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Assembling The Jagdpanzer IV Platoon (GBX151)

Assembling The Jagdpanzer IV Platoon (GBX151)

How to assemble your Jagdpanzer IV Platoon.

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Step 1. Begin assembly of the Jagdpanzer IV by attaching left -side tracks to the hull. Step 2. Next attach the right -side tracks to the hull. Below: The tracks in place on the main hull.
Step 3. Next, attach the right side skirt to the right track. Note that there are markings denoting which skirt is used for which side.
Step 4. Next, attach the left side skirt to the left side track. Below: Both side skirts in place on the Jagdpanzer IV.
Step 5. Now, glue the mud flaps to the rear of the Jagdpanzer hull in the locations shown below. Note the oreintation with the small walls facing inwards. Below: The mud flaps in place on the Jagdpanzer IV.
Step 6. Now attach the 7.5cm gun to the mount on the front of the hull. Note that the largest side of the gun faces upwards.
Step 5. Now attach the round and square hatch to the main hull. Note that you can leave a hatch open to place the metal tank comander figure. Below: The Jagdpanzer IV is now fully assembled.

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