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Assembling The Panther

Assembling the Panther (GBX161)

How to assemble your Panther Tanks. 

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Step 1. Begin assembly of the Panther by attaching left-side tracks to the hull. Step 2. Next attach the right-side tracks to the hull. Below: The tracks in place.
Step 3. Next, attach the hupper hull to the main hull. Step 4. Next attach the rear hull to the main hull.
Step 5. Glue the exhausts on the rear of the tank. Note the notches to help you place them.
Step 6. Next attach the side skirts to the tank. This step is optional and you can leave them off if you wish. Below: The side skirts in place.
Step 7. Next, glue the hull machine-gun to the slot on the front of the hull.  Step 8. Next place the gun cleaning kit on the side of the hull. Below: The main hull is now finished.
Step 9. Now we will build the turret. Start by attaching the bottom plate and turret hull together  Step 10. Next glue the mantlet mount to the hull. Note that below the black arrows show how you should orientate the piece.
Step 11. Now place the mantlet on the mount.  Step 12. Next glue the 7.5cm gun in the slot. Step 13. Now place the hatch on the turret.
Below: The turret is now finished Step 14. You can place a turret peg underneath the turret or you can place a magnet in the slot.
Below: A fully assembled Panther

Last Updated On Friday, September 6, 2019