13
Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps
There are TWO expansions coming to supplement your Aliens gaming experience and let you bring the film to your tables.

Ultimate Badasses lets you round out the complete squad so you can play as all your favorite characters.

Get Away From Her You B***h gives you Ripley in her power loader and the Alien Queen as well as new boards, rules, and missions.
Aliens Box
Games Setup Games Setup


DUNE Ixians and Tleilaxu Expansion

Dune Expansion

The Dune Ixians and Tleilaxu expansion brings two new faction to the battle for Arrakis. These two factions can be played instead of two factions from the base Game.


2020 will also see the return of the classic 2012 game Spartacus!

Spartacus Box

Spartacus Layout

Spartacus Leaders


 Battlefield In A Box Gothic Industrial Ruins
BB599 BB599

Battlefield In A Box announcements include the release of range of new Gothic Ruins for your 28mm battlefields! This pre-painted terrain is ready out the box for your tabletop.

BB597 Front

BB597 Back BB598 Front BB598 Back
Dr Who Core Game and New Expansions

Dr Who

With these expansions you can now add more ways for the Doctor’s companions to help the Doctor, although you must be wary. The Daleks have their puppets and spies everywhere, so you may not always like the Friend you draw. This game expansion adds 4 new Friend models, and the Friends deck to Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks, along with the new Friends game mechanic.

 Pond Friends

"There’s a man who’s never going to let us down, and not even an army can get in the way. He’s the last of his kind. He looks young, but he’s lived for hundreds and hundreds of years. And wherever they take you, Melody, however scared you are, I promise you, you will never be alone, because this man is your father."

Amy Pond


"The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life. You know he showed you too. That you don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand. You say no. You have the guts to do what’s right when everyone else just runs away."

- Rose Tyler

Rose Friends

Core Set Models

Thirteenth Core Set Thirteenth Expansion

"I’ll be fine, in the end, hopefully. Well, I have to be, because you guys need help, and if there’s one thing I’m certain of, when people need help, I never refuse." - Thirteenth Doctor



Last Updated On Friday, March 13, 2020