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Assembling the Armoured Panzergrenadier Company HQ (GBX168)

Assembling the Armoured Reconnaissance Company HQ (GBX150)

How to assemble your Armoured Reconnaissance Company HQ

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Grenadier Command Sprue
 Colour  Figure Type
Panzerschreck Gunner
Panzerschreck Loader
Assembling the Armoured Panzergrenadier Company HQ (GBX168)

All Flames Of War infantry and guns are supplied with appropriate bases. Assemble your infantry teams by gluing the figures into the holes on a base of the right size. Plastic glue is recommended for this but super glue will work as well.

There are usually several figures with each type of weapon, so you can create variety in your teams. It doesn’t matter which mix of figures you put in each team, as long as the mix of weapons is right. Simply consult the colour codes below to help you base your infantry. Note that each line of circles corresponds to one base and each circle represents one figure.

Assembling the Armoured Panzergrenadier Company HQ (GBX168)

Formation Commanders
Reconnaissance Company Formation Commander teams are based on a small 3-hole base facing the long edge. Formation Commanders combine an Officer with an NCO and a Radioman. If you take an optional Panzerfaust you replace a figure on the base with a Panzerfaust figure. Note that while the Armoured Recconnaissance Company HQ does not come with a Panzerfaust figure you can find Panzerfausts on the Panzergrenadier Platoon plastic sprues.

 Formation Command MP40 SMG Team 
 Formation Command MP40 SMG Team (Optional Panzerfaust)




Last Updated On Friday, October 4, 2019