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Assembling the U304(F) Half-track

Assembling the U304(F) Half-track

How to assemble your U304(F) Half-track

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Step 1. Begin assembly of the U304(F) Half-track by attaching the tracks to both sides of the lower hull section. Step 2. Next attach the front wheels to the main hull. Both of these wheels are exactly the same and fit on either side.

Below: Both tracks and wheels in place.

With the hull complete you can now assemble either the (MG) or (3.7cm).

Step 3. Next, attach the gun shield to the machine-gun.

Note if you are building a U304(f) transport with a 3.7cm gun you can skip steps 3 to 5.

Step 4. You can now place the machine gun in the front on the half-track at the location shown below.

Step 5. You can now place the crew and passengers. Note there is a mix of figures to help make each of the half-tracks look unique.

Below: The fully assembled U304(F) Half-track.  

Step 6. We will now build the 3.7cm U304(F). Place the gun mount in the slot just behind the driver seat

Below: The 3.7cm gun mount has an "F" to denote that this piece needs to face forwards..
Below: The 3.7cm gun mount in place..

Step 7. Attach the gun shield to the 3.7cm gun.

Below: The assembled 3.7cm gun.

Step 8. Now attach the 3.7cm gun and crew in the rear compartment.

Below: The fully assembled U304(F) Half-track with the 3.7cm gun..

Last Updated On Thursday, December 5, 2019