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Assembling The Armoured Flame-thrower Platoon

Assembling The Sd Kfz 250 Scout Troop (GBX176) 

How to assemble your Sd Kfz 250. 

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Step 1. Begin assembly of the Sd Kfz 250 by attaching the left and and right side tracks to the lower hull. Below: The lower hull and tracks in place.

Step 2. Next, attach the left and right side wheels to the lower hull.

These steps are common to all Sd Kfz 250 varriants. Scroll down to the Sd Kfz 250 model that you wish to build to continue.

Step 1. Attach the front plate of the hupper hull. Step 2. Glue the upper hull to the main hull. Step 3. Place the 8cm Mortar in the rear compartment.

Below: The  8cm mortar in place and the finished Sd Kfz 250 (8cm).

Step 1. Attach the gun mount to the hupper hull. Step 2. Glue the 7.5cm gun to the gun mount in the location shown below. Below: The 7.5cm gun in place on the upper hull.

Step 3. TNow attach the upper hull to the main hull.

Below: The Sd Kfz 250 (7.5cm) is now complete.

Step 1. First start with the turret plate. Attach the 2cm gun in the slot shown below. Step 2. Glue the anti-grenade mesh net to the top of the turret. Below: The 2cm turret is now finished. Simply add a turret peg or magnet to attach to the main hull

Step 3. Now attach the turret plate to the upper hull.

Step 4. Take the upper hull and glue it to the main hull.

Below: With the upper hull in place you can now place the 2cm gun turret.

Below: The fully completed Sd Kfz 250 (2cm).

Last Updated On Thursday, October 3, 2019