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Assembling the Parachute Platoon

Assembling the Parachute Platoon

How to assemble your Parachute Platoon

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In Flames Of War, infantry and guns are formed into teams of 2-5 men, and live or die as a team.

The bases in Hit The Beach! have holes in them. Simply select a
base with the same number of holes as figures in the team you
are assembling and slot the miniatures in.

As a general rule, Unit Leaders have 3 figures on a small base and
Infantry teams have 4 figures on a medium base, as shown in
their platoon diagram. 

The Hit The Beach! box comes with the right number of bases to build your force.

It does not matter which base you use for each team, as all of the bases have a unique hole arrangement.

When putting figures onto small or medium bases, they should face one of the long edges of the base.

For added variety, the sprues contain more figures than you need, so don’t worry if you have figures left over

The easiest way to build your force is to cut the miniatures off the sprue and lay them over their picture in the diagram to sort them out, then glue them on to their bases.

You can also re-arrange the bases however you like by swapping miniatures with the same codes between bases.

Assembling the Parachute Platoon
Assembling the Parachute Platoon

In Hit the Beach you will find two infantry sprues. While these look similar there are some key differences. The two different sprues are labeled FWBX03-A and FWBX03-B.

To help you identify the German and American figures check the colour guide below.

Figures marked with a Red circle are German

Figures marked with a Green circle are American

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Assembling the Parachute Platoon


Assembling the Parachute Platoon

Last Updated On Monday, June 24, 2019