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Assembling the Möbelwagen AA Platoon

How to assemble your Möbelwagen AA Platoon.

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Step 1. Begin assembly of the Möbelwagen by attaching the left-hand and right hand side track to the hull section. Note there are slots on the hull to guide you and each track is marked as left or right.. Below: The tracks attached to the main hull section.
Step 3. Next, attach the rear track guards to the rear of the main hull. 

Step 4. Next attach the locking plates to the front and rear folding door section. You are looking to place these on the hinges shown below. Note that the plate with the circle is the rear folding door.

Step 5. Now attach the front folding door to the main hull in the location shown below.  Step 6. Now attach the side folding doors to the main hull..
Step 7. Now attach the rear folding door to the main hull..  Below: The main hull is complete. We will now assemble the turret.
Step 8. Begin assembly of the Möbelwagen turret by taking the base and attaching the gunner seat peice shown below. Step 9. Next attach the 3.7cm gun to the gun mount. Below: The 3.7cm gun in place.
Step 10. Now place the gunner in the seat. Below: The gunner in the seat. Step 11. Now attach the magazine to the 3.7cm gun.
Below: The magazine in place on the gun. Step 12. Now attach the right side gun shield to the turret. Below: The gun shield in place.
Step 13. Now glue the left side gun shield onto the right side gun sheild in the location shown below. Below: With the gun shield in place the turret is finished and can now be placed on the completed hull.
Below: The completed Möbelwagen. You can now add additional crew to suit your taste.

Last Updated On Thursday, October 3, 2019 by Luke at Battlefront