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The D-Day Global Campaign Is a Wrap

 D-Day Global Campaign Wrap Up and Prize Draw

One of the biggest draws of our D-Day: Global Campaign, beyond playing themed Normandy battles at your local store or club, has been the promise of some truly grand prizes for those who entered battle reports. So not only did we have an action-packed six weeks of warfare, but some lucky players, clubs, and stores will be rewarded for gaming! What’s better than that- winning prizes for playing games?

Here’s how it worked: we agreed to give out our Terrain Grand Prize to one store and one Club in each of our global zones- UK & Europe, North America, and the Rest of the World.

We’ve already covered what’s in the prize, but we better remind you all one more time before we go ahead and announce the winners:

The Grand Prize is:

  • 1 set of Rural Road and 1 set of Rural Road Expansions
  • 5 European Houses
  • 1 Municipal Building
  • 1 Caen Church
  • 1 Double Sided Battle Map


The D-Day Global Campaign Is a Wrap

The Winners of the Grand Prize Draw Are:

NA Store Draw

Hard Knox Games 

UK & Europe Store Draw

Grenadier Games, Serbia and Montenegro

NA Club


ROW Store

Battle Quarters, Singapore

UK & Europe Club 

Dice Knights, Germany 

ROW Club

Manawatu Duellists Club, New Zealand


And the final winner of our Army Deal Giveaway is

Sherman Whisperer


If your club or store was a winner, be sure to reach out to [email protected] so we can get your prize support out to you in the new year! Thanks for playing, everyone!


Last Updated On Thursday, December 19, 2019